Vol 9 Chapter 12389: One hit destruction

Summer also understands.
This may be his last chance.
The Eye of Life and the Eye of Death landed on his eyes at the same time.
"My eyes hurt!!" Summer felt.
This eye of life and the eye of death, as if to tear his eyes apart.
"Are you alright!!!" Hong Feng asked nervously.
"Can hold back, you help me feed the Shura cloak with my blood essence!!!" Xia Xia didn't want to waste any time, because he had already sensed that there was an attack outside, so many attacks came, it was really incomparable Horrible.
In an instant, the Great Devouring Technique opened by Xia Xia was so full of power.
"No, the big swallowing technique can't hold it anymore." Hongfeng said hurriedly.
"Injecting power into Vientiane, I have already transferred the races inside, and now it's empty. If it's a big deal, Vientiane will be destroyed!!!" Summer's current Dantian simply can't handle such a huge size. the power of.
Not in a hurry to digest.
If continue to absorb.
His body would explode directly, and if he didn't swallow it, the brothers around him would suffer.
At this moment, all the power flowed directly into everything.
All the burdens on Xia's body disappeared in an instant.
It was as if he had found a vent. All the power had been injected into the universe, which greatly relieved Xia Xia's own pressure, and the body could quickly condense the world king pill.
Although it is impossible to directly condense the King Dan of the God Realm.
But the Emperor Realm King Pill can still be condensed, and the condensed ones are all in large numbers.
"I didn't expect that Sen Luo Wanxiang could carry so much power, and being infused with so much power, there would be nothing at all!!!" Hong Feng was also very surprised.
To know.
Although Sen Luo Wanxiang is not small, the power injected this time is very huge, so much power, it is simply not something that can be easily carried.
But now.
There is nothing in the slightest.
"It's a temporary solution to the crisis, and I also have something to gain here. After the cloak is fused with your blood essence, it begins to become transparent, and this cloak has many hidden attributes!!!" Hongfeng reminded.
"My side is relatively smooth, and our guess is right, but it takes time!!" Xia Xia also understands that now he is racing against time.
"Everything should be able to last for a while!" Hongfeng reminded.
at this time.
The people around in the summer are also very nervous.
They all saw the power of the Summer Devouring Technique, but they also understood that the opponent's attacks were too many and too strong.
No matter how powerful Xia's Great Devouring Technique is, it can't withstand so many attacks.
It certainly won't last long, and they are already ready to rush out.
Except for a few top experts, the others couldn't even hold it for a minute.
But they will also work hard to face this battle, and there will never be any slack.
"I want to see how long you can carry it!!!" Daluo's face showed a look of disdain.
In his opinion.
Even if Xia Xia has some means, he can't withstand so many attacks. These attacks are never-ending, not wave after wave, so a single defense will definitely not be able to withstand it, and it will continue to flow. The attack is also unimaginable energy. Gu Yuan
Even an emperor, in such an attack, can only run away in despair.
"This summer is not so easy to deal with!!!" Ren Emperor was actually a little unhappy in his heart, after all, all this should have belonged to him.
But now Daluo wants to come out and get a piece of the pie.
And he has always thought that he is the one who knows the most, but now Daluo actually knows so much, even more than he knows, and this time he is more likely to become stronger than him.
This made him very unconvinced in his heart.
But he has no other way now.
"In the face of absolute strength, any means are bells and whistles. No matter how much skill he has, he can't bear it!!!" Daluo said with great confidence.
at this time.
He seemed to have seen the end of the summer.
In the summer at this time, he has been constantly inputting power into all kinds of things.
Right now, the power in the vast universe is tens of thousands of times more violent than usual, and it is about to be loaded.
"No, everything is going to be too long!!!" Hongfeng reminded hurriedly.
after all.
Everything is reaching its limit.
"No, as I said, even if it is to smash all things together, you must pretend to me!!!" Xia Xia must force his strength to the limit, as long as all things persevere for one more second, the brothers outside will be a little less. wire danger.
He must force himself now.
Although it is a very powerful ability, it is nothing compared to his brothers. He cherishes his brothers more.
"I understand!!" Hongfeng said nothing.
that's all.
The power in all things continues to expand.
At last.
Finally reaching the limit, seeing that all things are about to be destroyed, just at this moment, the power in all things suddenly disappeared, and the originally incomparably huge power just dissipated without a trace.
"What's the situation?" Hongfeng was taken aback for a moment, and then he was surprised to find: "Everything has been upgraded!!!"
This is a surprise!
"Fit me, keep on, the more the better!!" Xia Xia shouted excitedly.
Now that such a thing can still happen, it makes him extremely excited.
that's all.
There are more and more powers in the universe.
"What's going on?" Daluo and Rendi finally found out that the situation was not right. If Xia Xia had any trump cards and skills, it should be almost the same. But now Xia Xia can still absorb so much power. It made them very puzzled.
This situation is simply beyond their comprehension.
It is simply impossible to hold on to an attack for such a long time.
"There is a problem, there must be a problem, he must have transferred his power, otherwise even if he can absorb power, it is impossible to absorb so much power!!!" The emperor also found that the situation was wrong.
"Let your people condense the strongest attack together, and the two of us also condense supernatural skills. As long as our attack exceeds the limit he can absorb, just a moment is enough!!!"
Hear the words of the Emperor.
Daluo frowned: "If you do this, it is very likely that he will be destroyed in one blow!!"
"Don't worry, the people in front must die first. They have a good relationship, and they will definitely protect Xia Xia!!!"
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