Chapter 4299 - Qin Chu’s Charm (9)

Chapter 4299: Qin Chu’s Charm (9)
Noodletown Translations 
Noodletown Translations
I heard it from Xiaoxiao.
Han Yueyao’s heart was heavy.

Miss Han, please help Lin. Truly, we can’t lose him… We’ve been friends for years and have had great times together. We’re poor, but we share many beautiful memories as we rode motorcycles together; we even travelled to Tibet… Lin isn’t married and doesn’t have children yet. He’s an unfortunate guy and his parents can’t do anything for him. He’s been on his own all this time, but now…

The guy paused as his eyes turned teary.

Don’t cry. It’s fine. Tell me how much he needs. I’ll help him.

Miss Han, if you can help Lin this time, I and the other buddies of his will do anything for you.

Seeing Han Yueyao was so generous, he got emotional.

Let’s not talk about it. I’m happy that I can help Lin. Now let’s go and pay the fees.

Thank you, Miss Han.

The guy had thought Han Yueyao would ignore them after becoming famous.
To his surprise, she was so loyal to her friends that she even raced to the hospital in the middle of the night without even wearing a mask.
Most importantly, she went to the core of the problem without a fuss.
At the cashier’s window, the cashier looked cold as she heard they were here to pay for Lin Hang’s fees.
Hurry up, or we’ll stop the treatment.

We’re here to pay for it. How much does he owe?
Han Yueyao opened her bag.

He owes more than 170,000 now… Our hospital is very humane. No other hospitals would allow inpatients to owe so much.

Fine. I’ll deposit 300,000 yuan. I’ll pay later if it’s not enough. Here’s the card.

Han Yueyao handed her a bank card. In fact, there was less than 400,000 yuan in it.
It was true she was now popular, but her income wasn’t so high yet. Besides, Imperial Star paid its performers every three months.
After giving her parents lots of money, she didn’t have much left.
Fortunately, she had enough to handle the emergency.
The cashier turned friendly after hearing that Han Yueyao would pay 300,000.

Are you his girlfriend? You’re good to him…


Shut up and get it done. We want the best treatment for him.
Standing beside Han Yueyao, Lin Hang’s friend was now more assertive.
After paying the fees, they walked toward the ward zone.

Miss Han, I truly appreciate your help today.

Don’t mention it. Lin is also my friend… You can call me directly if you need anything. Xiaoxiao is in the northwest and can’t help you right now. She can’t do anything other than getting worried. Here’s my number.

She gave the guy her name card and he put it away carefully.

Miss Han, don’t worry. We look like a group of good-for-nothings but we’re not ungrateful people. My dad is going to sell a piece of land and we’ll get 200,000 yuan for it. I’ve talked to my parents and I’ll pay you back as soon as we get the money.

It’s fine. I don’t have use for the money right now. The most important thing is Lin’s treatment.

Han Yueyao’s words warmed the guy’s heart.
When they got to the door of Lin Hang’s ward, he said,
Lin will be happy to see you. He likes you very much…

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