Vol 9 Chapter 12381: your son will die

"I didn't expect that he is actually the big abacus of fate. That is to say, the so-called battle for the position is arranged by the big abacus of fate. Later.
The combat effectiveness of Rendi and others has been improved again.
Watch it all change.
Summer also understands.
The big abacus of fate is to have a head-to-head contest with him.
I want to remove the obstacle of summer.
"Although we have all the advantages on our side now, your power is derived from hell. This power has a time limit. If we can't defeat the opponent within the power time, we will lose!!!" Hongfeng reminded.
"This time is not fixed, but the total amount of power is fixed. The more power they consume, the shorter the time I can persist on my side." Xia Xia did not tell everyone this.
Because he was worried that when he said this, it would affect the morale of his side and make everyone timid.
"Can you borrow a little more power?" Hongfeng asked.
"No way, my lifespan has reached the limit, and when the power is exhausted, I will go to hell!!!" Xia Xia shook his head.
"What about us?" Hong Feng asked.
"You can't go through, can only accommodate people who die badly!!!" This summer deal is not so easy to do.
"Then we can destroy ourselves!!" Hongfeng said hurriedly.
"No, you are a weapon. If you destroy yourself, you will completely dissipate the world and enter hell. You must be human, not even monsters and other life forms!!!" Xia Xia's understanding of is not not much.
He has only just touched the power of hell.
"Do you still go home then?" Hongfeng felt an unprecedented loneliness.
Since he was conscious, he has been with Xia Xia all the time. Now that Xia Xia is about to disappear, he can't accompany him yet, which has lowered his mood to the limit.
"It may not be possible to go back, but I want to use my last strength to help them survive, destroy the plan of fate, and let the fairyland be completely free and no longer be bound by anyone." Xia Xia's last hope.
Life and death are only in this moment.
between them.
Only a group of people can survive.
"He seems to be more anxious than us!!!" Hong Feng said with emotion.
"That's natural. He can't see our weakness. He must be very panicked in his heart. As long as he panics, he will definitely make mistakes. What I'm waiting for is when he makes mistakes!" Xia Xia knew very well, There is absolutely no invincible ability in this world, and there is no undead person. Just like him now, everyone thinks that he is undead, but he also has weaknesses.
Just find the weakness.
Even a master as strong as a human emperor would die.
"It is too difficult to find the weakness of the Emperor. He is a perfect person, unless we find his psychological weakness!!" Hong Feng suggested.
Xia Xia's eyes turned to the gods, which was the weakness in the emperor's heart.
As long as he kills the gods.
The emperor must break the defense.
But now that the gods are blessed with the power of the gods, it is very difficult for him to kill the opponent.
"Insect Emperor, prepare a big move, attack right in front of you, I want to kill the gods!!!" Xia Xia used the sea of ​​​​knowledge to transmit the voice to the little bug.
"If you hit the front, you can kill with one hit, but it must be in the right position, otherwise he will have a position bonus, and I can't kill him in seconds, and I have to be careful that he uses the power of the position to escape!!! "The Insect Emperor responded.
"Don't worry, no one can escape my power!!!" Xia Tian saw the time.
【Promise, attract! ! 】
He directly sucked the gods in front of him, which is also the intersection with the attack of the insect emperor.
The Insect Emperor's attack was played in advance.
And when the Emperor saw the Insect Emperor unleashing his supernatural skills.
He was also the first to dodge.
Although he is powerful now, he will not forcefully carry the supernatural skills of the Insect Emperor.
But he didn't think so.
Insect Emperor's supernatural skills were not aimed at him.
"No, run away!!!" When the Emperor reacted, he also hurriedly shouted.
The gods wanted to use the power of the gods to escape for the first time, but he suddenly found that no force could control his body to move forward. It was as if he was caught by a pair of big hands and could not break free at all.
And this power.
Escape transmission that has surpassed the divine position.
Under the perfect cooperation of Xia Xia and Insect Emperor, this blow directly penetrated the lifeline of the gods.
This is the power of an emperor.
Even if the worm emperor does not have a position.
But if his attack hits the lifeline of the gods, the gods will also die, just like the Xian Xuanwu and Xian Qinglong behind him.
such an attack.
Impossible to stop.
Even Human Emperors don't even think about resisting.
Seeing his son die here like this, Ren Emperor's eyes were full of anger: "You all have to bury my son with me!!!"
He had prepared so much in the Human World.
But in the end, it was destroyed by the summer people.
Even his son died here, how could he not be angry.
The body of the fell into the hands of Xia Xia.
And summer.
It is to directly take the corpse of the gods into everything.
"It seems that you are really going to die this time. The stronger the person, the less likely they will be able to have descendants. With your current strength, it is impossible to have children unless you use the method of cloning to clone Is the method still your child? And there will be no descendants of the clones!!!" Insect Emperor naturally understood Xia Xia's thoughts.
He just wanted to provoke the Emperor.
Now he is also starting to add fuel to the fire.
The emperor snorted heavily: "I understand, you want to anger me and force me to make mistakes, but unfortunately, you are wrong, who said I only have one son? Although it is a pity that he died, but as long as I become The only one in this world, then I can cultivate another son of mine!!!"
at this time.
He also responded.
He is a perfect being.
How could it be possible to be hit casually.
He has two sons, but the other son has been in a state of being compressed by him and is in a semi-sleeping state. However, a few years ago, his son should have also broken the seal. After he got the people here, Then he can easily find his other son and put that son on the throne.
"No, all your sons will die!!" A voice appeared in front of the Emperor.
The owner of the voice also fell behind the Emperor.
At this time, the owner of this voice used the World King Jue to forcibly absorb and tear the silk thread connecting Xia Xia on his body.
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