Vol 9 Chapter 12388: ultimate snatch

"I'm curious, since the abacus of fate is a saint, he can do whatever he wants. He wants to kill us, and he can kill us easily, so why should he control the emperor and the others? What about us?" Hongfeng asked in confusion.
"Do you remember Lei Gong who appeared when I was robbing?" Xia Xia asked.
"Remember, majestic and powerful!!" Hong Feng said.
"If I guessed correctly, even a saint will be subject to some restraints. He cannot change the direction of the immortal world, and he cannot casually create massacres. Otherwise, he will face the divine punishment of Lei Gong!!!" Xia Xia analyzed road.
"It makes sense." Hongfeng responded, "What should we do next?"
"Fighting in the normal way, we will definitely lose, and now the gap between the two sides is too big!!!" Xia Xia thought thoughtfully.
He could hear it from the other person's words just now.
The Eye of Life, the Eye of Death, and the Shura cloak on his body should all be sacred objects, the sacred objects of the Shura family.
Then, as a Shura clan, he will definitely be able to use these sacred objects.
If the true strength of these sacred objects can be brought into play.
That might turn things around.
There is also the treasure of the Shura tribe. If you can find the treasure of the Shura tribe and give each of these people a top treasure, it can also change the situation of the battle.
Now the eye of life is in the hands of the emperor.
This is the biggest problem.
"Little bugs, greedy wolves, don't do anything, I'm Xia, and now I want the Eye of Life and the Eye of Death, you two must find a way, I'm not discussing with you!!!" Xia Ping He When they spoke, they were very polite, but now, when he spoke, he was very domineering.
Gives a feeling of being irresistible.
He said it clearly.
He is not negotiating.
Rather, it is ordering these two people.
It is normal for him to order little bugs, but there are some problems with ordering greedy wolves.
Now the greedy wolf will not say anything.
He also understands.
This may be the only chance.
"If you want to devour me, it depends on whether you have that ability!!!" Greedy Wolf shouted loudly.
The emperor does not have the blessing of the divine position now, and he does not dare to rashly go to a pair.
But Daluo flew down.
He has just become a new emperor, and his overall strength is definitely worse, but if it is two-on-two, it is definitely the two of them who take advantage.
"As long as the two of you are held back, the others will not be able to carry my mecha troop." Daluo said.
"If you don't try it, how do you know if it will work!!!" The Insect Emperor said.
Both of them are quietly preparing for the ultimate move.
Because they know.
There is only one chance, and it is a momentary thing. If they fail to seize this moment, then they will lose their last chance.
Xia Xia also looked at the people in front of him.
after his breakthrough.
All ability refresh time has come, so this time, he is going to play assists.
This time.
He can't be wrong in the slightest.
"Then what are you waiting for!!" Xia Tian raised his right hand.
[Tianquan, fight back! ! ! 】
The goal of summer is the Emperor.
Before the human emperor could react, he was already hit.
Greedy Wolf took the lead, and the attack with his left hand directly hit the foothold of the Emperor.
The Emperor responded very quickly, and he took the attack hard for the first time. It was also the second time that Greedy Wolf hit his second foothold with his right hand, all of which were made in advance. Although the Emperor felt the characteristics of this ability, he still He forced himself to control his body again.
But before he could fly out again.
Summer starts again.
【Promise, attract! ! ! 】
The two forces work together.
Plus two forcibly controlling your body.
Even if he was as strong as a human emperor, he couldn't bear it, and he also felt that his body was about to be completely shattered.
"Looking for death!!!" The Emperor saw that he was flying towards the summer.
He also instantly unleashed his powerful attack.
[Tianquan, rebound! ! 】
Xia Xia directly rebounded Rendi's super magic skills back.
at the same time.
The attack that the Insect Emperor had prepared earlier was also fired at the same time.
"Catch the thief first to capture the king!!!" Daluo's attack hit Xia Xia, and he thought that as long as Xia Xia was killed, all this could be done.
[Wuji, defense! ! 】
Xia Xia used his ability again to block Daluo's attack.
On the Human Emperor's side, he took out the Eye of Life to resist the attack of the Insect Emperor.
The target of Insect Emperor and Greedy Wolf is the Eye of Life in his hands.
The two hit in a row.
Directly cut off the emperor's wrist.
Although this kind of damage is nothing to the emperor, they just want to let the eye of life in the emperor's hands get rid of it.
It all happened so fast.
Human Emperor and Daluo didn't react at all, and they didn't expect that in summer, the cooperation between Insect Emperor and Greedy Wolf would be so perfect. This kind of tacit understanding is simply more terrifying than the actions of one person.
So even if they were stronger than the two of them, they would definitely not be able to react.
When the eye of life is in hand.
Greedy Wolf quickly flew to the summer.
He gave Xia Xia his Eye of Death and Eye of Life for the first time.
He and the little bug were blocking the summer around.
The other masters also flew over. They protected Summer in the middle and wanted to buy time for Summer.
"Looking for death!!!" When Daluo saw this scene, his expression turned cold.
All the surrounding mechanical troops gathered together: "You gather together, you are a living target, I will let all the space battleships and space mechas attack you together, and then I will see how you can withstand it."
In his opinion, Xia Xia and others are seeking their own death.
He would destroy the people around him little by little, and in the end only the three he wanted were left.
That is.
In summer, Greedy Wolf and Insect Emperor.
After getting three things.
He began to study it, and he understood that time was very limited.
Although he has just started the Great Devouring Technique, the Great Devouring Technique also has limits, and he himself has limits. After swallowing too much power, he can't bear it himself.
He is racing against time.
"What is the Eye of Life and the Eye of Death, and how do I unlock the power of the Shura cloak on me?" Xia Xia was thinking in his heart.
"Will these two eyes be fused with yours? Although the cloak was opened by your father, the bloodline is not your purest bloodline, so it is impossible to open it to the maximum extent?" Hongfeng analyzed. .
"Try it!!!"
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