Chapter 3250 - Betrayal

Chapter 3250 Betrayal After eating, Tian Jing and the others were going to continue their journey. She said to Han Sen,
We will have to go our separate ways now. If we meet again further down the road, do not hate us for behaving impolitely.

Fine. We will go our own way here,
Han Sen said with a nod as he exited the ice cave.
After Tian Jing and Zhen Xia left, they noticed Han Sen was in front of them. He was not walking very fast. When they passed him by, Han Sen stayed behind them.
Zhen Xia made the jade Kirin turn its head in his direction. He coldly looked at Han Sen as he asked,
What do you want?
He looked murderous. If there was something he did not like, he was ready to kill Han Sen.
Han Sen felt hopeless as he explained,
You guys go on ahead. Go your own way, and I will go on mine. Is there a problem with that?

It looks like you are here for something,
Zhen Xia said as he slowly drew his sword.

Never mind, Brother Zhen,
Tian Jing said as she worriedly looked at Han Sen.
Let him go first.

Zhen Xia put his sword back inside its scabbard. He coldly looked at Han Sen and said,
You should go first.

I was up ahead, but then you guys caught up, went further, and said I followed you. What is wrong with young people these days?
Han Sen shook his head and sighed as he walked past Zhen Xia.
After he passed them, Han Sen slowly walked ahead. He went very slow. Tian Jing and Zhen Xia were behind him. They could not go forward or backward.
After walking an hour, Zhen Xia could not hold his anger in anymore. He ran at Han Sen with his sword drawn. He pointed it at Han Sen and coldly said,
You are deliberately walking that slow. What is your problem?

What do you mean? What is my problem? I have come here to look for land pulses. Of course, it is only natural for me to walk slower. How am I supposed to see if there are land pulses by walking quickly? If you are in this much of a rush, I suggest you do not follow.
Han Sen shook his head after speaking. He looked at the area around them as if he was really searching for land pulses.
Zhen Xia was so angry that he wanted to vomit. He just wanted to use his sword to sort out the annoying and clingy man.

Whatever. Just ignore him. We are merely going our own way.
Tian Jing stopped Zhen Xia. She hurried the jade Kirin to proceed past Han Sen.
Zhen Xia stared at Han Sen as he followed Tian Jing. He curiously said,
Sister, this guy is obviously not nice. He is probably associated with the ice jade evil lady. Why don’t we dispose of him?

Tian Jing replied,
This man is weird, but if he really has come for the ice jade evil lady, he would not expose himself this soon. Perhaps our encounters with him are pure circumstances. Let’s just ignore him. We should speed up and lose him.

Tian Jing had already made her decision. Zhen Xia did not say anything. The two of them sped up to leave the area. They lost Han Sen completely. If Han Sen wanted to chase after them, he could have done that. Chasing them was pointless. He had already warned Tian Jing, but it was evident she was not willing to listen. If she wasn’t going to listen, then it did not matter to him.
Plus, he was there for the ice jade evil lady. He was not a good person. He just needed to be faster than the people in the carriage.
Upon seeing that Han Sen had not caught up to them, Tian Jing and Zhen Xia sighed. They walked for two days before Tian Jing stopped in front of a giant ice mountain. She circled the ice mountain a few times before eventually pointing at the ice mountain and saying,
If I am reading this correctly, this is the ice jade land I have been looking for.

Zhen Xia observed the ice mountain, but he could not discern anything special about it. It looked similar to the many other ice mountains strewn across the ice fields.

If you did not just tell me that this was the ice jade place you seek, even if I walked over it now, I would not have noticed the place that harbors the ice jade evil lady,
Zhen Xia said to compliment her.

Ice jade lands are very rare,
Tian Jing said with confidence.
There are no weird scenes or signs, but this place’s ice air is very clear. That counts as a sign. According to Xuan Mi Zong’s records, the ice jade evil lady should be around this area. There is an 80% to 90% chance that she is here.

If things are indeed like that, then this really must be the place,
Zhen Xia said.
Sister, how do we begin?

Tian Jing examined the ice mountain for a long while. She pointed at the corners of the ice mountain and said,
Let’s start over there. We should dig 1,600 feet. After achieving a depth of 1,600 feet, we should start digging carefully. Within 1,900 feet of that, we should be able to find it.

Just command me. I will do the menial labor.
Zhen Xia combined with a gene race. His arms became giant, metal claws. He dug into the ice mountain Tian Jing was talking about.
Using the claws, he was able to dig out a 22to 26-square-foot ice cube.
With his powerful claw power, a 1,600-foot hole only took a short amount of time to create. He did not dare use his powerful claw to deep any further. He was afraid of hurting the gene egg further down.

Don’t dig too fast or you will harm the gene egg down there.
Zhen Xia had already slowed down. He carefully dug, but Tian Jing still made sure to remind him.
Zhen Xia had to be more careful, so he slowed down a little. He had been digging for 10 hours to unearth the next 98 feet.
Suddenly, they saw the presence of green light beneath the ice. That green light was well-hidden. If one was not close enough to look, you one would have thought it was a reflection of sunlight.
Tian Jing and Zhen Xia looked ecstatic. Zhen Xia went down to dig through the layers of ice. As the sheets of ice were removed layer by layer, there was an egg that looked just like ice within that ice.
The egg was in the ice. If one did not look closely, one would have easily not noticed that it was a gene egg. One would have thought it was just a part of the surrounding ice.

This is it,
Tian Jing said.
This is the legendary gene egg. It is no wonder Old Teacher said coming here to dig was perfect. This is why. The gene egg is formed right now.
She then unearthed the entire gene egg, which was the shape of the ice. The only difference was that there was some green light on it.
Tian Jing collected the gene egg with both her hands. She looked happy. She was going to use the God Spirit brand to register as her own.
Tian Jing had only just moved when Zhen Xia slapped Tian Jing on the back. Tian Jing flew away. Zhen Xia nabbed the gene egg.

Zhen Xia, what are you doing?
Tian Jing got up off the ground with blood dripping from her mouth. She looked at Zhen Xia with shock.

I am sorry, Sister, but I must take this gene egg back.
After that, Zhen Xia fired a light out into the sky like a flare.
Sister, are you OK?
Bao’er moved to help Tian Jing get up.
I am fine. Let’s go.
Tian Jing held Bao’er to leave.
Zhen Xia said,
I am sorry, Sister. If I let you go back to Xuan Mi Zong, there will be no more place for me there.
He quickly approached the injured Tian Jing.
Zhen Xia, I did not expect you to be this sort of person. I treated you so nicely, but you are stealing the gene egg. Furthermore, you will now try to kill me.
Tian Jing looked at Zhen Xia with anger and sadness.

I am sorry. I have no choice.
Zhen Xia did not look like his nice, old self anymore. He looked cold and emotionless.
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