Chapter 3053: Wannian Grand Vision

"Xiang Zun?" The old man Zuo Xuan stunned, and immediately laughed: "Hahaha, Tianji Bang, you are less here to pretend to be a ghost! Xiang Zun's talent is indeed powerful, even the fairy monuments are approved, but he was just Dominate the realm! Dominate the area, what means can he leave behind? "
It was not just him. Qin Nan, Ji Xuan, Gu Fei, Tong Tian Dao Shu, and others all had doubts in their hearts. If it were not for their trust in the Tianji List, I am afraid the reaction would be the same as the old man Zuo Xuan.
Especially Qin Nan, he got the soul of God of War, refined the body of God of War, inherited the law of God of War, and he is already very familiar with everything about God of War.
"Halloween Town Road Seal!"
It was at this time that the Feiyue Emperor shot, and a force of terror was released in her double pupils, which directly evolved a white light seal, which was pressed against these fairy fairy arrays.
The celestial bodies of Zhuxianhua sank down, and the figures of the ten great shores seemed to be suppressed, and their figures were all short.
Flying over the emperor continued to shoot, and saw her jade hand, Qin Nan hit the five treasures of Zhenghuangyin, Kunfa Pen, Liangjie Tower, Fangtian Ancient Lantern, Zhoutian Undead Mountain, but even obeyed her order and flew to Above the large array, a vast divine power broke out.
"I depend! What's going on?"
Fang Ruyu and other organ spirits were trembling. At that moment, they did not feel any discomfort, as if Qin Nan was using them.
"The power of the Zhuxian Emperor's pupils is really quite different!" The old man Zuo Xuan saw this situation, not surprised and excited, and he was more excited: "However, you just got the power of the Zhuxian Emperor's pupils. It can suppress Zhuxianhua Tianzhen for a moment! "
The Flying Emperor ignored him, but looked at Qin Nan and said, "Release the soul of God of War."
Qin Nan froze for a moment, but subconsciously obeyed, the blue light shining behind, the spirit of God of War floating out, exuding a violent war intention.
"Ten thousand years have passed, and now it is up to you to decide the world!" The spirit of Tianjibang saw the soul of the of war and sighed with emotion, and immediately his face fell into awe. The world does not know that the God of War at that time awakened one of the ten congenital corpus luteums! "
As soon as this remark came out, it was like a thundering thunder, old people like Zuo Xuan, Qin Nan and others, Wu Di and Donghuang Taixu Chain, and other treasures, all showing shocking colors on their faces, they could hardly believe their ears.
"This is not possible! When my Lord was in the heavens and earth and the world, he only encountered the congenital Dao body and the congenital big body. The congenital corpus luteum has not appeared in the world of the heavens for nearly 50,000 years. ! In such a barren world, there are two congenital bodies appearing at the same time, what are you kidding? "Donghuang Taixu Chain almost refuted subconsciously.
"You traitor! How dare you call my lord?" His remarks immediately attracted Wu Di's boundless anger. The latter couldn't even care about the congenital corpus luteum.
"Tianji list, less fool people here!" Elder Zuo Xuan quickly reacted and sneered: "If Xiang Zun is a congenital corpus luteum, then why is he just the master? Why not practice yourself, but give everything? Qin Nan? "
Qin Nan is also at a loss. Old Man Zuo Xuan also expressed his doubts. If it is just to follow Zhou Di and support Zhou Di's turning around, then there is no need to do so?
Would n’t it be better to practice ourselves well and then take care of Zhou ’s reincarnation?
The spirit of Tianjibang ignored the old man Zuo Xuan, but slowly said to Qin Nan: "Qin Nan, after I noticed that Xiang Zun awakened the Xiantian Xuanxian, then I wanted to do everything possible to send him out of the blue dome and enter The heavens and the world. With his talents, if he arrives at the worlds of the heavens, the future will be boundless. "
"However, he learned the will of Zhou Emperor and saw from the heavenly apocalypse that the Great Upper Realm would usher in a catastrophe, he refused me and issued a grand wish with the innate Xuan corpus luteum!"
"Only Zhou Emperor's last wish, and the Great Upper Realm's catastrophe, will all sentient beings recapture the fire of Xuanhuang in the endless void, and he will also get a new life from the fire of Xuanhuang!"
"The congenital corpus luteum is mysterious and extraordinary, so Xiang Zun did not really pass away. As long as everything is over, he will be born again. However, in order to help you, he is willing to pass his body, soul, and inheritance in this way. The most important innate Xuan Huang Qi is left to you! "
The spirit of Tianjibang said that his face was full of admiration.
Xiang Zun does not have to do all this, he can ignore Zhou Di's last wish, he can also ignore the catastrophe of the Great Upper Realm, from the moment he awakened the congenital corpus luteum, this catastrophe is destined to not affect him!
With the congenital corpus luteum, as long as he walks out of this world, aren't the heavens and the world realm Ren Xiaoyao?
It's just a matter of time to move the world.
More importantly, Xiang Zun will be reborn from the fire of mysterious yellow in the way of great aspirations. It seems that the sacrifice is not big, but the spirit of Tianjibang understands that the sacrifice is not the big one.
How can the congenital corpus luteum go against the sky, such a big aspiration, I am afraid it can only be issued next time? This is the same as his congenital Daoist body's ability to save all killing opportunities under the Immortal Emperor.
Moreover, this one is full of danger. If Zhou Di ’s wish could not be fulfilled, and if the Great Upper Realm could not stop this catastrophe, then the fire of Xuanhuang would not condense from all beings, nor would he be born again, but the real one. Die.
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