Vol 9 Chapter 12386: Ancient Immortals Appear

No one can see what is in the dark.
But when the darkness dissipated, they found that the Emperor's attacks had completely disappeared, no one knew how Xia Xia was blocked, and these attacks also dissipated without a trace.
if we assume.
What is the biggest effect of this attack.
That is.
Xia Xia actually swallowed and absorbed even the attack of the Emperor.
Fill up the strength of summer itself.
"How much power can I absorb to break through!!" Xia Xia felt that his current breakthrough did not require cultivation at all, but needed to devour and devour countless powers. Only in this case could he break through to the next realm.
And what is the next realm.
He didn't know it himself.
He is now.
The overall combat power is already at the level of seven martial arts.
Breakthrough again?
The four saints, or the two gods.
Or an emperor?
These are unknown.
The power he absorbed is also changing everything.
There is absolutely no way for the emperor on this side, and his followers are starting to despair now. Originally, so many people attacked Xia and they did not win. Now there is only so much left, and the consumption of the emperor himself is still high. So big, how can they win.
The ultimate battle.
They are sure to lose.
"Hey, do you need help?" A voice appeared.
Everyone's eyes looked behind them, and a figure appeared in front of everyone at this time.
"You are"
"Head of the Twenty Golden Immortal Kings, Daluo!!"
"Join the battle if you want to fight!!" The Emperor didn't bother to pay attention to him.
Although such a person is considered a number one person in the eyes of ordinary people, in the eyes of a human emperor, he is nothing.
"I brought twenty 5S class space battleships, fifty 4S class space battleships, one hundred 3S class space battleships, tens of thousands of space battleships below 2S class; 40 sets of 5S class space mechas, 4S class space mechas One hundred sets, 300 sets of 3S-level cosmic mechas, and 50,000 sets of cosmic mechas below 2S-level; various high-tech products, hundreds of millions, brought a total of tens of millions of top troops and trillions of Zerg. Now let’s say again, Do you need my help?" Daluo's mouth rose slightly.
"What?" when hearing the number.
Everyone's eyes widened.
So many top-level combat power, this is very terrifying.
"Where did you get so much combat power?" The Emperor was also very surprised.
"Now we have occupied nine out of ten of the 9999 continents, and most of them have already been searched. Only then did we gather these top combat powers, so we came a little late!!" Daluo explained.
"It turns out that you guys took the opportunity to take advantage of the fact that everyone was robbing the throne!!" The Emperor thought it was very ridiculous.
Daluo and the others took advantage of the fact that everyone else's masters came out, and they went to sneak attack.
So it can be done so quickly.
Of course.
This kind of thing must have been planned for a long time to succeed all at once.
"This world is like this, the winner is the king." Daluo said.
"Okay, then let's cooperate!!" said the emperor.
"Cooperation is okay, but I have to get the position of Emperor Yi before we can cooperate!!" Daluo made a bid.
"What?" The Emperor was taken aback.
"I mean, you have to give up the position of Emperor Yi, and after I get the position of Emperor Yi, we can cooperate!!" Daluo said.
"Impossible!" The Emperor refused directly. He was able to have the current combat power because of the bonus of the position. Without the bonus of the position, his strength would be greatly reduced, so this is considered to have moved him. Bottom line.
"Don't worry, I won't be unable to get down on the throne, as long as I get the power of an emperor, I will come down and return the throne to you!!" said Daluo.
"Why should I trust you?" the Emperor asked.
"I can give you the imprint of my divine soul, and you can return it to me after I come down, and we will clear it up, how?" Daluo asked.
When the emperor heard this, he nodded slightly, and he planned to wait for the other party to come down, he would not return the other party's soul mark, in this way, he could control the other party and control so much of the other party's combat power.
"No, what's going on with the Zerg, the Zerg Emperor is here!!" The Emperor asked hurriedly.
"Don't worry, I have already helped them elect a new king. The current Zerg don't recognize this Zerg Emperor, they obey me!!" Daluo responded.
Everyone looked at the Insect Emperor.
The Insect Emperor didn't speak either.
"This is troublesome!" Greedy Wolf looked at Xia Xia: "What are your plans?"
"How about you?" Summer asked.
"In this battle, if I win, I will be the biggest winner. If we lose, we are all dead, so I want to put our fate in your hands!!" Greedy Wolf believes in Xia Xia.
If it is the previous greedy wolf.
He would never trust anyone.
He will take his own destiny into his own hands.
But now it's different.
After his contact with Xia Xia, he discovered that Xia Xia is the person who can really find life in a desperate situation.
This time.
They have to face not only the top-level opponents, but also the top-level combat power in the entire ancient immortal world. With so many combat powers, they are simply not enough to watch, and there is an absolute gap in the number of people.
"Looking at the data, we are sure to lose!!" Xia Xia said.
"The greatest meaning of human existence is that it can surpass data and make battles that cannot be calculated by data!!" Greedy Wolf said.
"We have no way out. The entire ancient immortal world is now owned by others. Wherever we retreat, we are all dead. It's better to die standing up!!" Surprise, these combat powers, it is not a big deal to appear at random, but such a huge number is a bit terrifying.
All assembled.
Start resting! !
On the other side of the Emperor, he was relieved of his divine position.
Daluo ascended the throne, no one stopped him, and his own strength is strong enough.
When he ascended the throne, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and an excited expression appeared on his face: "I finally sit in this position."
"Okay, your strength is almost absorbed, and the supernatural skill should also be realized, and the position is returned to me!!" The emperor said hurriedly.
Although the soul of the other party is in his hands, he is still worried that Chi Zesheng will change.
Daluo looked at the Emperor: "Return? My position, why should I return it?"
"You are courting death!!" The Emperor took out the imprint of the other party's soul.
"Do you think that if I can't avoid it, will I really give you the Divine Soul Brand?" Daluo looked at the Emperor as if he was mentally retarded.
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