Chapter 4275 - : Illusionary Happiness (5)

Chapter 4275: Illusionary Happiness (5)

To tell you the truth, Mian, I’ve never thought about that.

Su Yu wasn’t trying to avoid the question; he was telling the truth – he didn’t know how to answer Huo Mian’s question.
Plus, what kind of question is that? How could Huo Mian insinuate that she would break up with Qin Chu so casually?

It was just hypothetical, don’t be so nervous.
Huo Mian smiled at Su Yu’s serious expression.

That’s not a good hypothetical, can’t you think of something else to hypothesize?

Su Yu, have you changed as well? Are you going to distance yourself from me like everyone else has?
Huo Mian began to make Su Yu feel bad.

Mian, if I wanted to distance myself from you, I wouldn’t be sitting here with you right now. I was having dinner with some directors but left as soon as you called me… do you really think I’ve changed?
Su Yu felt wronged.

I know, you won’t turn on me even if the entire world turns on me… Su Yu, why are you so good to me?
Huo Mian muttered as her eyes welled up with tears again.
Su Yu couldn’t help but feel bad again.
Stop crying, I thought I was here to keep you company.

Soon, the waiter brought out all the dishes Huo Mian ordered. Su Yu picked up a new pair of chopsticks and began filling up Huo Mian’s plate.
However, she wasn’t interested in this food at all.

Here, have some crab, it’s quite fresh.
Su Yu habitually picked out the crab from one of the dishes and placed it on Huo Mian’s plate.

Su Yu, have you forgotten? I don’t like seafood anymore…

Only then did Su Yu realize what he had just done and smiled awkwardly. What was going on? He felt like he didn’t care about Huo Mian as much as he used to.
Had he changed?
Dinner went by quietly. While they ate, Pudding and Little Bean sent Su Yu a photo of them – Pudding was smiling gracefully while Little Bean was making faces at the camera.
Su Yu showed Huo Mian the photo. He looked at the twins like they were his children.
Hey, look how cute they are.

Su Yu, do you like Pudding and Little Bean?

Of course,
Su Yu answered without thinking.

Do you want them to be your daughters?
Huo Mian asked.

What do you mean? Don’t tell me you want me to be their Godfather… you know what that means in the entertainment industry? It means I’ll be their ‘daddy’… that’s how the paparazzi will make it seem like… so that’s a hard no. I don’t want to ruin the twins’ reputations.

Su Yu was right; nowadays this word carried a different and more complicated meaning.
Huo Mian stirred the bowl of bird’s nest soup before her. She smiled meaningfully. That’s not what I mean, you’re misunderstanding.

Then what? Don’t tell me you want me to be their big brother… that’s right out of a historical drama, another hard no.
Su Yu responded comically to lighten up the mood.
However, Huo Mian looked up and threw her spoon onto the table. She responded calmly.
That’s not what I meant either. You’re thinking too much into it.

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