Chapter 3024: Relic of Chaos (3)

The Chaos Relic has no instrumental spirit. Therefore, in the process of refining, there is no obstacle or danger. However, it is comparable to the quasi-perfect emperor's device. In the current state of Qin Nan, it cannot be refined immediately. , Can only use their own divine power and the power of the soul, and continuously integrate into it.
It took two full days and two nights to hear three humming sounds in the stone room. The three chaotic relics seemed to be unsealed, and at the same time, a bright light bloomed, releasing a burst of light. Majestic breath.
At this moment, Qin Nan only felt that he was completely integrated with the three chaotic relics, connected by blood, regardless of you and me.
At the same time, many words suddenly appeared in his mind.
"Cast and heaven, chaos never goes out!"
"Imperial Seal!"
"Kun Fabi!"
"Measure the tower!"
In addition, Qin Nan seemed to be instilled with a maggot. It was just a moment when he understood that the three chaotic treasures of Zhenghuang Seal, Kun Fa Pen, and Measure Tower were possessed of various abilities.
"It's so powerful!" Qin Nan's mind was suddenly shaken. These three chaotic relics are all treasures of killing. Every ability possessed by them is used to kill the enemy.
The ability of Zhenghuang Seal is wide open and close, and has the style of the emperor; Kun Fa's pen, treacherous and changeable, it is difficult to capture; the amount of robbery towers can be dropped and killed, sweeping the world!
It is no exaggeration to say that Qin Nan obtained these three pieces of chaotic relics. Even with his current practice, he can only exert one percent of their power, but he can all use Botian technique without performing it. Under this circumstance of contradiction, it is against the Qin Nan, the peak of the emperor in the cave, which proves positively.
From this we can see that these three chaotic relics have greatly changed Qin Nan's combat power, and this change will also rise as Qin Nanxiu rises.
In addition, Qin Nan's refining is not over yet. I saw Zheng Huangyin, Kun Fabi, and the three treasures of the tower smashing at the same time, and opened up a rhyme. Even if there are three pure powers like Tianhe, Poured into Qin Nan's body.
Qin Nan's breath suddenly stirred up.
Compared with the many natural treasures he refined in the Changsheng Garden, the strength is only strong and not weak. Not only that, but this strength also contains a lot of mysteries. During the process of absorption, Qin Nan suddenly felt in his heart. Many feelings were born, and the whole person instantly entered the state of enlightenment.
Unconsciously, Qin Nan's innate martial arts body has been running by itself, and the innate martial light has shone and shrouded Qin Nan's body, making that mysterious meaning become more intense.
A little bit of time passes.
Among the human world, the two spirits of the Tianji list, the three princesses of Miaomiao, the two of Ji Xuan, and the two of Tongtiandaoshu, they are in crisis and are in crisis in each major opportunity. Encounter.
In addition to them, there are the Heavenly Emperor's Gate, the Eternal Night Sect, and the Bodhisattva's Celestial Master and Supreme Celestial Master. They are scattered in all corners of this world. Some people are falling, and some people are constantly breaking through.
After five more days, Qin Nan heard the sound of a broken shell in the mysterious stone room of Changshenggu. The momentum emanating from him immediately skyrocketed.
God King Realm Nine Heavy!
God King Realm Peak!
Self, knowledge of the ground, heaven, the best way!
Under the inheritance of these three chaotic relics, Qin Nan's self-cultivation directly broke through to the extreme extent of the king's realm, and the momentum on his body continued to rise, as if it was impacting some invisible maggot, making it issued There was an air explosion.
"Break through God Emperor!" Wu Di and Fang Ruyu were tense again, staring at Qin Nan.
At this time, Qin Nan, who was in the epiphany, and the many mysterious people who realized in his heart, all gathered together, and instantly became three brand new laws.
These three laws are all realized by Qin Nan from the mystery of the three chaotic relics, and Qin Nan also felt that if he was given enough time, he could learn from these three chaotic relics. More prohibitions.
These chaotic relics are like the stone of the avenue carved by heaven and earth. The truth of the avenue is engraved on it. To monks, it is like a treasure.
"The treasure of chaos is truly extraordinary!" Qin Nan couldn't help but sigh, and immediately absorbed himself in the change of his realm.
The breath emanating from him is still rising, and he is full of energy. Qin Nan's understanding of the spirit, the power, and so on is getting deeper and deeper.
Although there is a difference in the realm between the God Emperor and the God King, there is no essential difference, and they are still in the category of "God". Therefore, it is not necessary to break through the fan like Supreme God breaks through the God himself. The gate, you can understand the mystery of the king, you can break through.
Of course, the breakthrough in the big realm is not so simple, not to mention that Qin Nan does not have any big scene support, but is forcibly impacting himself. Therefore, after 15 days have passed, Qin Nan ’s breath has gradually stabilized without any fluctuations. .
"Unfortunately, I missed my last breath." Qin Nan opened his eyes, looked at Wu Di and Fang Ruyu, and said.
In the final state, he reached the extreme of a king, and that key step, he still failed to take it out.
"Theoretically, you should be able to break through to the realm of the emperor. This time you failed, it may be because you have forcibly broke through the king before, but now you are forcibly broken through the emperor. The scene will be more difficult. "Wu Di is now very calm, without any disappointment. As early as a few days ago, he and Fang Ruyu, through the breath of Qin Nan, expected this result, and their mentality soon adjusted.
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