Chapter 4301 - Battle Begins (1)

Chapter 4301: Battle Begins (1) Lin Hang said the words with happiness and sincerity.
Hearing his words, Han Yueyao felt a bit shy.
Picking up an apple, she peeled it for him carefully.

Lin, focus on your recovery. Don’t worry about the medical fees. I can handle it.

Don’t. Don’t waste money on me…
Lin Hang smiled bitterly.
She rolled her eyes.
Nonsense. It’s not a waste of money. No matter how much money it costs, it’s worthwhile so long as it can buy your health back. I’m a star now and earn a lot of money. I can cover the cost by doing one commercial, so don’t feel pressured. Xiaoxiao is worried about you. I think she’ll ask for a leave and come back to see you in a few days.

I told Ta not to tell Xiaoxiao and you. He’s…

You still don’t want to tell us? Do you take us as your friends?
Han Yueyao forked up a small piece of apple and handed it to him.
With his head lowered, he took it from her slowly.

I didn’t want to drag you or anyone into my troubles.

Don’t be silly. When I was in the hospital, you converted a car overnight for a second-generation rich guy to pay for my medical fees. This is what you get for the good deeds you did. This is your reward.

Han Yueyao’s words comforted him.

Young girl, when did you become a Buddhist? You’re lecturing me about causes and rewards… It’s not your style.

Lin Hang bit into the apple and didn’t dare to look at her eyes, afraid he’d be devastated to see her go if he looked too hard.
After all, a girl as excellent as Han Yueyao was like the brightest star in the night sky; no matter whose life she entered, she’d be like a radiant light beam…
No one would forget her if they laid eyes on her…

Buddhism is very trendy. Even my frog is Buddha-styled…

Frog? What frog?
Obviously, he didn’t know the game.

Tsk, tsk… You’re out, huh? Come on, let me show it to you…

She opened the app in her cellphone and leaned over to him to explain the game.
It was the first time that Han Yueyao leaned so close to him.
Smelling her unique fragrance, his heart began to race, and he didn’t hear a word of her explanation.
All his thoughts were on Han Yueyao; she was still irresistible to him.
Lin Hang’s buddies had thought he loved Han Yueyao because of her beautiful face and gorgeous figure.
Besides, she was more feminine than Su Xiaoxiao, who looked like a little maniac with her short hair and crisp manners.
Han Yueyao was as vivacious as a happy bunny.
But Lin Hang knew he loved Han Yueyao not because of her beautiful looks.
He was attracted by her special personality and warmth, which made him feel that loving her was as beautiful as loving the whole world.
He still had strong feelings for her.

That’s it. It’s very simple. You got it?
after the explanation session, she asked Lin Hang.

Yeah. I got it.

But guys might not like these games. You probably like games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Strike of Kings. Maybe we can gang up when we have time.


Lin Yang’s lips curved up with a sweet smile.
Before they knew it, more than one hour passed. Han Yueyao glanced at her watch and stood up.

Yao, are you leaving?
Lin Hang was reluctant to see her go.
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