Chapter 4298 - : Qin Chu’s Charm (8)

Chapter 4298: Qin Chu’s Charm (8)
Noodletown Translations 
Noodletown Translations
Han Yueyao:
Ahh? What’s so urgent?

Hearing Su Xiaoxiao’s urgent tone, Han Yueyao was worried.
Su Xiaoxiao:
Yao, Lin’s friend called me saying Lin is hospitalized… He didn’t tell me what illness Lin has and said only that he needed money for surgery. It sounded very serious. You know what Lin is like; he’d never tell me this. His friend called me behind his back. But since I came to the military legion, all my living costs come from the legion and my dad hasn’t given me pocket money. So, I don’t have much money with me at the moment. Yao…

Han Yueyao:
I know. Xiaoxiao, tell me how much you need.

Su Xiaoxiao:
His friend said at least 200,000 yuan.

Han Yueyao was surprised.
200,000 yuan? What illness does he have? It’s a stunning figure…

Su Xiaoxiao:
Yao, please help him. I’m in the northwest and am quite worried about him. You pay the medical cost for Lin and I’ll pay you back.

Han Yueyao:
Xiaoxiao, what are you talking about? We’re friends; of course, I’ll help you. Give me his friend’s number and I’ll call him right now. I’ll go to the hospital and see how much he needs. I’ll do my best.

Su Xiaoxiao seemed to be weeping and her voice trembled in the voice messages.
Su Xiaoxiao:
Yao, thank you.

Han Yueyao:
Don’t thank me. Just treat me with a big feast when you come back on holiday leave.

Su Xiaoxiao chuckled and replied,

It was 11:30 PM.
Han Yueyao got Lin Hang’s friend’s number from Su Xiaoxiao and called him. Understanding that Lin was at the First Hospital, she went there in a taxi immediately, taking a bank card with her.
Lin Hang’s friend was waiting for her at the gate.
Han Yueyao knew this guy; he was Lin Hang’s good friend and had joined their meals several times.
Seeing Han Yueyao, the guy was relieved.

I’m surprised to see you here, Miss Han…
he said it meaningfully.
Han Yueyao had never contacted Lin Hang or his friends after she got famous.
It wasn’t that she looked down on them after being famous; it was just that the things between her and Lin Hang got awkward after she rejected his love.
Besides, she had hung out with them because of Su Xiaoxiao, who was their old friend. Now that Su Xiaoxiao left the city and joined the army, Han Yueyao didn’t have much to say to them.
Despite all this, Han Yueyao knew Lin Hang was a good guy.
When she was in the hospital, he had given her 50,000 yuan, which was a big figure for him.

What happened to him?
Han Yueyao asked Lin Hang’s friend.

Let’s talk inside. It’s cold out here.


Han Yueyao nodded and followed him into the hospital. As they walked upstairs, the guy told her the situation briefly.
Lin Hang had uremia, the serious kind, too.
Han Yueyao was stunned.

How can it be? He’s still young.
Han Yueyao felt heavy inside.

People of all ages have this illness. Anyway, the treatment is very expensive; Lin has sold the mechanic shop but it’s still not enough. I suggested crowdfunding, but he refused. You know how proud he is; he doesn’t want to declare his illness to the public and ask people for money like a beggar. Left with no other choice, I called Xiaoxiao.

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