Chapter 4280 - Illusionary Happiness (10)

Chapter 4280: Illusionary Happiness (10)
Noodletown Translations 
Noodletown Translations
Hearing her words, Nie Lingxuan’s eyes dimmed instantly.

Yeah, you’re right. All the people in the world know that Su Yu… loves Huo Mian.

I’m sorry. Did I remind you of bad memories?

Seeing Nie Lingxuan’s sad eyes, Han Yueyao felt guilty and regretted saying these things to her.
Nie Lingxuan continued to remove makeup for Han Yueyao with a cotton wad.

No. It’s all in the past and I’m not sad anymore…

You’ve… moved on?
Han Yueyao asked cautiously.

What else can I do?
She chuckled.

Haha. You’re right. Maybe we can form an alliance of dumped girls; oh, no, we should call it Alliance of Girls Secretly in Love with Su Yu.

Nie Lingxuan laughed.

I think Su Yu’s good to you. I’m totally out of the game but you still have a chance… Su Yu loves Huo Mian but she has a husband and children, so he has no future with her. But the Su Family can’t allow him to be a permanent bachelor. I think he’ll end his single state sooner or later.

You’re right.
Han Yueyao agreed.

So, you must keep it up…

Huh? Why me? How about you?
Han Yueyao looked at Nie Lingxuan’s gentle and beautiful face.
She found Nie Lingxuan was a nice girl; why didn’t Su Yu like her?

I told you. I’ve given up…

Don’t. We can like him together… Su Yu’s for everyone.

Han Yueyao entered the joking mode, making Nie Lingxuan giggle.
Hearing the laughter from the dressing room, Gao Yaruo was displeased.

I wonder what magic the bitch Han Yueyao has. She pretends to be a dumb and straightforward girl to make people think she is guileless. She’s the worst kind of scheming bitches.

Stop dissing others and use the time to think about how to improve yourself.
Nie Lingxuan’s agent glanced at her coldly.

Cousin, I’ve been working hard… When you have time, ask Sister Xuan to speak for me in front of President Su… Among so many female performers in Imperial Star, Sister Xian’s words have some weight to President Su… I heard Sister Xuan’s brother-in-law is a big figure…
Gao Yaruo began to gossip.

Stay out of other people’s business. It’s no good to you.

Gao Yaruo didn’t dare to say more.
Meanwhile on the other side of the earth.
Huo Mian was dreaming and heard Qin Chu’s voice calling to her,
Mian, get up and eat crabs. We have fresh crabs.

Honey, can I eat crabs? I’m still pregnant…

At this moment, the baby kicked her hard, waking her up. Looking around the white room, she remembered she was imprisoned here.
She touched her big belly.
Baby, you’re three days past the date of delivery and you’re still quiet… Are you okay?

As if it understood her words, the baby moved again; it gave a big kick playfully.
Huo Mian smiled in happiness.

Little guy, are you waiting to come out until we go home? Are you waiting for your father?

Magically, the little guy responded to her again.

Can you really understand my words? You want to see your father, too. Right?
Huo Mian was excited.
At this moment, the door opened and Messiah walked in.

Miss Mian, the Master wants to see you.

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