Chapter 2882 - Upper Zone Transaction

Chapter 2882 – Upper Zone Transaction

When Shi Feng exited his home and looked at the surrounding streets and buildings, a faint smile appeared on his face.
How generous. He actually sent over a dozen half-step grandmasters to keep an eye on me.
He had been living in the Upper Zone for quite some time now. After getting more information from Muxin, he more or less understood the general situation in the Upper Zone.
While master-level experts could be found everywhere, experts at the half-step grandmaster level were even in the Upper Zone. They were the mainstays of the various Upper Zone organizations. Normally, only the direct successors of a corporation would qualify to have an expert of such caliber accompany them.
Typically, only a first-rate corporation operating in the Upper Zone would have more than a dozen half-step grandmasters under its command.
However, Shi Feng did not pay much attention to the experts trailing him. Behaving as if he never noticed them, he made his way toward the mansion area with a smile.

Butler Yi, that kid clearly noticed us, yet he doesn’t seem to care about us for some reason,
a black-clad, middle-aged man standing on the rooftop of an apartment said as he looked at Shi Feng’s departing back. He then turned to Yi Kui, who stood beside him, and asked,
Does he have some kind of backing?

The Infinity Master Fu Jiuzhong had been thoroughly enraged when he learned of his student Wang Xuanming’s expulsion from the Upper Zone. Afterward, he had requested the Elders of the several families in his debt to keep an eye on Shi Feng.
And if the opportunity presented itself, they were to get rid of Shi Feng.
Naturally, the Elders of the requested families were more than willing to sell Fu Jiuzhong this favor. After all, according to their investigations, Shi Feng had no background. He had managed to get into the Upper Zone only because of the Boulder Corporation’s Hong Xingyuan. The only noteworthy thing about him was some achievements in God’s Domain.
In response to the black-clad man’s question, Yi Kui shook his head and said,
From what I know, apart from the Boulder Corporation, his only other connection in the Upper Zone is General Manager Xia. However, her interest in him hasn’t reached a level where she is willing to make an enemy of us for his sake. He might be ignoring us now because of the strengthened security around him.

If that’s the case, this kid’s days are numbered!
the middle-aged man said as he looked coldly at Shi Feng’s distant figure.
In a duel between two grandmasters, it would indeed be difficult to decide the match’s outcome within a short time.
However, their side had six half-step Henglian grandmasters and eight grandmasters. Three of the eight grandmasters were even bona fide Henglian grandmasters.
If they worked together, even an expert like Wang Xuanming would fall quickly and have no opportunity to escape.

In that case, I’ll leave the rest to you all, Elder Qi. I will wait here for your good news,
Yi Kui said respectfully to the black-clad, middle-aged man.
Elder Qi was the Elder of a first-rate corporation. Although he could no longer improve due to his old age, he was still a Henglian grandmaster. His strength even surpassed Wang Xuanming’s slightly.
If not for Fu Jiuzhong, Elder Qi wouldn’t have paid any attention to the Starline Corporation whatsoever.

No problem. Leave it to us. Once we get an opportunity, we’ll cripple him!
Elder Qi said as he stroked his beard.
We’ll teach this kid that he can’t offend just anyone he wants in the Upper Zone!

The Upper Zone was indeed a safe place, as even mental strength masters wouldn’t dare take a life here. Otherwise, the Green God Company would investigate the matter. Even a mental strength master shouldn’t think of continuing their days in the Upper Zone at that time because this was the Green God Company’s bottom line.
However, teaching someone a lesson or crippling them was a different story. If the Green God Company did not catch the culprit red-handed, it would turn a blind eye to the matter. After all, so long as a person was alive, the Green God Company could let them make a full recovery within a short time with their technology.
After saying so, Elder Qi began tailing Shi Feng, together with the other experts.
Upper Zone, mansion district:
After strolling in the mansion district for half an hour, Shi Feng arrived in front of a three-story mansion that occupied an area equivalent to four basketball courts.
As expected of the Five States Corporation. There are only ten such mansions in this district; even the Boulder Corporation didn’t manage to get one. No wonder Han Yifeng dares to compete for one of the middle-layer slots. Shi Feng couldn’t help his surprise as he inspected the luxurious mansion before him.
He had seen the pricing for such large mansions. Not only did it cost 140 million trade points, but one also had to have 100 million contribution points. While one wouldn’t be required to spend the 100 million contribution points, accumulating that many points was an incredibly difficult task.
Meanwhile, such large mansions were much better than the average mansion. Apart from offering more space, these mansions also stood closer to the waist of the mountain. In the base layer, they were the closest buildings to the middle layer. Hence, the mysterious energy filling the environment here was much denser than in other places.
After Shi Feng took a deep breath here, his mind already felt refreshed. He felt as if he had set foot into paradise on Earth.
Shortly after Shi Feng pressed the doorbell, the tightly shut metal gate opened, and a person walked out. This person was none other than Zhuo Linqiu, Han Yifeng’s butler.
Looking at Shi Feng, Zhuo Linqiu asked,
Mr. Shi, may I know what business you have with us today?

It’s about the agreement Young Master Han and I made,
Shi Feng replied calmly.
As per our agreement, I have come to do business with Young Master Han.

Business? Please follow me.

Zhuo Linqiu nodded and led Shi Feng into the mansion.
When Shi Feng entered the mansion, he immediately noticed several young men and women training under an elderly man in the mansion’s outdoor training ground.
The elderly man wore a martial arts robe. Although he had a head of white hair, the aura he exuded was more powerful than what Shi Feng had sensed from Wang Xuanming previously.
Upon Shi Feng’s arrival, the young men and women turned to look at him curiously, wondering who Shi Feng was for the Five States Corporation to treat him as a guest. However, after getting berated by their elderly instructor, they promptly focused on their training again.
It seems I really can’t underestimate the Five States Corporation. Shi Feng was surprised when he spread his senses across the mansion. There are six grandmasters and more than ten half-step grandmasters in this mansion alone. Even the Boulder Corporation doesn’t have this many experts.
After guiding Shi Feng to a reception room on the third floor, Zhuo Linqiu pushed apart the wooden doors to the room and said,
Mr. Shi, the young master is waiting inside.
Shi Feng nodded and walked into the room. He found Han Yifeng seated behind a solid wood desk with his eyes closed. Currently, Han Yifeng did not exude the slightest bit of aura and felt no different from an ordinary person. Compared to the last time Shi Feng had met him, Han Yifeng’s aura had changed dramatically.
Upon sensing Shi Feng’s arrival, Han Yifeng opened his eyes.
Revealing a faint smile, Han Yifeng said,
Brother Shi, I didn’t think you would come to find me so soon. I expected you would wait for the last ten days to get a better price.

At this point, Shi Feng’s name was already known throughout Yuantian City’s Upper Zone. Not only was he the cause of Wang Xuanming’s banishment from the Upper Zone, but he was even Zero Wing’s Guild Leader. The resources he had on hand tempted many of the corporations participating in this season’s contribution competition. If not for Wang Xuanming’s teacher, Fu Jiuzhong, many of the corporations based in Yuantian City’s Upper Zone would’ve long since visited Shi Feng and proposed a partnership
I doubt that will happen. I know I am not your only source of contribution points, Young Master Han. Had I waited until the last moment, I probably would’ve gotten a lower price instead. You might not even have wanted my points at that time,
Shi Feng said, shaking his head.
Originally, Shi Feng had indeed considered waiting for a better price. Now, though, he couldn’t afford the delay.
Zero Wing urgently needed a large amount of resources, especially Life Potions. The Life Potion was the perfect drug to improve one’s physical fitness. If not for the limitation of physical fitness, Fire Dance, Lei Bao, and several other people in Zero Wing would’ve long since become neutralizing grandmasters.

Brother Shi, you jest. In that case, we’ll proceed with the two-to-one ratio we previously agreed on. I’ll buy however many points you have,
Han Yifeng said, chuckling.
However, Shi Feng shook his head and countered in a determined voice,
No, I want a one-to-one ratio!

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