Vol 9 Chapter 12396: God of Creation [The Finale]

Xia Xia used the power of living beings that the old man looked down on the most to break through the Ultimate Realm King Contest.
After the breakthrough of the Ultimate Realm King Judgment, the Tianhan Sword in his hand was covering the world with light at this moment.
Immediately stab out.
"You can't break my defense!!" The old man punched Xia Xia.
Can Tianhan sword.
At this moment, he directly pierced his fist and penetrated his body.
"Impossible, impossible, I have the power to protect my body, it can't be broken!!!" The old man's face was full of incredible expressions.
Devour the world! !
Endless power began to flow out of the old man's body.
The old man wanted to protect his body.
But no matter how hard he tried, it was too late.
The ultimate king of the world.
It can devour everything, no matter what power it is, it will be absorbed.
"Damn, a little human can actually break my power!!!" The phantom of the sky-reacher appeared in front of Xia Xia.
"A sealed waste can also run to me to show off its might!!!" Xia Xia responded.
Heavenly One.
But one of the two statues.
It is an existence that even saints have to borrow power.
this existence.
Summer is just as rude.
"How dare you talk to me so wildly, do you really think you have won against me? Now what you absorb is only 1/10,000 of my power. When I lift the blockade, I want you to be the first Die!!!" Heavensetter scolded.
"You're talking too much nonsense!!" Xia Tian released his soul.
Black hole! !
The phantom of the sky-reacher was completely swallowed by the black hole.
The old man's body was also completely swallowed by Xia Xia.
"It's over!!!" Summer shouted.
Everyone stopped what they were doing.
The battle is also over.
Everything is over, no matter what race, what kind of battle, there is no point in continuing.
And in front of summer.
A beam of light appeared.
at the same time.
Summer disappeared in place.
When he reappeared, he came to an empty space.
In the space, three old men were sitting there, two men and one woman, with mahjong on the table: "If three are missing and one is missing, there is only one missing!!!"
The black line on Xia Tian's face: "Is it you who called me before?"
"That's right, it's just the three of us. It's too uncomfortable to have three missing and one, so we've been waiting for your arrival!!!" said one of the old men.
Summer is completely silent.
Ha ha ha ha!
"Don't tease him!!!" Another old man got up: "Congratulations, you have become the fourth creation of Liu Zhi universe!!!"
"God of Creation?" Xia Xia frowned.
"Didn't you find it? Now you are omnipotent in this world!!!" The old man looked at the wall again. At this time, there was a golden list on the wall with three names: Pangu, Nuwa, Shura .
And now.
A fourth name begins to appear above: Summer! !
"I'm not interested in being the God of Creation, I just want to go home!!!" Xia Xia said.
"From now on, this world is yours, everything in this world, rules, laws, etc., are all made by you!!!" Shura looked at Xia Xia with admiration.
He is the body of the Shura family and the creation of the previous generation.
Summer belongs to his clan. Gu Pin
"Since you have such great abilities, why don't you stop the fateful calculus!!!" Xia Xia asked inexplicably.
"You are the one who makes the rules, not the one who enforces the rules. Back then, we all made our clansmen invincible, but with the passage of time, everything will have its own development and direction, such as your Shura clan. , at the beginning it was actually a symbol of invincibility, but the final result was also the annihilation of the family. Although we are the creator gods, if we forcefully control everything, will the creatures below still have their own thoughts? It is because the creatures below have their own thoughts. , so there are so many unknowns!!!" Shura explained.
"What about Thor?" Xia Tian asked.
"The God of Thunder is the servant of the God of Creation. From today, the God of Thunder in the Xia Xian world is your servant!!!" Shura glanced at the light in front of him: "The three of us have been waiting for you for a long time, and now you are here, The three of us are leaving too!!"
"Go? Where to go?" Xia Tian asked.
"Go find the life left by Liu Zhi-sama!!"
that's all.
In summer, I feel like I've been pitted.
These people kept calling him, in fact, to let him take over the world, and the three of them went to swim.
Now that he has come this far, he has nothing to say: "I can finally go home!!!"
Now he is omnipotent.
back to the brothers.
His eyes glanced at the sky.
The Godhead reappeared.
But this time the position is different from before.
There are three positions above.
He left it to: Greedy Wolf, Insect Emperor and God of Galaxy.
The new three saints appeared.
Below are the five emperors: Mo Weiyang, Thirteen, Little Ma, Yin Nie and Nightmare.
Then there are the new Eight Saints: Xianxuanwu, Xianzhuque, new Xianqinglong, new Xianbaihu, and the four little holy beasts just recalled by Xia Xia.
The position of Qiwu has become the three artifact of creation: Tianhan Sword, Red Phoenix and Golden Saber.
Hundred Kings: All the brothers and friends in the summer have taken this position.
Qianzun: The rest of the people sat in this position.
This is his new rule.
Greedy Wolf glanced at Xia Xia: "It seems that I will never have a chance to surpass you, but I won't let it go. My apprentice will definitely surpass your apprentice, and he will defeat your apprentice one by one. , the last one is Xia Xiaotian!!!"
"I'm waiting!!" Summer responded.
He said goodbye to all his brothers one by one, and took one last look at the wives beside him.
He cut through the space and came to hell.
After Tianlong came to hell, he did not sit firmly in the position of the king of hell, but his appearance this summer directly gave him invincible power in hell.
He came to the third dimension of the earth.
Found Zeng Rou.
An affectionate kiss awakened Zeng Rou.
Xia Xia glanced at the only son beside him: "I will not interfere with your destiny, I hope you will have a life of your own in the future!!!"
At last.
He opened the time channel.
This time, he took his wives and returned to Earth, and he went back through the passage of time.
Inside a hospital bed.
A man was lying on it, badly injured.
He put his hand on the man's forehead: "From today, your destiny will change."
after the summer disappears.
The man slowly opened his eyes.
He felt like he was in a dream. It was a beautiful dream. A female nurse stood in front of him. Through the female nurse's white coat, the blue short-sleeved, black inner clothes were clearly visible, and the white pantyhose was clearly visible. .
It was definitely a dream for this boy.
"Huh? You're awake." The female nurse checked the numbers on the instrument.

ps: I originally wanted to open a single chapter to write my concluding remarks, but now my heart is very empty and I don’t know what to write. For more than six years, this book has accompanied me so much and changed my life. , I have also been with you for a long time. Although there are good and bad, I am still very grateful for the support of every brother and sister.
thank you all.
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