Vol 9 Chapter 12385: forever night

"The two methods you mentioned can be done, but I can't do it either!!" Xia Xia shook his head helplessly.
Although he has grown a lot this time, the strength in his body is not enough to do those things.
"Then destroy this position and completely destroy this position, so isn't their power also exhausted?" Hong Feng asked.
"This method is feasible, but now that I am in the divine position, where should I start?" Xia Xia's eyes began to look around.
at this time.
His eyesight is much stronger than before.
Now he can clearly see all the textures and routes here.
"There is a direction, no matter what kind of world it is, it cannot be without traces. The starting point of this world should be the abacus of fate, and the end point should be the position of God!!" Xia Tian thought of this.
He started rushing in the direction of the finish line.
He really found a hole smaller than the eye of a needle.
A normal person simply can't find such a small hole in such a place. If he hadn't been able to find traces, even if he did a carpet search, he wouldn't be able to find this small hole, and even if he found it, he certainly wouldn't. Seriously.
Devour! !
Xia Xia's Realm King's Divine Core began to devour.
For a moment.
Endless power began to flow into his body.
This time his body changed very seriously.
In the past, his was a small water bottle, and the power he usually obtained was like the water in a bucket, which could be easily filled, but this time, his body seemed to be a bottomless well. Can hold a lot of water.
at this time.
The gods began to tremble.
The gods of the seventy-two earth evils below disappeared first.
Godhead disappeared.
The bonus power on those Seventy-two Earth Demons also disappeared directly.
"What's the situation?" The seventy-two land shackles who were fighting at this time were stunned, and they didn't understand what happened.
Why can't I feel the power of the gods in my body at all?
But before they figured out what was going on.
Thirty-six Tiangang also found that the power of the gods he was in had disappeared.
"What happened, we don't have the blessing of the power of the gods!!" All the people were stunned.
But before they were too surprised.
Seven martial arts.
Four Saints.
Two gods.
All the gods disappeared.
"Not good!!" At first, the emperor thought it was an excuse for those people who didn't want to work hard.
But at this time.
He has already reacted, this is not an excuse these people made, but it is true.
And he also felt that something had happened in the place of God.
And there should be only one reason for something to happen in the place of God.
He hurriedly released Summer from his world.
In the summer that flew out, there was golden light on his body, and there was a trace of regret on his face: "It's a pity, just a little bit, I was able to absorb all the power in the emperor's throne!!"
"It really is you!!" The Emperor looked at Xia Xia angrily.
"Brothers, now they don't have the power of the gods, let me control them, and I'll kill them!" After Xia Xia finished speaking, he disappeared directly and came to one of the seventy-two earth evil people.
His palm instantly penetrated the other's body.
He directly squeezed out the opponent's core.
And the other's life is passing quickly.
His soul was sucked into the black hole.
A brand new Realm King Pill appeared in Xia Xia's hands: God Realm King Pill!
"Thirteen, then!!" Xia Xia threw the God Realm King Dan to Thirteen.
Thirteen didn't talk nonsense either, and swallowed it instantly.
When the God Realm King Dan swallowed it, he felt that the power in his body was constantly gathering, and the entire dantian was directly exploded and reorganized, and finally he condensed the core of the gods in front of everyone's eyes.
"What?" When I saw this scene.
The other person was completely dumbfounded.
They have never seen such an ability in their life.
I have never seen such a terrifying pill.
However, before they were too surprised, the summer started again.
This summer, the overall strength is constantly improving.
second person.
third person.
Those who didn't react at the scene were killed by him one by one, and one after another, the King Pill of the God Realm appeared and was distributed to his brothers by Xia Xia.
at this time.
The people on the scene responded.
Some people started to run away.
"Are you fleeing? I remember you, whoever escaped, I will hunt him down to the ends of the earth in the future, and if he stays, I will help him regain his seat!!" The Emperor shouted loudly.
He couldn't let these people escape like this, otherwise it would be troublesome.
His words finally made most people stay.
They still think that the Emperor is the final winner. Xia and the others are almost reaching their limit. If they continue to fight like this, they will definitely lose in Xia.
In fact it is true.
Summer is the biggest change.
One by one fell down, and the brothers on Xia’s side began to condense their godheads one by one. Originally, there were thousands of people on the Emperor’s side, and their strength was very strong, but now, they died and fled, and in the end there was only one left. Less than a thousand people, and this thousand people are still being slaughtered in the summer.
Seeing that the people here in the summer are getting stronger and stronger.
There were fewer and fewer people on his side, and the emperor panicked: "What kind of monster are you?"
"Want to know?" Summer asked.
"Speak!" said the emperor.
"Let me devour you, and I should be able to break through again. At that time, I will naturally know who I am!" Xia Xia responded.
"Then I will devour you, and after I devour you, I can still know who you are!!" After the emperor finished speaking, he began to release his big move.
In the summer, he instantly turned on his great phagocytosis!
This time.
He wants to carry the Human Emperor's big move, this kind of range big move is his favorite of the Great Devouring Technique. In the past, his Great Devouring Technique could not bear it, but now it is different.
Super Magical Skill: Wan Luo!
In the sky, the figure of tens of thousands of human emperors appeared, swooping down.
Unlimited power.
Great phagocytosis!
However, the Great Devouring Technique soon reached its limit, and the power of the Emperor's ultimate move was infinite.
"Looks like I'm going to use my new ability!!" Xia Xia's breakthrough not only changed his dantian and spirit, but also awakened a third ability in his eyes.
Beyond the infinite and the power of heaven.
third ability.
Name: Eternal Night!
For a moment.
The dark night enveloped the entire Great Devouring Technique, and in the dark night, a pair of huge black hands appeared, and these big hands grabbed the bodies of those human emperor phantoms.
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