Chapter 2910 - Kingdom’s Foundation

Chapter 2910 – Kingdom’s Foundation When Shi Feng entered the War God’s Temple’s first-floor hall, a Level 180, Tier 4 general manager approached him in a respectful manner. Upon seeing this sight, the players looking to pick up quests from the War God’s Temple turned to Shi Feng with envious and curious gazes.
Who is that guy? Why is the general manager personally receiving him?

I recall some Tier 4 experts coming to pick up quests some time ago. That general manager didn’t bat an eye at them, yet he’s actually taking the initiative to welcome a player now. Could that guy be Black Flame?

He must be Black Flame! I heard Black Flame always moves alone and loves concealing his identity. Out of all the players operating in Star-Moon Kingdom, only Black Flame might get the general manager to treat him with such respect.
Shortly after the players in the hall observed Shi Feng’s cloaked figure, passionate flames flared up in their eyes. They also began approaching him, hoping to take pictures or videos as mementos of meeting the legendary Sword Saint.
After all, Black Flame was a living legend in the current God’s Domain. He was also the reason many new players had chosen to play the Swordsman class.
In no time at all, posts with titles such as
Sword Saint Black Flame appears in War God’s Temple
Sword Saint Black Flame seen in Star-Moon City
began appearing on Star-Moon Kingdom’s official forums one after another. This situation rendered Shi Feng speechless.
He had initially used the Nightwalker’s Cape to conceal his identity. Nevertheless, these cunning players still managed to identify him almost immediately.

Lord Sword Saint, the Temple Lord instructed me to give you this should you visit us,
the general manager said respectfully as he proffered a rolled-up parchment.
The contract’s contents will take effect as soon as you sign it.

After receiving the parchment scroll, Shi Feng nodded and said,
Please thank the Temple Lord for me.
The contract the general manager handed Shi Feng held the signature of Star-Moon Kingdom’s ruler. Once Shi Feng signed his name on the contract, Zero Wing would officially garrison Star-Moon Kingdom and become its Representative Guild. At that time, Zero Wing would be able to dictate the kingdom’s development and even mobilize the kingdom’s army. After reading the contract’s contents, Shi Feng signed it without hesitation.
The sound of a system notification immediately entered his ears.
System: Congratulations! Your Guild, Zero Wing, has officially garrisoned Star-Moon Kingdom and become the kingdom’s Representative Guild. Zero Wing will now enjoy a portion of the kingdom’s management rights.
At the same time, a system announcement rang throughout Star-Moon Kingdom.
Star-Moon Kingdom Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Zero Wing for officially garrisoning Star-Moon Kingdom and becoming the kingdom’s Representative Guild. Zero Wing will now enjoy a portion of the kingdom’s management rights.
The system announcement echoed in the minds of the Star-Moon Kingdom’s players three times, triggering an uproar among the kingdom’s players.
What’s going on?

Zero Wing garrisoned the kingdom?

Didn’t they say that only the reserve Guilds of God’s Domain’s Twelve Great Guilds are qualified to garrison a country?

The sudden system announcement confused many players. Zero Wing’s members, though, were exhilarated-especially the Guild’s new members.
After this announcement, even a fool would understand that Zero Wing now had the final say in everything inside Star-Moon Kingdom. Now, even the superpowers wouldn’t dare interfere in the kingdom’s matters. With this development, Zero Wing’s newcomers could not only grind without worry within the kingdom but also gain access to numerous Kingdom Quests unavailable to other players. These Kingdom Quests would instantly resolve Zero Wing’s concerns of developing its newcomers.
Many of Star-Moon Kingdom’s player forces could already imagine Zero Wing’s future rapid development. After all, now that Zero Wing had Star-Moon Kingdom as a buffer, the Guild could recruit new members without worrying about training resources. It wouldn’t have to recruit only Tier 3 elite players and above.
While elite players were indeed stronger than ordinary players, they made up only a small portion of God’s Domain’s player base. And with Zero Wing’s current size, the Guild might be able to defend its existing territory, but it would face great difficulty if it wanted to expand.
However, this development resolved Zero Wing’s weakness.
Good! I finally did it! Shi Feng smiled spontaneously when he saw the system notification.
Immediately afterward, he left the War God’s Temple and made his way to Star-Moon Kingdom’s national treasury.
Guilds that garrisoned an entire kingdom or empire actually received a massive hidden benefit. Apart from the monthly tribute from the garrisoned country, Representative Guilds also gained access to the country’s national treasury! A country’s national treasury housed Heirlooms that served as the country’s foundation. And while players could exchange for these Heirlooms using resources, they had to have the status of a Grand Duke in the country.
Although Shi Feng didn’t have the status of a Grand Duke in Star-Moon Kingdom, he had the status of an Elder in the War God’s Temple. In God’s Domain, an Elder of the War God’s Temple sat higher than even the Grand Dukes of empires. Shi Feng naturally wouldn’t have any problems exchanging for the Heirlooms in a kingdom’s national treasury.
Meanwhile, Royal Heirlooms were far more valuable than what one could normally obtain through killing powerful monsters. They were items that could change the fate of an entire kingdom or empire.
Hence, once a Guild became a reserve Guild of the Twelve Great Guilds, dethroning it was incredibly difficult.
In no time at all, Shi Feng arrived at the palace and reached the treasury unhindered.
It was no exaggeration to say that the national treasury was the safest location in the entire Star-Moon Kingdom. Eight Level 180, Tier 4 NPCs stood guard at the entrance alone. Moreover, these eight NPCs were no ordinary NPCs. Although none of them wielded a Legendary Weapon, they were all clad in Fragmented Legendary Set Equipment. In terms of individual strength, these NPCs were more than capable of holding their ground against ordinary Tier 5 existences.
Apart from these eight NPCs, there was also a Level 200, Tier 4 Knight Captain stationed inside the treasury. The Knight Captain sported a Legendary Chest Plate, and his combat power had undoubtedly reached the Tier 5 threshold.
Most importantly, a magic barrier enveloped the entire treasury. If one wished to break through this magic barrier, one would need a force of three to five Tier 5 existences, at the very least.

Lord Sword Saint, may I know what business you have here?
the Knight Captain asked respectfully when Shi Feng entered the treasury.

I’m here to exchange for the items here,
Shi Feng stated.
Please follow me.

The Knight Captain then led Shi Feng to the
After descending four floors and walking for around half an hour, Shi Feng arrived in front of a secret room enclosed by a magic barrier. Sitting quietly inside the room was an old man who made Shi Feng feel pressured.
A Tier 5 Grand Wizard?
Shi Feng was a little surprised when he saw the old man. Star-Moon Kingdom’s foundation was far stronger than he expected. After all, apart from being a Tier 5 existence, the old man in front of him also wore a Legendary Hat. Ordinary Tier 5 existences who tried to invade the treasury would only get roundly thrashed by this old man.

Lord Sword Saint, please enter!
the Knight Captain said while respectfully gesturing for Shi Feng to enter the secret room.
From the Knight Captain’s actions, Shi Feng guessed that the other party could go only as far as the secret room’s entrance. After giving the Knight Captain a nod, Shi Feng stepped into the room. Shi Feng immediately noticed the room’s uniqueness. The environment here resembled the ancient era’s environment, which was already rare in the current God’s Domain.

Lord Sword Saint, since you have already signed a contract with His Majesty, according to the contract, you are qualified to exchange for one of the items here,
the old man said as he looked at Shi Feng. He then waved his hand, summoning three items in front of Shi Feng.
The Founding King left behind these three items. These items are why our Star-Moon Kingdom was able to rise up in the main continent. I hope one of them can be of help to you!

When Shi Feng saw the three items before him, his eyes bulged immediately.
This was because Star-Moon Kingdom’s foundation far exceeded Shi Feng’s expectations, so much so that he wondered how a kingdom could have such a powerful foundation.
The three items before him were neither Inferior Divine Artifact ranked items or Legendary ranked items.
Instead, they were two designs and one recipe, and any of them could influence even an empire’s development!
The first to enter Shi Feng’s eyes was the design for a Mysterious-Iron Flying Ship, which was many times stronger than the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship, an Advanced Flying Ship. Not only was it capable of going up against Tier 4 Superior Mythic monsters, but its strongest attack even reached the Tier 5 Intermediate standard. It could tear through the defensive magic arrays of cities like paper. Moreover, it had a maximum carrying capacity of 300 people.
However, it cost a mind-blowing 1.5 million Gold Coins and 1 million Magic Crystals to exchange for the Mysterious-Iron Flying Ship’s design.
The second item that drew Shi Feng’s eyes was the recipe of the Divine Power Potion, a Grandmaster Potion.
As the potion’s name suggested, players would gain divine power when they consumed the potion. For half an hour, players would have their tier elevated by one, up to a maximum of Tier 4.
Although Shi Feng had heard of potions that raised a player’s tier by one, he had never heard of any that could raise a player’s tier to Tier 4. Moreover, the potion even had a long duration of 30 minutes.
In the current era where Tier 4 players were still as rare as a phoenix’s feather, the recipe for the Divine Power Potion was priceless. Even an ordinary first-rate Guild would become an existence feared by the Five Great Super Guilds should it get its hands on this recipe.
Meanwhile, this recipe cost 1 million Gold Coins and 1.5 million Magic Crystals.
The last item to enter Shi Feng’s eyes was the design for a Combat Puppet-a Secret-Silver Combat Puppet. Throughout both his lives, Shi Feng had seen a Secret-Silver Combat Puppet only once.
In God’s Domain, Bronze Combat Puppets possessed power at the Tier 3 Peak standard. Even in the current God’s Domain, a Bronze Combat Puppet was an incredibly powerful existence. Unless a Tier 4 existence appeared, a Bronze Combat Puppet was unlikely to get destroyed.
Above Bronze Combat Puppets were Mysterious-Iron Combat Puppets, which possessed combat power at the Tier 4 Peak standard. They could go toe to toe against bona fide Tier 4 players.
As for Secret-Silver Combat Puppets, they possessed strength at the Tier 5 Basic standard. Tier 4 existences would have a very difficult time destroying a Secret-Silver Combat Puppet, and normally only Tier 5 existences could damage one. Meanwhile, the design for the Secret-Silver Combat Puppet cost 2 million Gold Coins and 1 million Magic Crystals.
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