Vol 9 Chapter 12390: Seal all

The devastating blow this time was to break through Xia Xia's ultimate defense. He didn't believe that Xia Xian could still defend against such an attack.
In an instant, endless power surged.
It was as if the waves were rolling in.
Rush to the small ancestral hall in summer.
"It's not good, they attacked together with so many attacks, Xia Xia will definitely not be able to withstand it!!" Greedy Wolf also understands that although Xia Xia is strong, it is not invincible.
Such a huge attack will definitely be able to break the limit of Xia Xia's defense, or swallow the limit of power.
That summer is dead.
This blow.
It will be the strongest attack after the return of the ancient fairyland.
Greedy Wolf wants to go out and block.
But the Insect Emperor shook his head at him: "You have to trust the master, if the master fails, no matter how much we do, the result will be the same, we will still fail!!!"
Greedy Wolf nodded.
at this time!
The huge attack has already hit the big swallowing technique.
The Great Devouring Technique was shattered at this moment, and all the power rushed into everything.
"Success!!!" The Emperor's eyes lit up.
But before they were too happy, a bigger world suddenly enveloped everyone.
"Welcome to Senluo Hell!!!" A devilish voice appeared.
"What?" Ren Di and Daluo looked at each other.
at the same time.
Insect Emperor, Greedy Wolf and others all sensed that their bodies were beginning to change, and a complete set of armor appeared on their bodies.
"This is Senluo armor, where you are now is my Senluo world, here, all of you will get bonus attack power, and your power will be full for the time being, and these people on the opposite side, everyone The strength will be suppressed by about 30%, let's go!!!" Xia Xia's voice appeared in the souls of everyone.
Hear the words of summer.
Everyone is also gearing up.
It's finally time to start.
Fight in the summer world.
They have natural advantages.
But they also understand.
The strength gap between the two sides is still huge.
For a moment.
Greedy Wolf and Insect Emperor directly killed them. After getting the bonus, they would not only be weaker than the other, but also stronger than the other, because the current overall strength of the other party had been suppressed.
And others.
They also began to kill the Quartet, and just now they all received the Emperor Realm Pill that Xia Xia gave them.
Plus the Senro armor on his body.
This gives them plenty of confidence.
"I didn't expect that the opponent's attack would actually upgrade Sen Luo Wanxiang, and directly help Sen Luo Wanxiang directly cover this place!!!" Hong Feng said excitedly.
"It's useless, even if we are fighting here, the comparison between us and the opponent's combat power is still very disparity!!!!" Xia Xia knows that Sen Luo Wanxiang controls so many people and can increase his side and weaken the enemy. There are still restrictions.
And the number of opponents is simply too many.
The weapons are also too advanced.
All he can do now is wait.
Waiting for his eyes to fully merge.
And now the Shura cloak on his body, he already knows the ability.
That is infinite teleportation, all traceless teleportation, without any trace, without any number of times, can appear anywhere anytime, anywhere, and the defense of the cloak is not absolute defense, but the convection formed by the enemy's attack Resist the enemy's attack. If the enemy's attack is soft, or bursts from the inside, the effect of the Shura cloak will be lost.
And once he relied too much on the Shura cloak.
It won't take long for the other party to discover the problem.
He can only use it at critical times.
Victory and defeat are in the eyes.
The battle between the two sides soon began.
As Xia Xia expected, although the people on their side were very ferocious, they could not change the situation of the battle. It didn't take long for the people on their side to fall one by one. Although they were not so easy to be killed, they were almost They are all attacked to a state of assimilation, that is, a state of sealing.
If they keep consuming it, they can kill all the people here.
Or wait until the Emperor and Da Luokong take action and use the power of destruction.
These controlled people can be easily killed.
Watching the people around you fall down one by one.
These brothers in the summer still did not admit the slightest bit of counsel.
Even Nightmare did not choose to run away this time, but after using the last formation for Greedy Wolf and the others, he was beaten and assimilated.
summer wives.
Summer brothers.
Falling down one by one.
At last.
Every day, summer day.
God of the Galaxy.
They all fell down reluctantly.
Only Insect Emperor and Greedy Wolf were left.
Ha ha ha ha!
"This is the end of going against me!!!" Rendi is very happy now, and everything is developing in the direction he thinks.
The fate of Insect Emperor and Greedy Wolf must be the same.
Because other space battleships and space mechas have already gathered.
Even a former emperor.
I can't stand such a round of attacks.
"The one who has the last laugh is the winner!!!" Greedy Wolf said.
"At the end of the laugh, do you think you have any bargaining chips to fight with me?" The Emperor glanced at Xia Xia's direction: "Even if he really integrates some power, even if he really unlocks the seal of the Shura tribe , what else? In the ancient times, the Shura tribe was just the fate of being swallowed up!!!

"Master, I won't lose!!!" Insect Emperor said firmly.
A smile also appeared on the face of Greedy Wolf: "If he loses, I am willing to die, and if he wins, I will unlock the secret of reincarnation and thousands of lives!!!"
"It's really a bunch of ignorant people, even if you once sat in the position of a god, you are the same, you don't understand at all, what is eternity!!!" Daluo's eyes were full of disdain.
"It's so mysterious, I think you only know a little bit!!" Greedy Wolf said.
"What do you know? You have seen the two statues in the ancient fairyland. You should have had a lot of guesses, but you simply don't understand what those two statues represent!!!" Daluo was very proud. said.
he thinks.
You are the one who knows everything.
Greedy Wolf and Insect Emperor were also beaten and could not fight back at this time, and were finally sealed.
"I promised you, the two of them belong to you!!!" Daluo glanced at the emperor next to him.
Then he walked step by step towards the summer.
"Seeing that your integration is not smooth, I also expect you to unlock all the secrets of the Shura clan. Now it seems that you have disappointed me too much!!!" Daluo's hand patted Xia Xia's head.
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