Chapter 2909 - Soul Improves

Chapter 2909 – Soul Improves
Purchase Life Water?
Looking at Shi Feng’s slightly pale complexion, Xia Wuyuan said in confusion,
Your current authority is One-star High Grade, so you’re allowed to exchange for only one bottle per year. However, the main purpose of Life Water is to replenish life. With a mental strength master’s regenerative abilities, you can just use the Life Potions or the Meditation Potions exclusive to the middle layer to repair minor physical or mental damages. Are you sure you want to exchange for Life Water?

I can only exchange for one bottle per year?

Shi Feng frowned slightly at Xia Wuyuan’s words.
In Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose’s current condition, they would easily survive for more than a year if they lived in the base layer’s large mansion. However, Zero Wing couldn’t afford to wait for a year. After all, Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose had many responsibilities they needed to handle. This was especially true for the management of the Guild’s headquarters in the real world. Fire Dance and Lei Bao couldn’t manage the entire headquarters by themselves. Not to mention, Fire Dance and the others would be coming to the Upper Zone to train soon.

There are alternatives available if you wish to exchange for more Life Water,
Xia Qingying said when she saw Shi Feng’s disappointed look. Smiling faintly, she continued,
As you managed to become a mental strength master before the age of 30, the Green God Company will be giving you a reward.

A reward?
Shi Feng immediately grew interested.

That’s right. It is a reward for mental strength masters under the age of 30,
Xia Wuyuan said, nodding in agreement.
However, I do not recommend you use this reward to exchange for Life Water. This reward is something even three-star masters desire greatly, as it can be used to redeem the privilege to enter and train in the core area, which is the top layer of this mountain. This privilege is for one month, and it will greatly help in the development of your mental strength. Normally, only after a person becomes a three-star master would they get an opportunity to exchange for this privilege —and it’s for only ten days. Compared to this privilege, Life Water is something you can redeem any time. Are you certain you want to exchange for Life Water?

Shi Feng answered without hesitation.

Alright, then. I really don’t know what’s going through the minds of you young people these days,
Xia Wuyuan sighed when he saw Shi Feng’s determined expression, evidently dissatisfied with Shi Feng’s decision. He then turned to Xia Qingying and said,
I still have to report this matter to the higher-ups, so I’ll leave the rest of the explanation to you.

Xia Qingying nodded obediently in response. After Xia Wuyuan finished speaking, he turned away and left the mansion, having no intention of continuing his conversation with Shi Feng. Shi Feng smiled bitterly at the old man’s reaction.

Don’t mind it too much. Grandpa is just grumpy that you failed to meet his expectations. He doesn’t know your circumstances,
Xia Qingying consoled Shi Feng after seeing Xia Wuyuan leave.
Since you wish to exchange for Life Water, you need only two bottles, correct?

I can exchange for two bottles?
Shi Feng was stunned.
Originally, he thought that he could obtain only one bottle of Life Water as his reward and that he would have to spend trade points and contribution points to exchange for the other one. However, based on Xia Qingying’s tone, it appeared that he could receive more than just one bottle of Life Water as his reward.

This reward allows you to exchange for three bottles of Life Water. If you only need two bottles, I recommend you replace the remaining bottle with Meditation Potions. The Meditation Potion is more effective than the Phantom Potion and also functions to repair a person’s mental state. Normally, a one-star master can exchange for only five bottles per year. But if you trade in your third bottle of Life Water, you can get ten Meditation Potions.

Okay, I’ll take the ten Meditation Potions,
Shi Feng said with a nod, astonished by the reward the Green God Company offered.
This reward was hundreds of times better than what he received for clearing the Mental Path above the age of 20. Shi Feng couldn’t help being in awe of the Green God Company’s generosity. Now, he realized how valuable the privilege to enter the top layer was. It was no wonder Xia Wuyuan felt disappointed at his decision.
Nodding at Shi Feng’s reply, Xia Qingying said,
You probably can’t return to the base layer any time soon, so I’ll pass the Life Water to those two on your behalf. As for the Meditation Potions, you can exchange for them through the mansion’s storage room.

I’ll have to trouble you with that, General Manager Xia,
Shi Feng said gratefully.

It’s no trouble. This is also within the scope of my duties. You are, after all, a talent I discovered. If you perform well in the middle layer, it’ll be of great help to me,
Xia Qingying said, waving her hand.
Alright, I won’t disturb your rest any longer.

After saying so, Xia Qingying boarded another maglev limousine and departed the middle layer, leaving Shi Feng alone to observe his top-tier mansion.
Compared to the base layer’s large mansion, this waterfall mansion had a slightly larger footprint. The waterfall alone occupied an area of two basketball courts. The water vapor coming from the waterfall was also incredible. Shi Feng felt his body becoming refreshed after inhaling only a mouthful of it. The regenerative effects of this water vapor probably nearly rivaled those of the S-rank Nutrient Fluid-without any side effects.
This small waterfall was an unlimited supply of weakened S-rank Nutrient Fluids. If sold to the outside world, it could definitely fetch an astronomical price. Probably no corporation in the outside world would ever dream that something like this waterfall could exist. After all, S-rank Nutrient Fluids were incomparably precious to the outside world’s corporations, with only a very limited amount available each year. In fact, even the corporations operating in the Upper Zone’s base layer would never think of drinking S-rank Nutrient Fluids like water.
After Shi Feng finished marveling at the waterfall, he made his way into the mansion.
So this is why anyone who has lived in the middle layer before would never wish to leave it again. Realization dawned upon Shi Feng as he looked at the hall in front of him.
After he entered the mansion and closed the doors, the sound of splashing water cut off completely. The mansion’s sound insulation was perfect. In addition, the special energy flowing inside the mansion was twice as strong as outside.
If ordinary people lived in such an environment, even if they did nothing but lie on the ground, their physical fitness would still reach the half-step Henglian grandmaster standard. If they trained their bodies a little, developing their physical fitness to the standard of Henglian grandmasters would be no trouble at all.
Moreover, this special energy also had an effect on a person’s mental state, allowing a person to remain mentally energized as well as maintain an ethereal mood. If a person trained in such an environment for a long period, even if they didn’t become a mental strength master, they would be close.
Shi Feng could easily imagine how scary it would be to go from living in such an environment to living in the base layer’s environment. The transition would be akin to being a billionaire living a rich and happy life in one moment and then suddenly becoming an ordinary person in the next moment. No ordinary human could possibly accept such a drastic change. It also explained why Fang Shihan was so adamant in preserving her middle-layer reserve slot.
So long as Fang Shihan could remain in the middle layer, her chances of becoming a mental strength master would be at least double than if she lived in the base layer.
Is this the storage room?
While touring the mansion, Shi Feng noticed a small room made entirely out of some unique metal. When he entered the room and accessed the interface inside, he had to marvel at the Green God Company’s financial prowess.
According to the introduction displayed, the storage room housed all the resources available for exchange in the middle layer. This storage room even had Life Water stocked. Through the storage room, he could immediately obtain the potion he wanted. He wouldn’t have to spend time on a trip to the Green God Tower during emergencies. This was a great convenience provided to the middle layer’s residents. Seeing this, Shi Feng decided to give this exchange system a try.
The next moment, several laser scanners scanned Shi Feng’s body and acquired his biometric data. After verifying his identity, the room’s interface displayed the resources available to him. Currently, he had ten Meditation Potions to his name, each worth four million trade points and one hundred thousand contribution points.
Four million trade points might not be anything to the base layer’s corporations, but one hundred thousand contribution points was an entirely different story. Even the Five States Corporation would have a heart attack if it had to spend so many contribution points on one item.
For the time being, Shi Feng chose to redeem only one Meditation Potion. According to the product introduction, the Meditation Potion had to be stored in a special environment. And if taken out of storage, it could last for only one day in the outside world. After one day, the drug would lose its effects. Hence, he should only exchange for the amount he needed.

How interesting.

When Shi Feng spread his mental perception over the dark-blue potion in his hand, he actually sensed weak mental fluctuations from it. Normally, he would pick up such mental fluctuations only from living creatures.
However, he didn’t dwell on the matter, consuming the Meditation Potion immediately. After all, his mental state was in dire need of it right now.
Shi Feng had kept his brain overclocked throughout his fight with Fu Jiuzhong. While he had managed to smile and converse normally with Xia Wuyuan and Xia Qingying earlier, that was possible only because of his powerful willpower. If someone else were in his shoes, they probably would’ve passed out already.
The moment Shi Feng consumed the Meditation Potion, the scorching heat he felt in his brain instantly cooled. His complexion also rapidly changed from pale white to rosy red.
Amazing! This is simply amazing! Shi Feng was dumbfounded when he sensed his mental state.
With just one Meditation Potion, not only did he fully recover from his weakened state, but his mental state had also become surprisingly excellent. He even sensed faint improvements to his mental perception. These changes felt as if he had just consumed a Crystal of Souls from God’s Domain.
With the Meditation Potion’s effects, I will definitely improve further after consuming ten bottles. This really makes a person wonder how the Green God Company managed to produce such a miracle drug. If this thing can be mass-produced, it will become possible to mass-produce mental strength masters. Shi Feng was astounded as he looked at the nine remaining Meditation Potions he could exchange. After recovering to peak condition, Shi Feng promptly logged back into God’s Domain.
Although he currently didn’t have any good ideas on how to repel the Outerworld’s NPC army, he could share the news of Phoenix Rain’s location and condition with Ji Luorong. This would, at least, give Ji Luorong some hope, and the girl wouldn’t have to worry about her elder sister’s whereabouts every day.
Twin Towers Kingdom, Sky Spring City:
When Shi Feng entered God’s Domain again, he was surprised to find that his perception of the world around him had changed slightly. What’s going on? Shi Feng was greatly confused as he perceived the world around him.
For some reason, his brain’s recognition of God’s Domain was a bit different, and the world of God’s Domain now felt even more realistic than before.
Is it because I used a combat technique in the real world?
Shi Feng could sense that his soul was stronger. This, in turn, directly elevated his Concentration, which was previously almost Tier 5 Advanced rank, to the Tier 5 Peak rank. Now, he was only half a step from Tier 6 Concentration.
However, before Shi Feng could snap out of his daze, he suddenly received a call from Fang Shihan.

Guild Leader, are you alright?!
Fang Shihan asked worriedly as she looked at Shi Feng through the video call.
I heard you clashed with Fu Jiuzhong! Fu Jiuzhong is now a three-star mental strength master in Haitian City’s Upper Zone! Even if you’re a mental strength master, your body will still be affected significantly after fighting with him!

The existence of three-star mental strength masters was no secret to middle-layer residents. It wasn’t difficult for the base layer’s top-tier corporations to find out about them, either.

Relax. I’ve made a full recovery already,
Shi Feng replied, smiling. He was even tempted to say that should he clash with Fu Jiuzhong again, he definitely wouldn’t end up in as miserable a state as before.
That’s wonderful.
Fang Shihan breathed out a sigh of relief. She then said,
Guild Leader, while you were logged-off, the Outerworld NPCs started their invasion. Several empires have already clashed with the Outerworld NPCs and suffered heavy casualties. According to our estimates, the battle at the Twin Towers Kingdom will begin soon. So far, I’ve already contacted the various powers based in the Twin Towers Kingdom, Star-Moon Kingdom, and several neighboring kingdoms that aren’t embroiled in the war for a meeting in Sky Spring City. However, I’m not particularly confident we can get the neighboring kingdoms’ player forces to cooperate with us since the superpowers based in the engaged empires are doing their best to recruit them.

Alright, I understand,
Shi Feng said, nodding.
Also, tell them that our meeting venue will be changed to Star-Moon City.

Change the venue to Star-Moon City?
Fang Shihan was a little confused.
While Zero Wing indeed possessed a Guild Residence in Star-Moon City, the royal capital wasn’t one of Zero Wing’s main NPC cities. Hence, Zero Wing didn’t have much manpower available there. Meanwhile, organizing the meeting this time required a lot of manpower. Not to mention, in terms of quality and quantity, Zero Wing’s members in Sky Spring City were far superior to those in Star-Moon City. If they held the meeting in Sky Spring City, Zero Wing could better display its current strength and raise the various player forces’ confidence in defending the Twin Towers Kingdom.
Mhm. Set it at Star-Moon City!
Shi Feng said in a determined tone.

I understand. I’ll notify them right away.
Fang Shihan didn’t pursue the matter. She then disconnected the call and began contacting the various powers.
Meanwhile, Shi Feng promptly teleported to Star-Moon City and went straight to the War God’s Temple there. Previously, the Branch Temple Lord Howard Ragewind had promised Shi Feng that he would handle all of the necessary procedures for Zero Wing to garrison Star-Moon Kingdom. Now that so much time had passed, the Branch Temple Lord should be mostly done.
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