Vol 9 Chapter 12391: fifth ability

The moment when Daluo's hand clapped on Xia Xia's head.
Summer is gone.
It disappeared without a trace in front of him without a trace.
By the time he reacted, Xia Xia had already come to the Emperor.
A group of power slapped in front of the Emperor.
Xia Xia grabbed the bodies of Insect Emperor and Greedy Wolf with both hands.
Ren Emperor was also a little stunned by the sudden summer, but his reaction was still very fast, and he launched his own attack at the first time.
But Summer was not hurt in any way.
And summer actually disappeared again.
"On it!!!" Daluo looked up.
at this time.
Xia Xia and the greedy wolf worm emperor stood there.
"It seems that you have successfully merged!!" Daluo looked at Xia Xia with great interest.
"So what, even if he successfully merges, he can't change the situation of the battle!!!" The Emperor did not think that this fusion in Xia Xia could change the situation of the battle.
The situation here is clear now.
They have absolute dominance here.
"Summer, since you have merged the Eye of Life and the Eye of Death, then you should know the secrets of the Shura tribe and the treasures of the Shura tribe!!!" Daluo is more concerned about this issue.
This is what he has always wanted.
"Kill me and you'll know!!!" Xia Xia's answer was also very simple.
Darrow was right.
After combining the Eye of Life and the Eye of Death.
He did gain a lot of knowledge.
Also know the so-called Shura treasures.
He also knew the secret of the Asura clan's annihilation.
I know about the Three Saints of Taikoo.
I also know who I am! !
"Looking for death!!!" After Daluo finished speaking, he ordered his surrounding men to start attacking Xia Xia, but he didn't kill him rashly, because he was worried that Xia Xia's fusion would have some new special abilities.
after all.
Xia Xia is the only remaining Shura clan now.
He had to let his men spend the summer first.
After the consumption is completely controlled.
He will naturally interrogate Xia Xia, if Xia Xian refuses to speak, then he will devour Xia Xia first, and then he will have other ways.
The three of them disappeared at the same time in the summer.
when it reappears.
Xia Xia directly penetrated the space battleship in front of him, and his body was still flying fast, and everything was destroyed wherever he passed.
Greedy Wolf and Insect Emperor rescued the sealed people around them one by one.
"It's just an incompetent struggle!!!" Daluo was also very disdainful when he saw the actions of the three.
But he was still very surprised, because the attack just now in Xia Xia was obviously a physical attack, but such an attack was already comparable to an attack at the divine skill level.
Could it be that.
Is this the secret held by the Shura clan?
A thought here.
He was even more excited.
at this time.
The indestructible cosmic mecha, the cosmic battleship, in front of Xia Tian, ​​seems to be a piece of paper.
And what Summer uses is not physical abilities.
but penetration.
He penetrated directly into the center of the space battleship, his eyes found the weak point inside the space battleship, and destroyed it. The same is true for those who wear space armor. They never thought that the summer's body would come out of their bodies. When passing through, it will directly attack their body.
This is the fifth ability his eyes have acquired, penetration! ! !
eyes now.
A total of awakened: Wuji, Tianquan, all things, Yongye and Jitou!
The ability to penetrate everything.
Wake up this time.
All abilities have become different.
Wuji and Tianquan are no longer used once a day, but can be used once in ten minutes.
Sen Luo Wanxiang can be directly forcibly turned on, directly reducing the enemy's status by a minimum of 20%, and increasing his side by 20%; at least reducing the enemy's status by 100%, increasing his side by 100%! !
Eternal Night can be used once in half an hour.
Extreme Transparency has a cooldown of ten seconds.
The summer at this time is like a war machine. In ten seconds, he will destroy a space mecha.
"No, I can't let him go on like this!!!" The Emperor felt that Xia Xia's situation was wrong.
Daluo turned his gaze to those rescued by Greedy Wolf and Insect Emperor: "Then kill his friends first!!!"
After speaking.
He rushed over directly.
Xia Xia also stopped in front of Daluo for the first time.
Daluo's attack was blocked by Xia Xia's Shura cloak: "You said that on purpose, you brought me here, right!!!"
"That's right, I just deliberately brought you here, but if you don't come, I will definitely kill them!!!" Daluo said very casually.
in his eyes.
Except in summer.
He doesn't care about the lives of others.
"Don't you want to know the secrets of the Shura tribe? Kill the Emperor, I'll tell you!!!" Xia Xia said slowly.
The corner of Daluo's mouth slightly raised: "Interesting!!"
The emperor's brows furrowed, and he looked at Daluo in confusion.
He has never trusted Daluo very much. In his eyes, Daluo is also his enemy.
"It seems that you don't really want to know!!!" Xia Xia said.
"Everyone listen, aim the muzzle at the Emperor!!!" Da Luo waved his hand, and all the space battleships and space mechs aimed at the Emperor.
"What are you doing?" The Emperor suddenly froze.
"You don't have much use value anymore. It's also your honor to be able to exchange the secrets of the Shura clan!!!" The corner of Daluo's mouth raised slightly.
Xia Xia looked at Rendi: "See, this is your fate, whether you are Jiang Tianshu or Rendi, from the moment you want to be my enemy, your fate is already doomed."
The emperor's face was full of murderous aura: "All of you, how dare you treat me like this!!!"
He is a god.
In his impression, he should be the final winner, the one who surpassed the throne and the strongest in the fairy world.
But now.
He has actually become a that can be discarded at any time in the eyes of these people.
This made him very unhappy.
"I can already take action against him at any time, so do you have to show some sincerity?" Daluo asked.
What he meant was simple.
Just let summer say something first.
"The Shura treasure is real!!!" Xia Xia said directly.
Hearing Xia Xia's words, Daluo waved his hand.
The surrounding subordinates began to frantically attack the Emperor.
In the past, Insect Emperor and Greedy Wolf were beaten and sealed in this way.
Although the emperor is powerful.
But fate is apparently the same.
The Emperor was so beaten that he couldn't move, and was finally sealed by Daluo.
Daluo's hands are also brewing super magic skills: "You can continue!!!"
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