Chapter 3251 - Chu Yuan

Chapter 3251 
Chu Yuan

If I were you, I would not take another step forward,
a voice bellowed from the sky.
Zhen Xia and the others raised their heads to look. They saw nine Holy Wen White Deer drawing a carriage. They had just ripped through space to arrive. They came down and stopped next to Zhen Xia. The voice came from within the jade carriage.

Greetings, My Prince. It is fortunate I am not embarrassing you. I managed to get the ice jade evil lady gene egg.
Zhen Xia quickly bowed before the carriage. He took out the gene egg and placed it down before the carriage’s door.
The carriage door opened. A beautiful man, clothed in white, was sitting inside. A maid made her exit and collected the gene egg. She presented it to the handsome man.

The ice jade evil lady gene egg.
Chu Yuan took the gene egg. He used one hand to hold the gene egg and a finger to break the gene egg. The shattered ice fell from his hand. It became a green light and disappeared.
Zhen Xia’s face changed.
Mister, what are you doing?

Chu Yuan looked at Zhen Xia and coldly said,
You have already done a half-decent service. With your power, you have remained undercover in Xuan Mi Zong for so long and not been noticed while also being able to bring back important messages. It is impressive. You are not bad. You have done some good deeds.

Mister, are you saying… Is the gene egg fake?
Zhen Xia’s face changed.

If you thought Tian Jing was a person who was dying and got close to her, you would be a dead man,
Chu Yuan calmly said.
Zhen Xia did not believe him. He looked at Tian Jing, who had been injured. She was already standing straight. Her weak presence was fully recovered, and she no longer looked angry.

It is no wonder you are the Chu Kingdom’s first mister, Chu Yuan,
Tian Jing coldly said as she wiped the blood away.
Zhen Xia looked awful. He did not expect to have been played by Tian Jing like this. He apologized to Chu Yuan, saying,
I am sorry, Mister. This is my mistake. I delayed your business. Please punish me.

Chu Yuan was not going to blame Zhen Xia for this. He smiled and said,
Being tricked by a woman is no big deal. If you have never been tricked by a woman before, that likely means you are one of two things. You are either a monk or a useless fool. You have done well. You surpassed my expectations. When I return to my Chu family, I will reward you.

Thank you, Mister,
Zhen Xia said with a hasty bow.

Why don’t you go back first?
Chu Yuan sat in the jade carriage. He waved his hand and made Zhen Xia go back a little. He turned to Tian Jing and asked,
Miss Tian, you are the future leader of Xuan Mi Zong, are you not? You are in a love triangle, yet you broke it so quickly. I admire you.

Thank you for the compliments, Mister Chu.
Tian Jing felt bad, but she did not make herself look like she was feeling anything particular.
She knew now was not the time to feel sad about being betrayed. There was an enemy in front of her. If she did not sort this out, she and Bao’er were sure to be killed.
Her body’s power increased. A pair of wings appeared behind Tian Jing. Her hands quickly turned to jade stone. They became Xuan jade. Chu Yuan was sitting in the carriage watching Tian Jing. He was not going to stop her. He smiled and said,
The legends claim the Xuan Mi Zong have a unique skill that is so amazing it is the most magical gene skill ever. If you are the Xuan Mi Zong’s inheritor, I suppose you can show us what it is like.

I thought about doing that too.
Tian Jing held Bao’er while her other hand became Xuan jade. She pushed forward. Her hands produced some waves. Some weird symbols were in the waves. It was like a door of waves.
When the wavy door appeared, Tian Jing flapped her wings and held Bao’er. Like lightning, she went toward the wavy door. Suddenly, the wavy door was gone.
Chu Yuan was sitting in the jade carriage. He had watched everything happen, including how Tian Jing and Bao’er had disappeared. His face did not move a muscle.
Zhen Xia was in a panic. He knew how amazing the door technique was. Traveling through space was not hard, but Tian Jing used all she had. She probably used the door technique to teleport beyond the ice fields.
Chu Yuan had claimed he had done well, but Zhen Xia knew he was being too confident. He had messed the entire ploy up. If Tian Jing ran again, this would all be for nothing.

Mister, please allow me to get Tian Jing back so that I may fix my mistake,
Zhen Xia said with a bow.
Chu Yuan laughed. He shook his fan and coldly said,
I said you did well, so that means you did well. There is no need to worry about it. As for Tian Jing, she will be back.

Tian Jing had used her door technique to traverse space. When she came out from the door, she noticed there was a jade carriage that had nine Holy Wen White Deer in front of
She looked around and noticed she was still where she had been. She hadn’t been able to leave the ice fields. She did not even leave her spot.
Tian Jing’s face changed. Her Xuan jade hand cast many more of those wavy doors. She held Bao’er and entered each one.
No matter how many times Tian Jing used her door technique, she appeared before the jade carriage every time. She looked absolutely awful.
Chu Yuan waved his fan as he said,
Miss Tian, do not keep wasting your time and effort. Your door technique is great, but it will not work in my god garden bai sema. You also won’t be able to form a door to the underworld.

Tian Jing knew wasting time to use her door technique was pointless. She looked up into the sky. A holy light was visible for a hundred miles away. The holy light came from the jade carriage. It came from Chu Yuan like a holy son.

The Chu Kingdom’s first mister really is so strong,
Tian Jing said. Her Xuan jade arm let out flashing waves. The spells cast were glowing across her arm, making her arm power stronger. When it reached its maximum, she swung a punch at Chu Yuan.
The waves in front of Tian Jing’s fist turned into a wavy door. The fist power went in and was gone. In the next second, the wavy door was behind Chu Yuan. It looked scary with all of its light. With that distance, not even a God Spirit would have been able to dodge it. Chu Yuan wasn’t planning on dodging. With a holy light, which was what he sought to use, he looked like a god. The Xuan light struck his god light and became nothing. It was not able to hurt him. It did not even ruffle his clothing.

Miss Tian, that is enough.
Chu Yuan looked at Tian Jing as she felt a scary power emerge. Her body was suppressed by nothingness. Her legs started to shake. She could not withstand the scary pressure.
Tian Jing used the best of her powers. No matter how she used them, she could not erase the power of that pressure. Her legs writhed.

Chu Yuan is scarier than the legends about him.
Tian Jing was shocked. She knew things were not going to fare well for her.
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