Chapter 2904 - Changing Times

Chapter 2904 – Changing Times Yuantian City’s Upper Zone, base layer, Upper-class Mansion District:

Brother Shi, I really have to congratulate you this time. This large mansion is the last one available in the base layer. You probably can’t get another one in Yuantian City’s Upper Zone even if you want to in the future,
Han Yifeng said when he saw Shi Feng registering himself as the owner of the mansion in front of him. Looking at the three-story mansion, which occupied an area as large as half a football field, he couldn’t repress his envy as he said,
You’re only one of three people to own a large mansion as an individual in Yuantian City’s Upper Zone.

The base layer’s ten large mansions didn’t just have the best position and environment. They also served as a status symbol.
The only reason Han Yifeng got to stay in a large mansion himself was his status as the Five States Corporation’s heir. The other members of his family, even those with excellent performance, could stay in the large mansion for only a short period. In comparison, Shi Feng had purchased a large mansion all by himself. Moreover, he wouldn’t have any people disturbing his peace. The heirs and heads of the base layer’s various corporations would be green with envy once they heard about this.

The last one?
Shi Feng was a little surprised.
Weren’t there two left before? Did someone buy the other one during this time?

Mhm. They concluded the purchase yesterday,
Han Yifeng said, nodding. Sighing ruefully, he continued,
Moreover, you might very well know the person who bought it.

I know them?
Shi Feng grew even more surprised.
There were only ten large mansions in the base layer; even a powerful organization like the Boulder Corporation didn’t have the ability to purchase one. He found it truly hard to imagine that any of his acquaintances did.

You might not know her in real life, but you’ve probably heard of her in God’s Domain,
Han Yifeng said, chuckling.
Does the name Endless Scars or Weiyang Qianhen[1] ring any bells? The Midnight Tea Party she belongs to is currently the target of recruitment of even the Five Great Super Guilds. Rumors say that she has already developed her Mana Body to the 120% Completion Rate, and she can probably get promoted to Tier 5 at any time.

It’s her?!
Shi Feng was startled.
He had a general idea of Endless Scars’s identity. He was sure that she was the princess of a major corporation and that she might live in the Upper Zone. However, he never thought that Endless Scars would hold such great strength in the Upper Zone that she could afford a large mansion.

It seems you do know her.
Looking at Shi Feng’s surprised expression, Han Yifeng smiled and said,
She’s quite something. You can even say that she’s astounding. She managed to buy that mansion this time not because of her family but because her senior brother gifted it to her.

Shi Feng was flabbergasted.
He had spent a lot of Seven Luminaries Crystals to purchase a large mansion, and he didn’t know how much time he would need to collect so many crystals again.

That’s right. It’s because she has incredible talent. A big shot in the middle layer recently took her in as his student. I heard that this big shot even paid a high price to borrow a middle-layer reserve slot for her to help her break through to mental strength master,
Han Yifeng said, a hint of envy appearing in his eyes.
I have to admit that her talent is truly astonishing. She’s been labeled the best talent Yuantian City’s Upper Zone has seen in the past hundred years. Once she reaches the middle layer, she’ll probably take only a few months to become a mental strength master.
And with her talent, beauty, and a middle-layer big shot supporting her, she naturally became the target of pursuit of many of the Upper Zone’s youths. One of them is Qin Baiyi, her senior brother. Qin Baiyi is also an extraordinary talent. He successfully broke through and became a mental strength master two years ago—the youngest mental strength master in Yuantian City’s Upper Zone in the past twenty years.

Because Weiyang Qianhen arrived at Yuantian City’s Upper Zone only recently, Qin Baiyi bought a large mansion as a temporary residence for her to adapt to the lifestyle here.

Having spoken up to this point, Han Yifeng, who was normally indifferent to his surroundings, betrayed some yearning for the woman named Weiyang Qianhen. After all, mental strength masters were incredibly rare, and a beautiful mental strength master was rarer.
However, before Han Yifeng could fantasize for long, Shi Feng interrupted him, asking,
Young Master Han, do I need to go through any procedures to let other people live in this mansion long-term?

Fang Shihan had transferred ten Upper Zone reserve slots, and he had already assigned them to Fire Dance and the others. The ordinary housing unit he had couldn’t accommodate them all.
Meanwhile, one would enjoy vastly different treatment depending on whether one had housing or not. A housing status didn’t just signify that one had lodging; it also determined the exercise equipment and food one could gain access to, among other things. Those without housing could only enjoy the most common training facilities and food. If one wished to eat better food or rent the Upper Zone’s high-tech training facilities, one needed to have housing status.
There are some,
Han Yifeng said, nodding.
All you need to do is register their identities at the Green God Tower. If you’re not familiar with anyone there, you can come with me. It so happens that I also need to register someone to my mansion.

At this point, Han Yifeng no longer dared underestimate Shi Feng. In fact, he had even begun placing great importance on Shi Feng. Shi Feng’s defeating multiple Henglian grandmasters all by himself aside, just the position and resources Zero Wing currently held in God’s Domain already made the Guild worthy of befriending for the Upper Zone’s various organizations. After all, Seven Luminaries Crystals couldn’t be acquired easily in God’s Domain.

I’ll have to trouble you then, Young Master Han,
Shi Feng said. Although Shi Feng understood Han Yifeng’s motives, he didn’t reject the other party’s goodwill. His partnership with Han Yifeng might be a long-term one, as he was severely lacking in resources and trade points. Meanwhile, the Five States Corporation possessed great influence in Yuantian City’s Upper Zone. There should be a lot of things they could partner on in the future.
Following this, Han Yifeng gave Shi Feng a rundown on the basics of the large mansion; then, the two made their way to the Green God Tower.
The Green God Tower’s lobby was as crowded as ever. Members of corporations and internal members of the Green God Company were lined up, waiting to exchange for various potions. These people easily numbered over a thousand, and more were still joining the line. The situation at the housing registration counter wasn’t the slightest bit inferior, either.
When Shi Feng and Han Yifeng entered the exchange center, a young and beautiful girl wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt and denim shorts noticed them. She immediately strode over with her long legs and approached them in a sprightly manner. Upon seeing the approaching girl, Han Yifeng turned to Shi Feng and said,
This is my younger cousin, Han Rongrong. The family recently decided to have her live in the mansion because of her talent.

When Shi Feng saw the lively girl in front of him, he was somewhat surprised.
Firstly, it was because of Han Rongrong’s talent. From what he could tell, the girl was only around 16 or 17 years old, yet she had already reached the half-step Henglian grandmaster standard. Secondly, it was because Han Rongrong’s appearance resembled the famous Chaos Witch of his previous life.
Although Chaos Witch was labeled a Witch, she didn’t actually play a magical class in God’s Domain. Instead, she was a Guardian Knight.
Unlike Gentle Snow and Phoenix Rain, who had risen to fame early on in God’s Domain, Chaos Witch had joined God’s Domain two years after its launch. However, her rise was rapid, getting promoted to Tier 5 in less than two years. She had also become one of God’s Domain’s Twelve Sacred Guardian Knights and had been only half a step away from getting promoted to Tier 6.

Hello! My name is Han Rongrong! I heard a lot about you from my cousin. He says you’re very strong! If there’s an opportunity, we must have a spar with each other!
Han Rongrong said as she looked at Shi Feng with eyes sparkling with curiosity and fighting spirit.

Rongrong, stop messing around! Brother Shi can defeat even Henglian grandmasters! Someone who isn’t even a Henglian grandmaster has no business challenging him!
Han Yifeng said as he glared at Han Rongrong. After taking a deep breath, he continued,
Let’s head to the VIP hall to get the residence registration done.

However, Han Rongrong paid no heed to Han Yifeng’s scolding. She even made a funny face at Han Yifeng. While following behind her cousin, she quietly observed Shi Feng, the rumored extraordinary expert.
The Green God Tower’s VIP hall, located on the 22nd floor, was dedicated to receiving people of a certain status in the base layer. The base layer’s average resident couldn’t come here even if they wanted to. Only heirs of major corporations like Han Yifeng had the qualifications to do so.
However, the so-called VIP hall wasn’t anything special. It merely functioned as a specialized housing registration center. VIPs seeking to exchange for points and items still had to line up downstairs like everyone else.
When Han Yifeng, Shi Feng, and Han Rongrong entered the VIP hall, they found it nearly empty.
However, upon seeing a group of five in the hall, Han Yifeng couldn’t help tensing up.
Of the five, four were male, and one was female. Three of the four males were the top three rankers of the current contribution competition, while the last was a young man clad in white. As for the female, she was a beautiful young woman in a blue dress with an indifferent expression. Currently, the four males surrounded the woman.
This woman was none other than Weiyang Qianhen, or Endless Scars, the person Han Yifeng mentioned earlier.
When Shi Feng’s group entered the hall, Weiyang Qianhen shifted her gaze toward them. Before Shi Feng and the others could react, she suddenly made her way toward them, causing Han Yifeng to widen his eyes in shock.

Shi Feng, right? Or should I call you Guild Leader Black Flame?
Weiyang Qianhen said, smiling faintly as she took in Shi Feng’s dazed expression.
You deceived me so badly before!

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