Vol 9 Chapter 12392: you die

Xia Xia glanced in the direction of Rendi, and then said: "He died, I can tell you everything you want to know!!!"
puff! !
Daluo unleashed his own devastating attacks one after another.
And the body of the emperor is also dying little by little.
"I'm not reconciled, I'm not reconciled!!!!" The Emperor shouted frantically.
No one here will care about his life or death.
Like summer said.
From the moment he decided to fight against Xia Xia, his fate was already doomed.
"You will all have to die!!!!" The Emperor expressed his final unwillingness.
A generation of emperors, plans that have been brewing for so many years, have completely dissipated.
The last strength was also directly swallowed by Daluo.
"A remnant of the old era, still delusional thinking that he will become the king of the fairy world!!!" Daluo thought it was very ridiculous.
"What about you?" Summer asked.
"I am different from them. Although I am a descendant of the ancient immortal race, I am not a reincarnated person!!!" Daluo said with great disdain.
He is a very proud man.
"It seems that you are a very confident person!!" Xia Xia said.
"You people who are reincarnated and reincarnated have always been called geniuses, but in my eyes, you are simply unworthy!!!" What Daluo despised the most were these so-called reincarnators, guardians.
In his opinion.
These people are the existence of borrowing the power of others.
And he is different.
He is just an ordinary man.
Relying on my own efforts, I have cultivated step by step until today.
"Reversible is also using the power of the position!!!" Xia Xia said.
"Do you really think I'm using the power of the gods?" Daluo pointed to the fateful abacus in the sky: "He thought he controlled me, but in fact, I was swallowing his power. , as long as I can completely swallow his power, then I will replace him and become the only saint in the fairyland!!!"
"I thought that you wanted to cultivate yourself to be holy, but it turns out that you also want to devour others to cultivate!!" Xia Xia mocked.
"This is my cultivation path. I've come to this day, and I've been devouring the power of others to improve myself!!!" Daluo didn't want to explain too much to Xia Xia: "Next, it's your turn!!"
He is not afraid of not talking about summer.
The muzzle of his subordinates has been aimed at Xia Xia, if Xia Xia doesn't say anything, he will destroy everyone on Xia Xia side! !
"What you want to know is nothing more than the Shura family. In fact, the Shura family is very simple. The Shura family is formed by the blood of the creator god, so every Shura family will also be born with some special abilities. These special abilities are We call it creation magic, and our Shura family has a total of six creation magic skills. As for saying that our Shura family can’t fight, this is also false. Our Shura family just doesn’t like to fight with people, so It will be recruited, and the destruction of the Shura clan was not destroyed by others casually, but was destroyed by a joint sneak attack by the master of the demon clan and the master of the witch clan!!!" Xia Xia explained.
"What about the back?" Daluo became interested.
"The two of them started to slaughter each other frantically because of the Shura treasure, so the two of them will fall. In the end, the three saints in the fairy world will only survive a fateful abacus!!!" Xia Xia explained briefly.
"What exactly is the Shura treasure, how to open it, where is it?" Daluo became more and more excited.
"The Shura Treasure is the same as the legend. It contains the first batch of weapons and treasures since the formation of the Immortal Realm. Even the Seven Martial Arts can only be regarded as ordinary. The weapons are all obtained from the Shura clan, and the current Abacus of Fate is also one of the weapons of the Shura Clan, but his body has been completely integrated with the Abacus of Destiny, and he has the ability to see the secrets!!!" Xia Xia explained .
it is good! well! ! !
Daluo looked at Xia Xia excitedly: "Then who are you?"
"I am the only one of the Shura tribe who survived, but I survived as a baby and was sent to the earth. I was sealed on earth as a baby for trillions of years!!!! !" Summer said.
"Is it the seal of creation?" Daluo said in surprise.
"Yes, it seems that you really know a lot!!" Xia Xia walked to everyone's side.
Completely untangle the seals on his brothers.
At the same time, he nodded to Greedy Wolf and Insect Emperor.
Daluo naturally saw Xia Xia's actions, but he didn't care, but continued to ask: "How to get the Shura treasure and the creation skill!!!"
"It's very simple, all the magical skills of creation are on me. If you devour me, you can get the magical skills of creation. As for the Shura treasure, it is even simpler. I can open the Shura treasure at any time, such as" Xia Xia's right hand After drawing a circle, a black hole appeared in front of everyone.
Then Greedy Wolf and Insect Emperor directly pushed everyone into the black hole at one time.
Daluo frowned.
Summer also continued: "For example, just now!!!"
"Courtesy of death!!!" Only then did Daluo react, and he was tricked.
Xia Xia actually opened the Shura Treasure, and sent all those people in. That's not to say that those people will soon be able to get the top treasures in it, and it will be very troublesome at that time.
He still believes that his combat power is the best in the entire Immortal Realm.
So no matter what Xia Xia brings out, it is impossible to compete with him in a short period of time.
Daluo directly killed the summer.
Xia Xia also flashed away: "Aren't you curious, what kind of creation magic is it?"
[Tianquan, fight back! ! 】
Xia Xia instantly activated the power of Tianquan, and Daluo's body was instantly knocked into the air. At the same time, Xia Xia's attack appeared at Daluo's first foothold.
Daluo also hurriedly resisted his body.
The powerful impact knocked his body flying again.
And Xia Xia appeared strangely at his second foothold, and the attack was still coming down.
He could only forcefully control his body for the second time.
at this time.
【Promise, attract! ! 】
A counterforce has arisen.
He, who was constantly retreating, was pulled back abruptly. The force of this tearing seemed to want to tear him apart.
Fortunately, he is a king.
He also forcibly endured the pain in his body and activated his own supernatural skills.
Super Magical Skill: Daluo Jinxian!
Endless power flocked to the summer in front of him in an instant: "You die for me!!!"
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