Chapter 3030: Longevity flame (2)

Time passes by.
Deities one after another, shattered in succession, turned into dots of sky.
Until eight full hours had passed, Qin Nan and Cang almost crushed the last idol at the same time. The surrounding scenes suddenly changed again, and they returned to the main hall again.
The moment the body landed on the ground, Cang immediately started to work, and the emperor pearl bloomed brightly and blasted towards Qin Nan.
Not only that, the Jutianpen also appeared above his head, aimed at the flame in the Yuchi in front, releasing a mysterious invisible power.
He seemed to have no intention of playing against Qin Nan, but just wanted to quickly take away the fire of longevity.
However, how could Qin Nan make him so easy, Haolongzheng Tianyin and Fangtian Ancient Lamp broke out at the same time and blasted at the emperor bead.
At the same time, Qin Nan threw out the Zhenghuang Seal and suspended it on the Changsheng Pool.
"Renhuangzhen world!"
"Emperor locks the sky!"
"The Emperor Forbidden Avenue!"
The emperor Yin suddenly burst into a bright golden mang. Among the golden mang, there were three illusive figures, as if it were the will of the three emperors of that day.
This is one of the several major abilities of Zhenghuang Seal. It completely bans Changsheng Yan directly. Even if the emperor gathers in the sky basin, it cannot forcefully take away Changsheng Yan.
"Relic of Chaos? Qin Nan, you are really lucky, you have got such a good thing!" Cang eyes brightened, thirty-three stars behind shined brightly, and an illusory star sword was also added in the hand .
Heaven Emperor Cut!
The Cangren's swords became one, turned into an extremely dazzling sword, and cut directly to the Zhenghuang Seal.
Qin Nan's eyes flickered. This sword move Qin Nan had seen before was created by Cang according to his own practice.
Although its power is overbearing, but the level is still a lot worse, but now this Cang's beheading is not only overbearing, it also contains a terrible truth!
In other words, this level of slashing is no less than performing an emperor skill!
Obviously, when Cang obtained the inheritance of the Emperor Longhuai, he got some great chances, which made all the magical methods he mastered have been transformed greatly!
"Kill the sword!"
When Qin Nan's body moved, a more terrifying sword light burst out instantly.
Not only that, Qin Nan's original body also showed a powerful ability.
The majestic forces of the heavens and the earth obeyed Qin Nan's orders, rushing from all directions, like waves, rushing toward the Cang shape.
"Immortal Emperor!"
His eyes were stunned and one-handed, and a tall figure suddenly emerged from behind him, with an ill-shaped figure that could not see the true meaning. He had three heads and six arms, exuding a fascinating line of imperial power.
Cang and this fairy emperor seem to merge into one. When he waved and cut out hundreds of swords, he also cut out hundreds of swords at the same time, and instantly merged into one, making that sharp sharp Italy suddenly skyrocketed several times.
"The power of heaven and earth, come into my sword!"
"Killing the sword, second style!"
The power of the heavens and the earth that flowed in front of them all fell into the broken sky knife in Qin Nan's hands, and the bursting out of the sword immediately added an original breath.
Boom boom!
The figures of the two people in this hall turned into shadows, and there were hundreds and thousands of collisions in an instant.
Cang's face became more and more dignified, because every sword of Qin Nan made him feel a tremendous sense of oppression.
"Kun Fabi!"
"Draw the ground!"
Such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, wouldn't Qin Nan miss it. Since he shot it, he shot it with all his strength. The second piece of Chaos Relic was immediately summoned by him, and he painted to the void.
In a short time, thousands of invisible binding forces fell from the sky and all fell on Cang's body, making Cang feel his body and become extra heavy, as if he was carrying a mountain.
"Measure the tower!"
"Boundless robberies!"
The third Chaos Relic appeared, and the town was above Cang's head in one fell swoop. From the bottom of the tower, a force of destruction emerged.
"Three Chaos Relics?"
Cang Tongren shrank.
"Immortal Charm!"
Cang didn't hesitate, he immediately urged an ancient amulet floating in the sea, an old breath swept away, and a thin purple light curtain appeared on him.
Boom boom!
The overwhelming killings all hit Cang's body, but the thin purple light curtain just appeared a crack, and it was not completely broken.
Qin Nan's face did not change, and the long knife in his hand released a more terrifying will.
This is the third style of cutting sword!
No matter what means Cang has and what cards he has, they will be broken by force!
"Ju Tianpen, the hand of Hua Ju Tian!"
Cang drank aloud, the emperor's jutian basin actually burst open and turned into a golden pattern, like a dragon, wrapped around Cang's arm.
Cang stretched out his hand, and in the ban of the emperor's seal, there was an extra large hand of Xuanguang, and he caught the fire in the pond.
The Jutianpen is an emperor's tool refined by the Emperor Longhuai. It has been used to capture many treasures. Its magical use is more than just a chaotic relic that has not yet transformed.
"Fire of Time and Space!"
However, Qin Nan had been preparing for a long time, and a grayish-white flame emerged from the seal of Emperor Zheng, towards the fire of longevity.
As long as Cang captures the fire of eternal life, it will be hit by the fire of time and space, so that time and space go back to the state of hundreds of breaths before and become nothing.
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