Vol 9 Chapter 12395: ultimate king

For a moment.
The treasures of the entire fairyland began to shake.
But the goal of summer.
Not them.
But the artifact of creation.
It is equivalent to the existence of the human heart.
He threw the Tianhan sword in his hand high: "I finally understand why I was able to refine you on the earth, because everything is already destined, you are the carrier!!!"
The light flashed, and a spiritual light was injected into the Tianhan Sword.
"What?" The old man finally showed a shocked expression.
"Asura family, the so-called treasure search is all things, and the reason why all things can search for treasures is like the human nervous system, no matter where it is uncomfortable, we can find it at the first time, no matter where there is a problem, We can find it too, that's why!!!" Summer responded.
The artifact of creation is in hand.
Everything is different.
Above the Tianhan sword.
There was also endless light.
One tossed out.
Jianmang thousands of miles.
Everything in this sword glow was frozen.
Then smash! !
This is the artifact of creation.
Can kill all existence.
"Xiamen, haven't you always wanted to return to Blue Star? I can help you!!" The old man had been paying attention to Xia, so he naturally knew that Xia wanted to return to Earth.
In his eyes, Xia Xia was still a pawn, but now it is different.
Summer has become his biggest threat.
He was thinking about making a deal with the summer.
In his opinion.
Everyone has their own price, as long as the price he offers can be accepted by the summer.
Summer did not speak.
"I will make all your brothers greatly increase their strength, and I will make them the king of the fairyland, the strongest group of people in the fairyland!!!" the old man said again.
Xia Tian slowly looked at the old man: "Do you think I'm a fool?"
"What other conditions do you have, you can mention it!!" The old man said again.
"If even the fairy world doesn't exist, what's the point of the conditions I put forward?" Xia Xia asked.
"The immortal world will always be there, how could it not be there!!!" The old man began to pretend to be confused.
"Your purpose is to devour the entire immortal world, surpass the saint, become the of creation, and get rid of all shackles. Do you still want to continue to hide from me?" Xia Xia asked.
"After I become the God of Creation, I will recreate the fairy world. At that time, you and your brothers will become the strongest group of people in the world I created, the world I created, and this world, Is there any difference? Does it have any effect on you?" The old man asked rhetorically.
"What about these thousands of living beings? What about countless beings in the fairy world?" Xia Xia asked.
"They're just like a bunch of little ants. What's the point of being alive? After they go to the world I created, they will give birth to new lives, more lives, won't they be the same?" the old man kept saying State your point of view.
He never thought that those creatures were anything.
Originally, those creatures were things that he could destroy anytime, anywhere.
"So, I can't trade with you!!!" Xia Xia said.
"Then you can only watch all your friends and relatives die in front of you!!!" The old man said and looked at the others.
people he saw.
Falling down one by one. Gu Cha
One after another loves to roll in pain.
No matter to what extent their strength has been improved, at this moment, they are still unable to withstand the attack of the old man.
Xia Xia held the Tianhan Sword in his hand and directly killed him.
There are two sacred body guards.
The old man's abilities were of no use to him.
The artifact of creation directly pierced the body of the old man. Although the old man is already a saint-level existence, a casual glance at the greedy wolf and the little bug can make them lose their resistance in an instant, but in front of the artifact of creation, it is still easy. break.
"You lost!!" After Xia Tian finished speaking, the Tianhan Sword in his hand stabbed out again.
"Don't think, now you can compete with me, I still have a hole card!!!" After the old man's voice fell, a statue appeared in front of him, and then he took a big mouth, and the statue was directly sucked in by him.
This statue summer is familiar.
It is one of the two statues of the sky-reacher.
"It seems that you are going to make a deal with him." Xia Xia said with emotion.
"So what? As long as it is successful, what about trading with someone?" the old man said.
"Trade with him, the consequences are probably not what you can imagine!!" Xia Xia reminded.
"It's not for you to force it. If you are willing to cooperate with me honestly, then I don't have to devour his power. If I fail, I will become his carrier. However, after gaining the power of the sky-reacher, I'm undefeated, even the artifact of creation in your hand won't hurt me in the slightest." The old man's voice fell.
His hair began to turn black, and his eyes turned blood red.
The whole person became extremely bloodthirsty.
Jie Jie! !
A strange voice appeared: "Finally found a good body!!!"
The moment the Tianhan Sword stabbed the old man, it didn't pierce, but was directly blocked by the opponent's palm: "Creation artifact, not bad!!!"
Xia Xia's body flashed, and another statue appeared in front of him.
Just when he also wanted to devour the statue.
The old man on the opposite side smashed the statue in an instant: "Want to rely on his strength to check and balance me? Do you think I will give you that chance?"
Xia Tian sighed: "Since I can't rely on his strength, I can only rely on my own strength."
The King of the Realm! ! !
Xia Xia opened the Realm King Jue instantly, and then raised his hands: "The creatures of the fairy world, I need your strength!!!"
at this moment.
All the creatures in the entire fairyland sensed the call of summer.
They also felt death.
In that moment.
They all understood that if Xia Xia failed, the entire fairyland would cease to exist.
a time.
All creatures, even the tiniest ants, began to release their power, and the enemies next to them also began to input their power into the thin lines in the sky.
The old man frowned: "What are you doing?"
"No breaking, no standing, I will use the power of the entire immortal world to attack the real world king, and break through the power of the ultimate real king!!!" Xia Xia shouted loudly.
"Don't even think about it!!" The old man sensed the extraordinaryness of summer.
However, Xia Xia also injected all the power into the Kaiju at the same time.
The ultimate king of the world! ! !
At this moment, hearty laughter appeared in the sky.
"Hahahaha, little friend, you are finally here!!!"
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