Chapter 4302 - Battle Begins (2)

Chapter 4302: Battle Begins (2)
Yeah. I’ve got to go and get some sleep. I have a shampoo commercial to shoot tomorrow morning.

Lin Hang smiled.
It’s not safe at this late hour. I’ll ask my friend to escort you back…

It’s fine. I can take a taxi. Don’t trouble him.

Don’t come back…

Why not?

Puzzled, she looked at Lin Hang.

My illness is serious. It will be nothing but a burden to you. I don’t want to see you waste time on visiting me in the hospital.

Humph… That’s ridiculous. Point not taken… I’ll come and see you after work tomorrow… Tell me on WeChat what you like to eat. I’ll check the messages after the shooting.

Hearing that she’d come tomorrow, Lin Hang didn’t say anything, but he looked joyful.



Please don’t come. I’m a common guy; I’m even worse than a common guy with my illness. I might die at any moment. But you’re a big star with a bright future. I don’t want you to be seen by the paparazzi; they might spread gossip about you.

Haha, stars are common people, too. We also need to eat and go to the washroom. Don’t be silly. Focus on your recovery. You look haggard and not as handsome as before. How can you get girls in bars looking like this?

Hearing her teasing words, Lin Hang felt warm inside.
She waved at him and left the ward.
At the door, she instructed Lin Hang’s friend,
I paid 300,000 yuan and I can get an advancement of pay from the company. Tell me when you need more money. Don’t ask others.

Miss Han, you’re such a good person…

Stop it. I’m not as good as you say; I’m not a philanthropist. I’m Lin’s friend and I can’t sit and watch while he’s in trouble. Besides, he helped me before. Anyway, take good care of him. I’ll come and visit him often.

Okay. I’ll keep you updated about his illness.

Okay. I’ve got to go.

Miss Han, let me see you home.

Don’t. Stay here and take care of Lin. Bye.

At midnight, Han Yueyao returned home from the First Hospital.
Seeing Han Yueyao paid such a high amount of medical fees for Lin Hang and even visited him, his buddies who had claimed she was only a useless pretty face now all shut up.
They truly understood the saying—A friend in need is a friend indeed.
That night, Lin Hang posted a message on his Moments; it was a rare act of his since he posted no more than three times on his Moments over an entire year.
The post attracted all his friends’ attention since he was now in a very difficult situation living in the hospital.
His post said: Life with its vicissitudes is like a cup of tea; it has tea’s bitterness and fragrance.
Before today, Lin Hang had given up on himself, not caring how long he’d live.
But after Han Yueyao’s visit, he felt as if the whole world had brightened.
So, his post on the Moments sounded quite positive…
Su Xiaoxiao gave it a like instantly and left a comment,
Life is good to a guy as kind as you; Lin, you deserve all the kindness shown to you.

In the taxi, Han Yueyao gave it a like, too, but didn’t leave a comment, thinking actions speak louder than words.
Lin wouldn’t recover in a few days and his treatment needed lots of money and energy. But now that she had offered him her help, she’d help him until the end.
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