Chapter 3252 - Stop It

Chapter 3252 Stop It Chu Yuan looked at Tian Jing and said,
Miss Tian, I, Chu Yuan, will make a promise that if you take me to find the real ice jade evil lady gene egg, your life will be safe. You will be allowed to leave the Chu Kingdom alive.

Tian Jing gnashed her teeth as she responded,
Mister Chu Yuan’s personality might not be as mighty as ordinary people.
Her body went under more and more pressure.
Chu Yuan laughed.
I, Chu Yuan, have a personality that is not as good as ordinary people. It might actually be worse. Compared to commoners, I have what it takes to control lives. If I want someone dead, they will be dead. If I want someone alive, they will remain alive. That might make my personality not as mighty, but it sure is worth it. Don’t you think so, Miss Tian?

Do you think a student of the Xuan Mi Zong is afraid of death?
Tian Jing coldly asked.
Chu Yuan pointed at the Bao’er in Tian Jing’s arms and asked,
Maybe, Miss Tian, you are not afraid of death, but can you watch her die for you?

Before Tian Jing could speak, Chu Yuan went on to say,
Even if you are capable of watching her die, can you watch a student of Xuan Mi Zong and your friends die?

Mister Chu, you overestimate your reach. If you dare to touch the Xuan Mi Zong, even though you might have courage, you will not come out of it alive.
Tian Jing looked at him disdainfully while speaking.
Chu Yuan was not enraged. He just pointed at Zhen Xia and coldly said,
Aside from the Qin Kingdom, people respect the Wu Wei Dao Palace’s 10 parties in the other six kingdoms. I will not ruin that place, but he is different. He is a student of Xuan Mi Zong. If he goes back to Xuan Mi Zong and tells the Xuan Mi Zong Leader you are trapped inside a deep hole in the ice fields, do you think the Xuan Mi Zong students and their master, the Xuan Mi Zong Leader, will come and save you?
Upon seeing Chu Yuan’s power, Tian Jing’s face changed. If they stayed indoors, Chu Yuan’s power could do nothing to them. If they left and went to the Chu Kingdom, it would be hard to tell what would happen.
Plus, with the guidance of that traitor, Zhen Xia, it was possible Xuan Mi Zong would end up deeply injured.
Thinking of that, Tian Jing’s face looked bad. Even if she died now, Chu Yuan could still make the same plan.
Tian Jing looked at Chu Yuan. She was not like a normal woman scolding Chu Yuan for being evil. That was because this was a world that employed the simple premise of survival of the fittest. There was nothing to complain about.

In here, I can do whatever I want, such as making your little girl forever disappear from this universe,
Chu Yuan said. He turned his gaze to Bao’er.

No… No…
Tian Jing’s body shivered, but her hands were pulled by a power. Her arms opened, as Bao’er, who was previously held by her, fell into the ice.
That power only controlled Tian Jing. She was unable to move. Everything else was fine, which included Bao’er.
Bao’er stood on the ice. She looked at Tian Jing, who could not open her eyes or move.
Big Sister, this man is bad. I will help you fight him.

Tian Jing made a wry smile. She looked at Chu Yuan opening his arms. She failed to grab Bao’er as she fell through the air. Bao’er’s body looked like it was drawn to the man via suction. She went flying toward Chu Yuan’s hands.

Let her go,
Tian Jing said while gritting her teeth.
I promise I will take you to the ice jade evil lady.

Chu Yuan did not look happy because of that. He still grabbed Bao’er, who was in front of him. He grabbed Bao’er’s neck and said,
You agreed too late. The deal was back then. Now, I want her dead… Ouch…

Before Chu Yuan could finish speaking, he suddenly screamed. He pulled his hand back. His hand had three bloody claw marks.
A red cat was on Bao’er’s chest. It growled at Chu Yuan. It was like it was trying to intimidate him.

Interesting. A wild gene race is actually able to hurt me.
After saying that, Chu Yuan quickly healed the wound on his hand. His wound was immediately healed. There was not even a scar left behind.
Chu Yuan looked at Bao’er and the little cat. His lips were curled in a smile. When his made and Zhen Xia saw that smile, their faces changed. Their bodies quaked. In their eyes, there was the obvious presence of fear afflicting them.
They knew that for him to smile like that, meant that he was very angry. The aftermath would be very serious. Even his own people thought this was very dire and something to be very afraid of.

What an interesting child and gene race. Come. Come to me. Let me have a look at you.
Chu Yuan waved at Bao’er. He squinted his eyes and smiled.
Do not worry. I have changed my mind. I will not kill you guys now. I won’t kill you. I will make sure to treat you nicely. I will make you guys grow fat. When we get back to my garden, I will break your lower bodies and bury you in the garden for fertilizer. At least your upper body will be above ground and still alive. You will be connected to my demon blood flower stalks and become a part of the demon blood flowers. When the blood goes into the demon blood flower, you will not die fast. You will slowly lose all your blood. Even so, you guys still won’t die. Your bodies will be modified by the demon blood flowers. Then, you will lose your mind. One year… Two years… Ten years… Finally, the demon blood flowers will have fully absorbed your blood.

Mister Chu, I already agreed to take you to the ice jade evil lady,
Tian Jing’s said with a shaky voice.
Stop trying to annoy this child. Otherwise, I would sooner kill myself than take you to the ice jade evil lady.

Chu Yuan, who was sitting in the jade carriage, was being eviler than a demon. It made his heart a bit scared.
Chu Yuan licked his lips and coldly said,
What I said never changed. Now, she and her cat cannot die even if they wanted to do. As for you, you will take me to the ice jade evil lady.

Let her go, or I will kill myself this moment. Do not question my power and decision. You can suppress me, but you cannot stop me from killing myself.
Tian Jing’s voice shook as she spoke.
Chu Yuan coldly said,
You can commit suicide. After you kill yourself, your brothers and sisters, and even your master, will come to the ice fields and die for you. If you want that to happen, then by all means die.
His eyes weren’t even on Tian Jing as he spoke. He raised his hands and looked at Bao’er. His face looked a bit insane as he stared at Bao’er and said,
Come. I really want to see the look of pain on your face when you start getting eaten by the demon blood flower.

Tian Jing broke down and cried. No matter how strong her willpower was, meeting a sicko like Chu Yuan was hard to endure.
Tian Jing would have preferred to die now. She wanted to die peacefully without any aftermath, but the aftermath she would be given was too hard to accept. It was scarier than the act of dying itself.

This is my decision, and no one can oppose it. No one can stop me. Not even a God Spirit can.
Chu Yuan’s face looked very mad. Tian Jing could see a demon blood light inside him.

If your filthy hands get any closer to my daughter, you will never have anyone telling you to stop again.
A voice was heard from not too far away. It was not loud, but Tian Jing froze when her ears tuned in to hear the words spoken.
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