Chapter 3052: Flying over the world (4)

"How dare you dare to take action against us! I will definitely smash you corpse tens of thousands-" Donghuang Taixu Chain has already reacted, and an unprecedented anger has erupted.
"Leave me no noise!" Wu Di shouted, and directly covered its roar: "Look at how I clean up you!"
Zu Long flicked his tail and instantly smashed the big array into a smash. Wu Di's face was fierce, and he opened the dragon's mouth directly and bited towards the Donghuang Taixu chain.
He just suffocated the fire just now.
"Your eyes ..." The old man Zuo Xuan ignored the other circumstances, and looked at the flying over Empress Suddenly. Suddenly he thought of something, and suddenly he was shocked and couldn't believe it: "This is the Emperor Zhuxian Emperor?" What's going on? The pupils of the immortal emperors are still in the monument of the immortals! "
Qin Nan was also surprised. If it was the pupils of the imperial emperors, then he could understand why the flying emperor could enter the realm of immortal king in one breath.
However, he has the same doubts as the old man Zuo Xuan.
The pupils of Emperor Zhuxian are in the depths of the monuments of the Gods of the Immortals. Even if the spirit of Tianjibang has powerful means, flying over the female emperor to refine the pupils of Emperor Zhuxian will surely be discovered by the old man Zuo Xuan.
"Zuo Xuan, didn't you think?" The spirit of Tianjibang laughed, and the laughter was full of hate: "You told me sternly at that time, Li'er is a spirituality of the pupils of the Immortal Emperors, as long as She was stripped from the pupils of the Emperor Zhuxian, and she could be resurrected! "
"But in fact, she is the true spirit of Yin and Yang condensed by the pupils of the Immortal Emperors! She will return to the pupils of the Immortal Emperors, and will not annihilate, but will grow together with the pupils of the Immortal Emperors, and let the pupils of the Immortal Emperors Metamorphosis! "
"But I didn't expect that I believed your whispers and summoned her out of the eyes of the Emperor Emperors of the Immortals to harm her completely!"
Zhang Xuanling was silent, she said no less than a hundred times to the spirit of Tianjibang, and after she returned to the pupils of the Immortal Emperors, the trace of self-born spirit would inevitably disappear, but the spirit of Tianjibang always believed that it was still He killed Li'er.
"Yin Yang True Spirit, Yin Yang True Spirit ..." Zuo Xuan old man turned a blind eye to the spirit of Tianjibang, murmured several times, and then suddenly thought of something: "The pupils of the Immortal Emperor failed to transform, so they left. The body of her body was born with Yin and Yang true spirits again? She refined that ray of Yin and Yang true spirits, which was recognized by the immortal pupils of the Immortals, so she gained the power of the immortal pupils of the Immortals? "
He has guessed the whole process.
Qin Nan couldn't help but glance at the spirit of Tianjibang. If this is the case, how much pain did Tiange bear in this 10,000-year period?
For Tiange, even if the reborn yin and yang true spirits have nothing to do with Li'er, Tiange might think this is Li'er's will.
The spirit of Tianjibang looked at him, the smile on his face condensed, and said coldly: "Road reincarnation, cause-effect cycle! Elder Zuo Xuan, this is the reason you buried in the past, and today you are destined to bear the evil consequences!"
"Evil fruit?" Old man Zuo Xuan heard a stunned voice, and immediately laughed in the sky: "Hahaha! Evil fruit? You said this is my evil fruit? Tianji list ah Tianji list, where is the evil fruit, clearly is the gift you gave me Shangzaohua! "
Its smile made many people look stunned, including Donghuang Taixu Chain and other treasures.
From the current situation alone, the symbols of the heavens are broken, and their seven treasures will be suppressed once again. Qin Nan and the Flying Emperor can join hands to deal with his old man Zuo Xuan.
His old man Zuo Xuan is certainly strong, but the breath from the flying emperor is also terrible. She was able to cut off all the fairy symbols just now. Therefore, she and Qin Nan may have a great possibility to suppress the old man Zuo Xuan!
Could it be ...
An idea appeared in the hearts of the treasures of Donghuang Taixu Chain and so on, so that they could not help but revitalize their spirits!
"Tianji list, do you know how much effort I have paid in my life to fully control the steles of the Immortals? I even intentionally made You Kong bigger in the past, just to kill him in the future, to see if it can cause some Variety!"
On the face of the old man Zuo Xuan, there was a rare expression of excitement: "I started this time with the flesh of the main body of the blue dome, also to use its divine power to let me take full control of the monuments of the immortals! I was originally only 50% sure, but If you bring this woman here, I will be 100% sure! "
"As long as I suppress this woman's repression, then I can also order the pupils of the Immortal Emperors! The pupils of the Immortal Emperors are extremely mysterious, and they are detached in the center of the monument of the Immortal Gods. God monument? "
"Really? You are a good idea." The spirit of Tianjibang looks cold.
"Look at your expression, don't you take it seriously? Yes, you must think that this woman has a little divine power of the pupils of the Emperor Zhuxian, plus Qin Nan, you can crush me, right?" Said Mr. Zuo Xuan. Here, I glanced at Qin Nan and the flying over Empress, and there was a slight contempt on my face: "I am the only instrument of the Zhuxian God Monument, captive the right ancestor, and painstakingly set up the top 10 Zhuxian, how can I do more than that?"
"Although it will cost me a great price, but you got the descendants of these immortal emperor pupils, it is worth it!"
"I will let you see today!"
"Zhenxianhua Tian array!"
The old man Zuo Xuan made a seal and spit out a blood of immortal blood. He seemed to have urged some kind of terrible forbidden technique. His face suddenly turned pale, and his breath quickly subsided.
However, everyone saw that above him, there was a colorful light flashing, a terrifying breath surging out of it, making the world and earth tremble violently.
The treasures such as Donghuang Taixu Chain and so on are all shocked. This breath is really terrible. They never thought that the old man Zuo Xuan still has such terrible means!
"Not good!" Wu Di also suddenly changed color, said: "Qin Nan, you quickly stop him!"
"Stop me? No one has stopped me!" Although the old breath of Zuo Xuan was depressed, his expression was full of disdain: "When the immortals come out, you have no one to stop me, you can only wait to die!"
The atmosphere of terror continues to rise. In the bright light, ten illusory figures are gradually condensed. Each figure is not tall, but it makes people feel very great.
Qin Nan's pupils contracted sharply, and his spirits shook violently. He felt as if he was facing ten unfathomable fairy emperors. Once they broke out, they would be ruined!
I can't stop it!
However, the spirit of Tianjibang looked at this scene, but his expression did not move at all. Instead, he muttered to himself and said, "Cause and effect cycle is indeed a cause and effect cycle!"
"Zuo Xuan!"
The spirit of Tianjibang returned to God, and said with sarcasm, "This array was obtained after you painstakingly set up the ten great celestial beings, right? But, I'm afraid you can't think of it. You, laid down the means ten thousand years in advance! "
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