Chapter 2903 - Fame Shakes God’s Domain

Chapter 2903 – Fame Shakes God’s Domain Dark Night Empire, Winter Night Border Fortress:
With the opening of the second War of Worlds, the Outerworld’s NPC army had appeared at the borders of many of the eastern continent’s kingdoms and empires. Although no full-blown battles had taken place yet, many skirmishes had occurred already.

Guild Leader Lu, I’m afraid things will be troublesome this time. The Outerworld’s NPC army is much larger than we anticipated. Although the Outerworld player army we have to deal with is much smaller than those at the other empires, we’ll still face a tough fight, even if we work together with the empire’s army,
Hidden Cloud, the Fifth Floor Master of the Super Guild Nine Heavens Pavilion, said with a frown as he read the latest report on the Outerworld’s NPC army.
If we can’t even hold our side, there’s no need to mention pushing back the Outerworld’s NPC army and taking Zero Wing’s two cities in the Orc Empire.

During the first War of Worlds, both sides had gathered all their forces at one location for a decisive battle. However, the Outerworld’s NPC army had acted differently this time, splitting into several dozen smaller groups and invading multiple kingdoms and empires simultaneously. Many of their targets were even empires holding strategic locations on the eastern continent. The forces the Outerworld NPCs had invested into this second war were on a whole other level compared to before.
Thus, many of the eastern continent’s kingdoms and empires had no choice but to focus on defending their own territory. In this situation, even if the Twin Towers Kingdom and Star-Moon Kingdom fell, Starlink and its several allied superpowers wouldn’t be able to get the eastern continent’s various kingdoms and empires to retake Star-Moon Kingdom. And if Star-Moon Kingdom remained in the Outerworld NPCs’ hands, taking Zero Wing’s lost Ancient Rock City and Silverwing City would also be impossible.

You can rest assured, Brother Cloud. According to the information I got, the several kingdoms neighboring the Dark Night Empire that aren’t under attack are already mobilizing their troops to the Dark Night Empire,
Lu Tiandi said, assuaging Hidden Cloud’s worries.
Once these kingdoms’ armies arrive, combined with the players we have here, defending against the Outerworld’s NPC army shouldn’t be difficult.

As for Zero Wing’s two Guild Cities, it doesn’t matter even if we can’t acquire them fully as planned. Once the Twin Towers Kingdom falls, Zero Wing will have to beg us to help defend Star-Moon Kingdom to keep those two cities. At that time, let alone obtaining shares to those two Guild Cities, we might even be able to acquire shares for Zero Wing City.

After hearing Lu Tiandi’s words, Hidden Cloud nodded in agreement.
Although there was a slight change to their plans, the overall situation remained in their favor. The Dark Night Empire had an advantage in players over the Outerworld army, so it wouldn’t be difficult to repel the enemy. After all, players did not fear death, unlike NPCs. Moreover, the Dark Night Empire had opened its treasury to players this time. Players fighting for the empire would receive Contribution Points if they managed to kill the Outerworld NPCs, and these points could be exchanged for weapons and equipment. Hence, the empire’s players no longer had to worry about running out of weapons and equipment.
The only uncertainty left in their plan now was Zero Wing’s decision. Zero Wing could either choose to monopolize Zero Wing City’s benefits and abandon Star-Moon Kingdom and its two Guild Cities in the Orc Empire or give away a portion of Zero Wing City’s benefits to secure Star-Moon Kingdom and those two Guild Cities.
However, just when Lu Tiandi, Hidden Cloud, and the other superpowers’ executives present were about to continue discussing how to proceed in the current situation, a commotion suddenly erupted among the Winter Night Fortress’s players. Moreover, it grew louder and louder as more time passed.
This situation confused Lu Tiandi and the others, who were holding a meeting atop the fortress’s wall.

Guild Leader! Something big happened!

Suddenly, a middle-aged man approached the group of executives hurriedly and arrived before Lu Tiandi. This person was none other than Yi Kui, Lu Tiandi’s butler. At this time, Yi Kui had an anxious expression, his usual composure nowhere in sight.

What happened? Why are you in such a hurry?
Lu Tiandi asked in dissatisfaction as he looked at Yi Kui. As his butler and secretary in the Guild, Yi Kui could be considered a representative of Starlink. Yi Kui was simply embarrassing Starlink by displaying such uncouth behavior in front of the various superpowers’ executives.


Yi Kui hesitated to speak as he looked at the various representatives present.
From Yi Kui’s hesitancy, Lu Tiandi understood that his butler had something very important to tell him. He then said,
If you can’t say it, send the information to me.

Immediately, Yi Kui forwarded the relevant information to Lu Tiandi.
Although this situation piqued the various executives’ curiosity, none of them said anything about Lu Tiandi and Yi Kui’s exchange. After all, every Guild had its secrets.
However, roughly ten seconds after Lu Tiandi began reading the information Yi Kui provided, his expression changed drastically. He even failed to control himself and shouted his thoughts.


Lu Tiandi’s loss of composure surprised the various superpowers’ executives. Lu Tiandi had criticized Yi Kui for the latter’s loss of composure just a moment ago, yet he was now behaving even worse than Yi Kui.
Just when the various superpowers’ executives were about to ask Lu Tiandi what information he had received, they suddenly received a message from their respective subordinates.
The content of the message was simple, and it even came with a battle video attached.
When the various executives played the battle video, what first entered their eyes was a man swinging a sword at one of the Outerworld’s player armies. However, the next moment, both a gigantic nine-headed snake and over one-quarter of the player army vanishedalong with a significant portion of the forest. Afterward, the remaining Outerworld players scattered and fled the area. As for the man, he returned to the Flying Ship behind him and departed the area as well.

A Crimson Dragon Flying Ship?

Is he Black Flame?

Questions and shock flooded the heads of the various superpowers’ executives.
All of them were Tier 4 players, so despite the battle video’s brevity, their eyes still managed to take note of every little detail in it.
Although they couldn’t see the nine-headed snake’s information, based on the spatial fluctuations surrounding it, the monster was undoubtedly at the Tier 5 Legendary rank. They also counted at least 4,000 Tier 4 players in the Outerworld’s player army-far more than what any single empire on the eastern continent had faced so far.
Yet, Shi Feng had not only killed the Tier 5 Legendary monster with one attack but also defeated the army of millions.
After several minutes of silence, the various superpowers’ executives snapped out of their daze one after another. However, their earlier complacency was nowhere to be seen, replaced by solemn expressions.

Guild Leader Lu, I still have something to do, so I’ll be taking my leave first.

Guild Leader Lu, my superior suddenly called me back for a meeting, so excuse me!

Guild Leader Lu…

The next moment, the various superpowers’ executives gave all sorts of excuses and left the fortress in quick succession. Even Hidden Cloud, Lu Tiandi’s staunch supporter, suddenly said he felt ill and logged out of the game to rest.
In no time at all, only Lu Tiandi and Yi Kui remained on the fortress’s wall.
Yi Kui’s complexion turned livid as he watched the various superpowers’ executives leave. He then asked Lu Tiandi,
What should we do now, Young Master?

The strength Shi Feng displayed had already thoroughly exceeded their imagination.
After the battle in the Shadow Forest, Yi Kui could already foresee the Outerworld’s players abandoning their attack on the Twin Towers Kingdom and Star-Moon Kingdom. Since the Outerworld’s NPC army had split into several dozen groups, mainly targeting the various empires, Zero Wing should have no problem defending the Twin Towers Kingdom.
Not to mention, Shi Feng could solo Tier 5 Legendary monsters. So long as he didn’t foolishly rush into the NPC army’s base camp, killing the Outerworld’s NPCs would be a cakewalk for him.
In contrast to Zero Wing’s situation, Starlink’s situation was absolutely abysmal. If they went by the reactions of the various superpowers’ executives, these superpowers intended to abandon Starlink.

We haven’t lost yet!
Lu Tiandi said as he sent a cold glare at Yi Kui.
Black Flame is the core of everything! So long as we deal with Black Flame, everything else will be simple!

But Black Flame’s strength is extraordinary. The grandmasters the various corporations sent last time are still lying in the hospital…
Yi Kui said.
Yi Kui had received a fright when he heard this news back then.
That was a force of 14 half-step-grandmaster- and grandmaster-level experts!
Yet, these experts had actually lost. Moreover, according to them, Shi Feng had defeated them all by himself. The strength he wielded was simply unbelievable.
Moreover, the grandmasters in the group even judged that Shi Feng was most likely a mental strength master already!
A mental strength master was an existence Starlink couldn’t afford to offend, no matter what.

At best, he has just become a mental strength master. He is still far from a match for my teacher,
Lu Tiandi said coldly.
I don’t know what happened, but my teacher suddenly became interested in God’s Domain recently and now wants to gain control over a powerful force in God’s Domain. He even told me to figure out a way to do so. My original plan was to annex Zero Wing for myself, but seeing as that’s not possible now, I can give it to my teacher instead. With Zero Wing’s current influence and resources, there’s no way my teacher won’t be interested. Moreover, Black Flame even got my senior brother kicked out of the Upper Zone. Given my teacher’s personality, he will deal with Black Flame, even if Black Flame is now a mental strength master!

Lu Tiandi no longer held any hope of annexing Zero Wing’s resources. Nevertheless, he couldn’t let Shi Feng off the hook so easily.
After Lu Tiandi finished speaking, he assigned some tasks to Yi Kui and logged off to contact his teacher.
In the meantime, the various powers of God’s Domain had also received news of Shi Feng defeating one of the Outerworld’s player armies. The superpowers were shaken for a time, and their fear of Zero Wing skyrocketed. Some superpowers even began planning to convey good intentions to Zero Wing.
However, Shi Feng wasn’t present in God’s Domain to receive any of these good intentions, as he had promptly logged out of the game after returning to Sky Spring City. This was because today was the day he would receive his large mansion!
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