Chapter 3025: Relic of Chaos (4)

"Moreover, we have more than a month left, and from a time perspective, it is still quite abundant. As long as you find a great opportunity, you can break through the Emperor God, and even reach the peak of the Emperor God." Wu Di said again.
"It really needs to look for great opportunities." Qin Nan nodded, stood up and said, "In addition, pay attention to see if you can find the main medicine that Zhang Xuanling needs."
Until now, Zhang Xuanling broke into the immortal spirit seal in his knowledge of the sea and did not have any response, so Qin Nan was also quite worried. In their plan, everyone's improvement is very important, but the main medicine is more The essential.
If they can't poison the Seven Great Treasures, even if they enter the fairy kingdom, they will only be more powerful ants for the Seven Great Treasures.
"In these days of your retreat, Lao Fangzai and I carefully explored this stone room. There were a quadruple formation, and there were three formations in it. The core formation method was called gossip panlong formation." Wu There was a smile on the enemy's face, saying: "Although this array is one of the ancient thousands, it is complicated and difficult to solve, but with the deduction of me and the old one, I still found a way to break the array."
"There are four gossip patterns on the four sides of the stone wall. Two of them are living hexagrams, leading to the rest of the Changsheng Valley, and the other two are dead hexagrams. Entering is murder." : "These two hexagrams are exactly the same, without any difference, so there are no more tips, you can only choose by yourself. After you have made your decision, you only need to forcefully break the stone wall."
Qin Nan glanced at the two hexagrams before and after, saying, "Then choose it."
Keep going!
Qin Nan said nothing, the majestic divine power erupted in his body, he waved and cut out a magnificent sword, and chopped on the stone wall.
There was a loud noise, and the whole Shishi shuddered. The stone wall was intact, but there was a shallow trace on it.
"Well? I didn't realize it before. This stone wall was actually made of green jade. It's extremely hard." Wu Di raised a brow and said, "Qin Nan, let me blow it away."
"Wait." Qin Nan smiled slightly. "Just right, I can try the power of the Chaos Relic."
"Why? You have abandoned old love with new love? You ca n’t play too much ability if you dislike it?" Wu Di said with a grudge on his face and said, "Qin Nan, I really didn't expect that you are such a new and tired old person." ! "
"You come less." Qin Nan was speechless, too lazy to take care of it, and thought of it. The three chaotic treasures of Zhenghuang Seal, Kun Fa Pen, and Measure Tower were flying out of him and suspended behind him. .
When Wu Di and Fang Ruyu saw these three treasures, their eyes could not help but brighten, because compared with the previous, these three chaotic relics are like born and reborn. They are printed with imperial imperial majesty and exuding invisible majesty. It seems that there is an endless avenue, and the sense of flashing glazed in the tower of the looting tower makes people feel inexplicably cold.
Qin Nan's body was filled with divine power. The three chaotic relics immediately burst into an astonishing momentum. After a breath, a horrific power was released from the three treasures at the same time. On the stone wall.
Shishi great tremor.
The stone wall continued to flash blue light. It seemed to want to block these three majestic forces, but after only supporting it for a short time, the stone wall was completely broken and exploded into a cyan light spot.
"Well powerful power, just the power of pure treasures, has reached such a point. If they release their capabilities, the power will be even more amazing!" Fang Ruyu couldn't help but admire.
"Nice and good!" Wu Di nodded.
To be honest, for now, Qin Nan's power to urge three Chaos Relics is much stronger than urging Haolong Zhengtianyin and Fangtian Ancient Lamp.
However, this situation will be completely reversed after Qin Nan becomes the peak of the emperor's realm.
You should know that its Haolong Certificate Tianyin surpasses the existence of ordinary emperors. If it weren't for the master of the blue sky to enter the realm of Taoism, he would build the blue sky with all his heart, and it would probably reach an unparalleled level.
Even Fangtian's ancient lamp, which showed its mighty power during its heyday, was comparable to some imperial tools.
At this point, the Chaos Relics can't be compared with them, unless the Chaos Relics can complete the transformation and become the real emperor, so that they can be approached.
"Go, look out." Qin Nan contentedly retrieved the three treasures, flew forward, and soon appeared a grotto in front of him.
The Qin Nan three could not help but be vigilant. This cave is very similar to the first cave they found when they entered Changsheng Valley.
However, until the Qin Nan three came to the end of the grotto, nothing unusual happened along the way, and in front of them, there was an extra light.
Qin Nan walked into the light, with a flower in front of her eyes, and then a chill exploded in her heart, only feeling boundless blows to her face.
"Huh? Is it dangerous?"
The three of them had a slight contraction, and their bodies tightened.
Looking around, I saw three rounds of residual ischemic months hanging in the dark sky, and the vast ground was covered with countless gullies, a mess, and wherever you looked, you can see the sensen bones.
This is an ancient battlefield!
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