Chapter 3051: Flying over the world (3)

In an instant, the spirits of Tianjibang had dimmed and showed gray eyes, and they immediately recovered.
The weakening congenital Tao fire also seemed to have received some kind of stimulus, which suddenly became strong and burning.
The incomplete congenital sword, buzzing and trembling, the sword is like a rainbow!
Qin Nan also saw the golden sword awn, but in his eyes, it was no longer a sword awn, but a dawn.
From the darkness of the sky, a ray of dawn cast light on all his mind.
The old man Zuo Xuan had never expected that at this stage, the accident would have happened, and the sword he had cut was very small and extremely sharp.
However, his reaction was extremely rapid, and the golden bodies of the immortals bloomed, and they had to use magical powers to stop the sword completely.
"Come on!"
Qin Nan burst out with a sigh, and in the blink of an eye, he evolved two origin avatars, waving his sword together with his deity.
The first form!
The second form!
The third type!
Cut the Zunzun tactics, all cut out!
Although the first and second forms of the two origin avatars are not powerful enough, they are connected to the third form and are seamlessly integrated, as if they were transformed into an infinite sword domain, which enveloped the old man Zuo Xuan.
The figure of the old man Zuo Xuan was also blocked for a while.
In such a breathless time, that extremely sharp golden swordmand had been cut in front of the Zhuxian Tianfu, but the Zaxian Tianfu, once again released the majestic invisible force like the sea, will this Dao Jianmang blocked it.
"Even if you try to block me, it won't help at all! I said, except for the fire of time and space that you just did, it couldn't be broken at all--" Elder Zuo Xuan sneered.
It was just that he hadn't finished his words yet, and there was a whizzing sound between heaven and earth, and a figure with outstanding style, carrying the turbulent weather, and instantly came behind the golden swordmans.
The jade hand lifted up, driving countless mysterious lights, and photographed the golden swordmans.
The golden swordman's roar like a dragon roared, and directly torn apart the majestic invisible force, and cut it on the immortals. The latter shook violently and exploded into pieces.
"Do not!"
Donghuang Taixu Chain and other treasures, Tongren shrank sharply and yelled in the sky, but they were unable to stop them at all, they could only watch, and the other self evolved from them, exploded in the void together, exploding Became a divine light spot.
The powerful feeling disappeared into their hearts again, making them feel the weakness.
"How is this possible? Who are you?"
Old man Zuo Xuan's face changed, he clearly felt that the comer was only the existence of the fairy king realm, but how could the fairy king realm break through his fairy symbols?
The figure showed a real look. She was dressed in a red robe, her long black hair fluttered in the wind, and her bare skin was as fair as snow, especially the golden eyes, which were particularly eye-catching.
Her arrival seemed to make the world bright.
"Bronze mirror?"
Qin Nan's face was full of surprises. He never thought that it was the flying over Empress!
He also quickly realized that after the last farewell, the breath of flying over the emperor has undergone earth-shaking changes. Not only in the fairy land, the pair of golden eyes, Qin Nan felt a touch of familiarity, but also felt a Stock pressure.
At this moment, Qin Nan only realized what the spirit of Tianjibang said to him before, when flying over the emperor to leave the country, the cultivation base was higher than him!
"Fly over sister!"
Princess Miaomiao, Jiang Bilan, and Xue Mengyao were also full of surprises. They had been worried for a long time, and they were afraid of what happened to the flying emperor. Later, Xuan revealed to them that they only felt a little relieved.
"It's so strong?"
Wu Di, Ji Xuan, and Gu Fei inhaled indifferently. They knew that the spirit of Tianjibang gave this female emperor named Feiyue, also a confidante of Qin Nan, a chance. .
But, before getting that chance, this woman dominated the cultivation of the realm!
From master to fairy king, how many great realms did it cross?
What a terrible chance?
"You're finally here. If you come one step late, I'm going to die." The spirit of Tianjibang breathed out for a long time, smiling with a smile on his face.
This time the bet is so exciting!
From the beginning, the spirit of Tianjibang knew that even if he succeeded in poisoning, everyone succeeded in temporarily suppressing Qidazhibao and Zuoxuan old people, they might not be able to win.
Elder Zuo Xuan, it is definitely not so easy to deal with!
Therefore, he can only bet that when the old man Zuo Xuan played the bottom card, the flying over Empress can survive the catastrophe and come here!
At this point, the spirit of Tianjibang did not tell Qin Nan and others that they did not want to let Qin Nan and others disappointed, because even Zhang Xuanling did not know what kind of catastrophe the flying emperor would face when she broke through the sky. How long does it take to break the robbery.
"The crossover was delayed." The flying emperor said, although she was already an immortal emperor and she had a chance of peerlessness, she was still the same as before, with words like gold and cold tone, without any fireworks on earth.
However, when she looked at the old man Zuo Xuan, her expression changed, it was even colder, a pair of golden eyes, revealing a ray of murderous intent.
The situation just now made her have a feeling of fear. If she came to rest at night, she could only watch Princess Miaomiao and was crucified in the void!
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