Chapter 4294 - Qin Chu's Charm (4)

Chapter 4294: Qin Chu’s Charm (4)
Hon, you’re back.
Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu with a smile.
Qin Chu detested this smile.

Did you go out?
Qin Chu asked.

No. I didn’t even touch the car. If you don’t believe me, you can check the surveillance records… After Gao Ran escorted me back, I stayed home.

Oh, really?

What’s up? Something happened?
She played dumb.

Another killing.

Ah? Really? That’s horrible…
She put on a look of surprise and covered her mouth with faked fear.
Her expression looked false. At least in Qin Chu’s eyes, everything she did was false.

Are you afraid? You’re a doctor. Are you afraid of dead people?
Qin Chu exposed her lie relentlessly.

Hon, even though I’m a doctor, I’m also a little woman… How can I not be afraid? Gao Ran said this murderer has been active and killed many people. They are talking about vampires.

Vampires? Definitely not vampires… I think the murderer is a psycho. What do you think?
Qin Chu looked her in the eyes and demanded.

Yeah. The killer is cruel with their victims. I’m sure it was done by a psycho.
She agreed shamelessly.

The murderer will be punished; don’t you think so?
Qin Chu asked meaningfully.

I’m not sure… I heard bad guys always outlive good people…
Huo Mian chuckled.

Gao Ran can’t catch that psycho, but I can.

Qin Chu looked at her challengingly.

Hon, do you plan to help him crack the case?

I’m not interested in cracking the case. But if I catch that psycho killer, I’ll show no mercy to them. That vicious scumbag doesn’t deserve to be called a human being. I’ll do justice for the people.

Hehehe. Hon, when do you have such a strong sense of justice?

Huo Mian seemed to be mocking Qin Chu just like some people berated others as thinking of themselves as Saint Theresa for doing good things.

How about you? When did our Dr. Huo become so heartless?
Qin Chu asked.

I’m not heartless. I’m sorry that they died. But I can’t help it that they were so unlucky. I’m afraid, too. No one wants to have such things happen to them. But it’s not us who were killed, right?

Very good. Dr. Huo, go to bed now. I hope you won’t go out during the night…

Qin Chu knew she killed the homeless guy, but she moved faster than he had expected.
He was out for less than 40 minutes while he drove Gao Ran home and back.
But this woman dodged the surveillance cameras and didn’t drive a car from the garage or book a taxi; she went out, killed a person cruelly and came back without leaving a trace behind. Qin Chu was surprised at her great abilities even though he had known she had some abilities beyond human limit…
He hadn’t seen her in action, so he couldn’t imagine what abilities she had.
He studied the surveillance videos again and again in his study but couldn’t find a loophole. It reminded him of the creepy incident where Jing De had dodged all the surveillance cameras as he appeared before Zhixin.
The more he thought about it, the more he felt Jing De and this woman belonged to one group. This woman was probably even more powerful than Jing De.
Qin Chu had sent the twins and then his parents away because he was getting ready to have a final battle with this monster, and he couldn’t back out.
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