Vol 9 Chapter 12387: Shura people

When the emperor heard Daluo's words, his face also showed an angry look: "You dare to play with me!!"
"Don't worry, I still don't like this emperor, I will return it to you sooner or later, but not now!!!" Daluo waved his hand.
"Do you think I will still believe you?" The Emperor asked.
"You can choose not to believe me, but I really don't despise this throne. I said I will return it to you, and I will definitely return it to you, but now, I want to catch him!!!" Daluo pointed with his finger summer.
"What do you mean?" The Emperor asked in confusion.
"He is from the Shura clan!!!" Daluo said.
"Asura? Isn't that a race that was exterminated in the ancient times?" The Emperor was taken aback.
He had heard of this race.
at the very beginning.
The Shura tribe is a very special race, but that era was the age of the lich, the Asura tribe was not very dazzling in that era, because they could not cultivate, but the Asura tribe were called the descendants of the gods, and it was said that they devoured them. You can get powerful benefits, and you can get the ability of this Shura tribe.
"No, according to the records I've seen, people from the Asura clan cannot cultivate, but now he has such strength!!!" The Emperor shook his head.
"I don't need to explain to you, Xia Xia belongs to me, everything else belongs to you, and the throne is returned to you!!!" There are two reasons why Daluo did not return the throne to the emperor. One is that The existence of the connection on the divine position; the second is that he wants to put the initiative in his own hands.
"Why should I trust you?" the Emperor asked.
"Remember why you chose to go to Blue Star back then?" Daluo asked.
"Why did I tell you?" The Emperor asked.
"You three so-called emperors went to Blue Star because of the ancient miracles. The three of you, one is guiding you to find the Eye of Life; the other is guiding you to find the Eye of Death; the other is guiding you to find the Shura Cloak, With your ability, you can normally find it, but there were some accidents on the Insect Emperor's side. No one expected that a clone named Tianlong appeared on the Blue Star, rescued the only descendant of the Shura tribe, and Hide the Shura cloak, otherwise, the Shura cloak must have been obtained by the Insect Emperor!!!" Daluo explained.
heard here.
Everyone was stunned.
Because of these secrets, no one knows, only they know it.
"How did you know?" The Emperor became more and more shocked.
"These three things are all sacred objects of the Shura clan, and it is none other than someone else, or the big calculus of fate above, who guides you to Blue Star!!!" Daluo explained.
Everyone looked up at the sky.
The abacus of fate appeared.
"You mean, we were used?" the Emperor asked.
"It doesn't count, you all want to get rid of the shackles above and transcend the existence above the gods, and as long as you bring back things, fate will give you the opportunity to break through the emperor level, but unfortunately, to There is no difference in the final result, both of you will be driven by the abacus of fate!!!!" The corner of Daluo's mouth raised slightly.
"That is to say, as long as I devour the summer and obtain these three Asura treasures, I will be able to get rid of the control of the fate abacus, right!!!" The Emperor's expression turned cold.
"These three treasures are used to open the Shura treasure. The Shura family back then had the ability to survey the treasures of heaven and earth and perceive everything, so they collected almost all the top treasures from the ancient times and used their unique soul black hole. , to hide it, which is one of the reasons for their genocide." Daluo explained.
Shura tribe.
His own power is not strong, but he can search for treasures, and he has his own unique ability, which will definitely arouse the greed of others.
When the experts outside know this kind of thing, they will definitely think about devouring the people of the Shura family, gaining the ability of the Shura family, and finding the treasures of the Shura family.
"Treasure!!!" The Emperor was taken aback.
"The so-called seven martial arts, in front of the treasures of the Shura family, are not even scum, and the miracles you have seen in the Shura treasures can only be regarded as garbage placed in the corner, so I can Promise you, as long as you help me, I will not only give you the divine position, but I will also take you to the Asura Treasure, and you can choose what you like at that time!!!" Daluo said.
"I still can't believe you!!!" The Emperor has already been deceived by Daluo once.
He didn't want to be deceived a second time.
"It doesn't matter, I can handle them without you, but I also hope that we can be friends in the future. After all, your prestige is still very high, and as long as you can devour the Heavenly Emperor and the Insect Emperor, then you can get rid of the current situation. The throne, becoming a legendary saint, is on the same level as the abacus of fate!!!" Daluo explained.
"Saint?" The Emperor frowned.
"After the appearance of the Immortal Realm, there have been three saints in total, namely: The Abacus of Fate, the Lord of the Demon Race and the Lord of the Witch Race, but during the Lich War, the Lord of the Demon Race and the Lord of the Witch Race finally perished together. So in the end, there is only fate left, as long as you become a saint, you can get rid of reincarnation and lifespan, and live the same life as the entire immortal world, as long as the immortal world is not destroyed, your lifespan is endless!!!" said Daluo.
This time.
The emperor was moved.
This is what he wants to be immortal.
"What special power does the saint have?" The Emperor asked again.
He finally met someone who could unlock these secrets, how could he miss it.
"People must cultivate to the spirit, and they can use the power of the spirit. Above the power of the spirit is the power of time, and then the power of destruction. Once you become a saint, you have the power of deprivation, which can deprive you of everything. So in the ancient times, there was such a sentence: under the saints are all ants, even if you are already an emperor!!!" said Daluo.
This sentence stimulated the Emperor even more.
"I agree to cooperate!!!!" Rendi said firmly.
"I knew you were a smart person, then, our goal is to kill these people!!!!" Daluo waved his hand.
An endless army of mechas appeared.
The most important time.
Behind and a steady stream of Zerg to transmit power to these mech army.
That is to say.
It is impossible to fight a war of attrition.
In the summer, the group of people gathered together, and they were very nervous. Although they had already prepared the consciousness of death, at this moment, their hearts were in their throats.
"The Shura family!!!" A smile appeared on Xia Xia's face.
this moment.
He finally knew who he was.
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