Vol 9 Chapter 12393: sixth ability

Seeing a devastating attack imminent.
[Tianquan, rebound! ! ! 】
Xia Xia instantly rebounded the opponent's super magic skills back.
The strong attack directly hit Daluo directly.
Daluo's body had just been attacked several times, and now he was hit directly by his own destructive power, and he didn't have time to adjust his breath and react at all.
But luckily.
His subordinates were still very loyal. When they saw that something was wrong, they killed him immediately.
【Eternal Night! ! 】
A pair of big hands grabbed Daluo from the darkness.
【Extremely transparent! ! 】
Xia Xia also quickly killed him. He wants to deal with Daluo at this moment. As long as he can defeat Daluo at this moment, then all this will be over.
Xia Xia penetrated through Daluo's body.
This is the ability to be very transparent.
Even if the opponent is Daluo.
The result is the same.
"You think you are the king, you are the one who was chosen, but you are just a joke, you are also someone else's pawn!!!" Xia Xia felt very funny, after he got the information of the Shura family, he knew a lot The matter, especially the extermination of the Shura clan, and the entire process of the death of the two saints.
It can be said.
To him, it was all a conspiracy.
And the initiator of this conspiracy is none other than the big abacus of fate.
His original name was Shenji, a life nurtured by heaven and earth.
Combined with the three sacred artifacts of heaven and earth, it achieves the eternal and immortal Eucharist.
In the Shura family.
The ranking of weapon levels is simple: Ordinary, Immortal, Spiritual, Artifact, Super Artifact, Sacred Artifact and Creation Artifact.
There are only five holy artifacts in the entire fairyland.
The Shura family has two.
One is the cape he is wearing now, and the other is his fused eyes.
Shura cloak and holy eye.
And the creation artifact, there is only one in this world, but according to the records of the Shura family.
The artifact of creation does not really exist, but needs to automatically find its owner, that is to say, it does not even have an ontology and needs a carrier.
"Now you are not worthy of talking to me like this!!!" Daluo was obviously out of breath.
He still thinks he is the king.
At this time, the eternal night has ended, and the people around are also surrounded, and summer is surrounded by everyone.
Daluo will let his subordinates continue to attack and consume Xia Xia, and he will not give Xia Xia any chance again.
"How many people bully me?" Xia Tian asked.
"I'm just bullying you, so what can you do?" Daluo said with great disdain.
A black hole appeared in front of Daluo, and then one after another came out of it.
"Who said you were the only one?" The corner of Xia Tian's mouth raised slightly.
The people who had just been sent into the Shura Treasure had all come out at this time. Gu Fu
"What's going on?" Daluo was also very surprised when he saw the changes in the crowd. He suddenly discovered that the people in front of him had changed a lot.
"In the Asura Treasure, there are not only ready-made Divine Cores, but also Divine Crystals, Divine Water, etc. It can be said that as long as the person who enters, no matter what realm he was in before entering, he will become an existence with Divine Core after coming out. , and they all came out with weapons!!" Xia Xia looked at Daluo in front of him with great interest.
Two or three thousand masters with divine cores.
What is this concept.
And they are all top-notch experts.
Also have top weapons.
"Not bad!!" Xia Xia glanced at everyone.
Greedy wolf, little bug, got two super artifacts.
Sister, Xia Xiaotian, Tian Tian, ​​Mo Weiyang, Xiao Ma, Yin Nie and Shisan have obtained one artifact per person.
Most of the other brothers have obtained pseudo artifacts.
The rest are all spiritual weapons, and they are all fully armed, and there are many medicinal pills on their bodies.
The most exciting is the nightmare.
Because what he got was not a weapon.
It is an array plate, an array plate with no rank, and an array of formations, which are countless formations, which for him is more exciting than anything: "Ancient formations, ancient formations, God formation, super God formation, hahahaha!!!"
Although he can't use many formations now, it has given him an infinite future.
For a moment.
The formation of the nightmare shrouded all the people on the scene.
Daluo snorted heavily. He didn't expect that the Shura Treasure was really so terrifying, but now he was even more excited. He thought that there must be more and more terrifying things in the Shura Treasure. After all, these people go in so much. In a short period of time, so many benefits can be obtained, and after he enters, he will definitely be able to take out the best.
Although there are many people on the other side, to him, it is nothing.
Because there are still a lot of his people here now: "This person, to me, is still nothing!!!"
"Who said this? My Xinghe clan has a total of one million races. As early as the war started, I already notified all races and used various methods to get here. Now, the outer circle is estimated to start!! !" said the God of the Galaxy.
The galaxy family.
But there is no one of the most terrifying races.
The following groups are numerous.
Countless clansmen.
There are countless powerful beings.
Then when they all arrive, the number of people, but the Xinghe family is stronger.
"I will kill you before they arrive!!!" Daluo also understands that the Xinghe family is still very troublesome.
"It's a pity, you don't have that chance!!!" Xia Xia walked forward.
Greedy Wolf and Insect Emperor followed behind him.
Now they both have super artifact in their hands.
The overall mood is completely different.
The other people at the scene also moved forward one after another. These people have greatly increased their strength, and it is the time when they want to have a good experience.
"A bunch of ants, no matter how they jump around, the result is the same!!!!" said Daluo viciously.
"I told you before that my Shura family has a total of six great creation skills, and you have just seen five of them, namely Wuji, Tianquan, Senluo Wanxiang, Yongye and Jitong, and one more. You haven't seen it before, but I'll let you see it soon!!!" Xia Xia's voice fell.
Greedy Wolf and Insect Emperor rushed out in an instant. The two of them controlled Da Luo's arms respectively, making Da Luo temporarily unable to move.
And Xia Xia's fingers pointed directly ahead.
There was a flash of light in his eyes!
Creation Magic: Cloud! !
Xia Xia's body disappeared instantly, and when it reappeared, Daluo's body had already begun to change.
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