Vol 9 Chapter 12380: Abacus of Fate

That's right.
all the time.
The person who attacked Xia Xia was none other than his son, the son of him and Zeng Rou.
And the other party is the power of use, not the power of space.
But the power of hell.
from birth.
The power of that is already awakening.
"Damn, I understand, it's him, he opened a place that looks like a realm, and within this realm, your power is endless, immortal and indestructible!!!!" The emperor finally found out that something was wrong.
But he finished himself.
I can't even believe it's true.
What a terrifying ability.
"Even if you know, what can you do?" Insect Emperor asked.
"Damn!!!" The Emperor angrily looked at the Insect Emperor and the Heavenly Emperor in front of him.
These two people are no longer his opponents, but because of the appearance of the summer, the accident happened.
Not only did the Insect Emperor return to his peak state, but he also gave them an immortal body.
"No, there is no real invincibility and immortality in this world, I must have found a way!!!" After the emperor finished speaking, he rushed directly to the summer.
he thinks.
As long as Xian kills summer.
Then this so-called special field will completely collapse.
The group of enemies in front of him could only be swallowed up by him in the end. As long as he swallowed the Insect Emperor, the Heavenly Emperor and Xia Tian, ​​then he could attack another era.
And his son is the next emperor.
The entire immortal world must be under his control.
Not one of them this time.
but only.
With just one blow, he directly shattered Xia Xia's body.
"Your thoughts are good, but unfortunately, I am immortal!" Xia Xia's body began to regroup.
In this way, he appeared in front of the Emperor again.
"Impossible, absolutely impossible!!!" The Emperor did not believe that there were absolutely invincible people: "You killed me back then on earth, but you also helped me, allowing me to open up the second dimension of the earth, and also It is another passage in the spiritual world, and it is this second space that allows me to find the eye of life, and I will turn the second space into my back garden, maybe you don't know, in order to avenge you, I let the second space The lifelong mission of the people in the dimension is to return to the earth and kill all the people related to you. There may be many difficulties, but they can use various methods to pass back their cultivation methods and treasures. You take revenge, I think, now those relatives and friends related to you on earth should have been killed by my believers!!!"
He used to be Jiang Tianshu.
died in the hands of summer.
But it was also at the time of death that the human emperor bloodline in his body began to awaken.
He entered the second dimension of the earth.
The first space is the spiritual world.
The second dimension is the human world he controls, and the only belief he left to all his descendants in the world is to kill all those related to Xia Xia.
"You miscalculated, my brother in the Human World has already taken over, and the Human World can be directly cultivated to become an immortal!!!" Tian Tian stepped forward and said.
"Impossible, the human world can directly cultivate into immortals, but the inheritance and successor I left behind cannot be lost to others. I left them the strongest weapon at that time, enough for them to kill one and a half. Spirit, and in that second-class world, it is almost impossible to cultivate to the venerable, even if you can cultivate, it will take hundreds of thousands of years, or even longer, you can't beat my successor!! !" The Emperor didn't believe all of this at all.
At the beginning, he spent a lot of thought in order to build the human world.
Especially those heirs and treasures are left behind.
In a place like the Human World, he thought it was almost a symbol of invincibility.
"Yes, it was your descendant who killed my mother, who is still sleeping, but my brother has killed all your followers in the human world. The current human world is the second world of the earth. Although it can't communicate completely, But you can also use a special method to return to Earth!!!" Tian Tian explained.
Summer time to hear here.
Finally understand what happened to the earth.
I finally understood why Tian Tian hated him so much.
If it wasn't for him, so many things wouldn't have happened.
He also understood how much pressure Zeng Rou faced behind.
"Anyway, it's the same with killing all of you now!!" The Emperor was also very angry now. He had always thought that the descendants he left in the Human World could kill all Xia Xia's men.
But he didn't expect it.
All his subordinates were actually killed.
This shattered the perfect dream he weaved.
"Then you have to work hard!!" Xia Xia looked at the Emperor in front of him with great interest.
Looking at the playful look of the summer.
The anger of the emperor also came in completely.
"Okay, I'll let you see, my super magic skills are amazing!!!!" The emperor was also completely angry at this time. He wanted to use super magic skills to destroy these people in front of him. He believed that by super magic It is absolutely impossible for people who are directly destroyed by technology to be resurrected.
Super Magical Skill: Human Emperor Chains! ! !
His blow was not aimed at the two people in front of him.
Because he knows.
The two people in front of them also have supernatural skills, so they can't kill with one hit.
His target is the God of the Galaxy.
He already knew the relationship between Xia Xia and the God of Galaxy, so he wanted to kill Xia Xia's sister.
Make summer unbearable.
The speed of the chain is very fast, and the devastating attack directly binds the body of the God of Galaxy, and instantly cuts and smashes it.
This time.
The God of the Milky Way has been completely destroyed, so he doesn't believe it anymore. In this state, he can still survive. In order to attack this attack, his body was also attacked by the Heavenly Emperor and the Insect Emperor. The body has suffered some wounds, but with the gods in place, these injuries will also be healed automatically.
Xia Xia didn't look at the God of the Galaxy, but kept his eyes on the Emperor.
he sees.
When Ren Emperor's body was severely injured, the silk threads on his body were passing him a power to help him repair his body.
This power is the same as the current God of the Galaxy.
The body of the God of the Galaxy that had been shattered was reunited.
There is no death!
"What?" When the Emperor saw this scene, the whole person was almost stupid, and he couldn't even kill him like this, which made him see despair.
And summer is different.
He found.
Now this battlefield is not of these people, but of him and the white-haired old man above. The old man used silk threads to bind these people on the throne, and Xia Xia used silk threads to bind these people below.
the difference is.
The old man above gave the person of the divine position an increase in strength, a perception of a divine machine, and a super divine skill.
And what he gave these people below was a steady stream of power and immortality.
Xia Tian saw that the body of the old man above actually began to rotate, turning into a huge galaxy galactic disk.
"I understand, he is actually the abacus of fate!!!!"
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