Chapter 3031: Longevity flame (3)

Although Qin Nan is stronger than Cang from the point of view of combat effectiveness, Qin Nan can never belittle Cang, and he must be fully prepared to fight with Cang.
Cang's complexion changed, and it seemed that Qin Nan had not laid the ring in advance. Therefore, when the teeth were bitten, Xuan Guang cast a big hand, no longer heading for the fire of longevity, but caught the one by the pool. Many treasures.
Grabbed by one hand, nearly half of Tiancaidibao was missing, including the six-petal golden lotus and the nine-petal golden lotus.
"Sword of Respect, Third Form!"
At this time, a dazzling dagger appeared in the entire hall, and the majestic sword made the hall tremble slightly.
"You friends from the south of the Qin Dynasty, I never expected that I got the inheritance of the Emperor Longhuai, but I was still far worse than you." Seeing this situation, Cang crushed a fairy charm and sighed, "I hope I won't I'm running into you. "
The fairy charm is broken and turned into countless gods, completely consuming the body of Cang.
It was cut with a knife, but it was not the shape of Zhong Cang, but it was cut on the hall, causing the hall to tremble violently, and there was an extra five-foot-long knife mark on the ground.
Qin Nan's face suddenly became a little ugly.
I still can't cut off Cang this time!
"I didn't expect that the poly bowl could still be used that way. Fortunately, you have to keep one hand in advance, otherwise you must let him take away the flame of longevity." Wu Di came over, quite grateful.
"Qin Nan, you don't have to be too disappointed. Cang has the Charm of Immortal Emperor. This time, he must not be able to kill him." Fang Ruyu saw Qin Nan's face and relieved: "Such an Emperor's Charm, There will definitely not be too many, and after the Seven Greatest Treasures are resolved, you will definitely be able to kill him. "
"I can only wait for the future." Qin Nan exhaled, saying that, he was still very sorry.
If it was not for keeping Botian Dashu to deal with the Seven Great Treasures, then he would have no hesitation in urging Botian Dashu to burst out his strongest combat power and not give Cang the opportunity to procure Emperor Rune. Kill him directly with one move.
"Still let the boy take away half of the natural treasures." Wu Di looked at Yuchi and said, "The two golden lotuses have also been taken away? I want to see what they are." Where is Bom ... "
As soon as this word came out, Qin Nan flashed a thought in his mind, his body froze stiffly.
"It's bad!" Qin Nan's face became even more ugly at once, and said, "We may be doing something. Cang just hit the west. His first purpose was the two golden lotuses!"
"The two golden lotuses? Isn't it possible? Although I don't know the two golden lotuses, but from the breath emitted, they are stronger than other natural treasures here. In contrast, this flame is inherited from the Emperor. "Wu Di's face was unbelieving.
"Qin Nan, do you think too much?" Fang Ruyu didn't believe it either.
"From my understanding of Cang, if he really wants the flame of eternal life, he should not let it go so easily." Qin Nan frowned and said, "Now think about it carefully, what he just did It is indeed relatively simple and a bit counterintuitive. "
"Qin Nan, your boy is a bit too nervous. Although this Cang can speak of the inheritance of the Emperor Longhuai, he is still only the peak of the king, and there must be many ways that he can't use it." Wu Di disapproved, saying: Your combat power is already much stronger than him. When he is not defeated, he can only retreat. "
"You did make sense, but I still feel wrong. It should have been misled by him just now." Qin Nan shook his head. Wu Di and Fang Ruyu still knew too little about Cang.
"Okay, even if your boy makes sense, the two golden lotuses may indeed be very important, but now they have become established and it is useless to say anything." Wu Di said helplessly: "You might as well continue thinking about this Hurry up and refine the flame of eternal life to impact the realm of God. "
"You make sense." Qin Nan sighed.
At this moment, he knew the immortal spirit seal in the sea, and suddenly shuddered, blooming a faint brilliance.
"Huh? Someone found that treasure?" Qin Nan's eyes brightened.
"Find it?" Wu Di and Fang Ruyu heard the words with a slight joy. "Everything is ready now!"
With the main medicine, Zhang Xuanling's poison can be refined!
"Then I have to hurry up and impact the Emperor!" Qin Nanping regained his mood, quickly came to the front of Yuchi, sat cross-legged, and popped a drop of blood to the flame.
At the same time, Changsheng Valley is outside.
Cang's figure fell out of the void, and his face was slightly pale. Just now he had confronted Qin Nan, coupled with the imperial imperial weapon and impulse imperial charm, which caused him a great deal of expense.
"Unexpectedly, the fighting power of Qin Nan's deity turned out to be so powerful. Fortunately, he didn't notice him just now, otherwise the two golden lotuses are really hard to take." There was a slight smile on Cang's face, Did not lose the disappointment of immortal inheritance in the slightest.
"A six-petal golden lotus and a nine-petal golden lotus should be almost there." At this time, a husky voice sounded in his mind: "I have calculated some time ago. There is one place in the east of the mile. Treasure land is perfect for your awakening. "
"Okay." Cang nodded, a flash of light flashed in her eyes. At this moment, he has been waiting for a long time.
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