Chapter 2881 - – Integration

Chapter 2881 – Integration


Shi Feng grew confused as he read the system notification.
This was the first time he had heard of a secret land being integrated with a Guild City.
He had seen many player forces constructing Guild Cities on top of precious secret lands in the past. However, even as these Guild Cities developed, they never received any opportunity to merge with these secret lands directly.
For a moment, Shi Feng hesitated.
The Evil God’s Secret Land was a Level 150-plus God Mode Secret Land. If he recklessly merged it with Ancient Rock City and the secret land disappeared, he would suffer a huge loss.
However, before Shi Feng could ponder things further, he received another system notification.
System: It is detected that you have 3,000,000 Magic Crystals and 5,000 Seven Luminaries Crystals on your person. You have fulfilled the conditions to reconstruct Ancient Rock City with the Evil God’s Secret Land as the core. Do you wish to integrate the secret land and upgrade the city?


Shi Feng agreed without hesitation when he heard the contents of the notification.
There were several Holy Cities in God’s Domain, and one of these Holy Cities had a God Mode Secret Land as its core. The War God’s Temple had also established its main headquarters in this Holy City.
This sacred place was also why all Tier 5 experts sought to visit the Top of the World.
Sanctuary was the sole ancient city in God’s Domain that players had verified to hold clues to the Tier 6 promotion. The city was so old that nobody could ascertain its age in this modern day.
Rumor had it that any Tier 4 player that entered Sanctuary had a 100% chance of getting promoted to Tier 5.
However, what made Sanctuary amazing wasn’t the knowledge it stored. Instead, the Holy City held complete control over a Level 150-plus God Mode Secret Land. Players that gained sufficient authority in the city-even Tier 3 players—could enter the secret land. It was different from the God Mode Secret Lands found in the outside world, where the minimum entry requirement was Tier 4 because of the suppression of Divine Might.
Although great dangers existed in a God Mode Secret Land, they weren’t everywhere. Moreover, the environment inside Level 150-plus God Mode Secret Lands was different from the outside world, resembling that of ancient times, the era abounding with Gods. Hence, entering a God Mode Secret Land was an excellent opportunity even for low-tier players.
Now that Ancient Rock City could become another Sanctuary, how could Shi Feng possibly turn down this opportunity?
After Shi Feng voiced his approval, some of the Magic Crystals and Seven Luminaries Crystals he had acquired from Saint’s Hand’s Warehouse vanished from his bag space. Simultaneously, Ancient Rock City shook briefly.
Ancient Rock City Region System Announcement: Ancient Rock City will commence with an upgrade. All players within Ancient Rock City will be teleported out of the city in ten minutes. Players within the city are advised to make the necessary preparations.
The system announcement echoed three times throughout the region. Subsequently, Shi Feng received a personal system notification.
System: Ancient Rock City’s upgrade is estimated to take one natural day. As you hold Ancient Rock City’s City Lord’s Token, you may not move more than 3,000 yards away from the city. You can also choose to log off and rest.
Why is it so long? Shi Feng was rendered speechless by the notification.
A Guild City’s upgrade would typically take only several hours. Nevertheless, Ancient Rock City needed one day for its advancement. By the time the city was ready, Beast Emperor would’ve long since spread the Evil God’s Secret Land’s information to all of God’s Domain.
And worse, Ancient Rock City would be at its weakest after the reconstruction and upgrade process. Before the system’s first major update, Guild Cities got a grace period whenever they underwent an upgrade. Now, Guild Cities no longer received that benefit; players had to defend their cities on their own. If the Outerworld forces were determined, Ancient Rock City might be greeted with a battle as soon as its reconstruction ended.
At this time, Fire Dance looked toward Shi Feng and asked,
Guild Leader, we’ve emptied Saint’s Hand’s Warehouse already. Should we retreat now?

No, bring Beast Emperor and the other captives back to Silverwing City first,
Shi Feng replied, shaking his head.
Also, have Liang Jing gather the necessary manpower in Silverwing City ahead of time. As soon as Ancient Rock City opens, have them garrison the city immediately!

Yes, sir!

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s words, Fire Dance understood that trouble would accompany Ancient Rock City’s promotion. There might even be a big battle awaiting the city. She immediately set out to execute his orders.
After Fire Dance left Ancient Rock City, Shi Feng chose to log off and rest.
He had been busy with various tasks previously, so he hadn’t had a chance to take a break from the game. Now that the system had prohibited him from leaving Ancient Rock City’s vicinity, he could use this opportunity to rest up.
Yuantian City’s Upper Zone, Sixth Southern District:
The Fearless Cabin’s hatch opened slowly, and Shi Feng climbed out of the gaming cabin.
The instant Shi Feng exited the cabin, dizziness assaulted him. He very nearly fell back into the cabin.
What’s going on? As the world spun before him, Shi Feng felt an indescribable hunger. Confused, he wondered, Are my mind and body failing to adapt because I spent too much time in the Dragon Temple?
However, Shi Feng dared not ponder on this matter for too long because he knew there was only one thing he needed to do right now—eat!
He had experienced this hunger once before, so he knew that his anemic symptoms resulted from his body lacking energy.
Fortunately, Shi Feng had prepared for such situations.
After Zero Wing partnered with the Boulder Corporation, the latter had given Zero Wing 30 bottles of Life Potion. Shi Feng had distributed most of them to Zero Wing’s executives but kept five for himself as a precaution.
This situation was precisely when he needed to use those Life Potions.
Shi Feng emptied two bottles of Life Potion in the blink of an eye. However, although the anemic symptoms he suffered eased, his mind and body still lacked energy.
Only after downing the fifth bottle did Shi Feng feel himself reviving.
Thank goodness I prepared five bottles. I wouldn’t have recovered from this predicament with only four. Shi Feng couldn’t help sighing deeply as he looked at the empty bottles in front of him.
These five bottles of Life Potion should’ve lasted him two months. Now, he had finished all five in one fell swoop. If Muxin and Kerui found out about this, they would have a heart attack.
After all, this was half a year’s worth of provisions for them!
However, while Shi Feng felt heartache over the consumption, he also felt completely reinvigorated. His physical fitness, mental strength, perception, and physical aspects had undergone tremendous growth.
Now, even with both eyes closed, he could still perceive the outline of his room. He could even sense the lifeforce of those in the entire building block if he concentrated. This was simply unbelievable.
Could I have become a mental strength master already?
This thought occurred to Shi Feng when he detected the lifeforce of others in the building.
He couldn’t think of any other explanation for this change.
Only the rumored mental strength masters might have such an ability.
At this time, even his view of the world had changed.
After Shi Feng immersed himself in this experience for a dozen minutes, he smiled.
Although I don’t know if I’ve become a mental strength master or not, with my current standard, I shouldn’t have to worry about the mental strength master backing Lu Tiandi.
Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng tidied up himself and left his house. He planned to visit the Five States Corporation’s mansion to replenish the resources necessary for both his and Zero Wing’s development.
Previously, he had been worried about Lu Tiandi’s mentor targeting him, so he hadn’t dared to venture too far from his residential area. Now that his strength had improved significantly, he naturally didn’t have to hold back anymore. He could do his tasks without worry.
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