Chapter 3253 - The Hand That Draws a Knife

Chapter 3253 The Hand That Draws a Knife Tian Jing was no stranger to that voice. She heard who the master of the voice was but could not believe the master of that voice was appearing there now to shout out what he did.
When she turned around, she saw the person speaking was the one she imagined. She was so shocked about this turnabout that she could not describe how she felt.
She found it hard to believe that man who was callous enough to use children for blood sacrifices to detect blood pulses was the one showing up in front of her.
Han Sen did not want to reveal himself too soon. Even if Tian Jing was forced to find land pulses for Chu Yuan, that was still a good thing for Han Sen. He could wait until Tian Jing and the others were around the gene egg before swooping in for some thievery.
Who would have suspected that Chu Yuan was such a sick and crazy person who really wanted to kill Bao’er in the most horrible way possible? That was why he had to stand up and be heard.
Han Sen getting involved was better than Bao’er getting involved. At least with him stealing the show, it would not be as shocking.
Chu Yuan’s hands froze in mid-air. He did not know how Han Sen had managed to get into his god Yuan bai sema.
According to the theory, in the god Yuan bai sema, he was the boss. He was the god in its range. No one could gain access to that place without him being made aware of the intrusion.
Truthfully, before Han Sen said anything, Chu Yuan had not noticed Han Sen was already there.

Oh, why is no one going to make me stop?
Chu Yuan did not look back at him or bring his hands down. He knew who the person approaching was.

It will because by then, you’ll have no hands. Who will have to tell you to stop then?
Han Sen kept walking forward and talking. Because he did not look to be brimming with a vast amount of power, his casual walk made it look as if he was a bloke out for a stroll.

It looks like you are very confident in your knife skills.
Chu Yuan still didn’t spare him a glance.

I am only confident in myself,
Han Sen said. Chu Yuan lifted his lips and coldly laughed.
It is a shame that your confidence is plain ignorance in my eyes. We both use knives. From what I can tell, your skills with the blade are crap.

My knife skills are not that great, but they are good enough to lop your head off,
Han Sen coldly said.

That is interesting. I did not want you to die so quickly. Now that you have said that I will be the one to cut your head off. Let’s see whose knife is faster. Is it my knife, or is it yours?
Chu Yuan’s eyes were filled with rage. He reached out his hand, ready to draw the knife attached to his waist.
Chu Yuan was very confident in the speed of his abilities and the speed at which he wielded his knife. He had been practicing with a blade ever since he was young. He trod the path of the knife at three years old. At that time, people were still wearing nappies and crawling around on the floor. He, however, was slashing things with a knife. It was just a draw of the knife now, which was something he had practiced a billion times.
Success was not down to luck. Even for geniuses, that was not the case.
Twenty years could go by like a day. Chu Yuan had practiced with knives, so he understood knives. Now, on the current path of knives, no one in the Chu Kingdom was as good as him.
Along the path of knives, the power within him and the god Yuan bai sema made Chu Yuan’s knife be like a god knife. There were no barriers in between. The draw was faster than teleportation. Thus, Chu Yuan was so confident in his knife being able to cut off Bao’er’s head first.
Chu Yuan’s hand had only just touched the scabbard when his wrist felt pain. His eyes opened wide as his pupils shrank. He lowered his head and saw the blood gush.
The hand holding his knife was detached from his arm. A lot of blood spilled. Everyone was shocked. Zhen Xia and the maid could not believe what they were seeing. The maid had followed Chu Yuan for more than a few years. She had seen countless elites be killed by Chu Yuan. Too many famous elites had been beheaded by Chu Yuan’s knife. Those people never even knew how they were killed. From what the maid could tell, Chu Yuan was a god when it came to knives. In reality, he was more like a demon with a knife. Whenever that knife was out, someone was being killed. There was never an exception to that.
This time, Chu Yuan was prepared, yet he had been prevented from drawing his knife. Someone had cut the hand he would use to draw his knife clean off. The maid thought back to their prior encounter with Han Sen and felt a chill down her spine. She went cold. She could not believe that there was a knife-wielder better than Chu Yuan in this world.
Zhen Xia was even more shocked. He never thought a guy like that could have such a scary knife skill.

That is Chu Yuan, the Chu Kingdom’s main mister. He did not even draw his knife, and his hand has been cut off.
Zhen Xia’s back felt a chill.
Tian Jing’s presence had already disappeared, but she still stood there frozen. She stared at Han Sen with a look of disbelief. She did not even see how Han Sen had managed to cut off Chu Yuan’s hand. She did not even see Han Sen draw the knife from his own waist.
Chu Yuan did not care for his severed hand. He stared at Han Sen with his severed wrist still bleeding. With his God Spirit Blood-Pulse and the power of a gene race, the broken hand could respawn. Now, the wound had a weird purple color covering it. It made his wound worse. It was not healing as it should have.
Han Sen walked next to Bao’er and picked her up. He looked at Chu Yuan coldly as he said,
Do you not agree? You have another hand if you would like to give it another go. This time, I will wait until your knife is drawn.

You are going to regret this.
Chu Yuan sounded cold, but his eyes were like they were on fire. His other hand quickly grabbed the handle of the knife. His hand had a black demon flame. It looked like there was an evil spirit gathering upon his hand. Not many people knew Chu Yuan’s left hand was scarier than his right hand. That was because no one had forced him to use his left hand before. He had a God Spirit gene race called demon left hand. It was something like an Annihilation God Spirit. With his god Yuan bai sema’s power, that knife was sure to kill someone. It would consume the souls of people. After people died, their souls would not be permitted to go away and be reborn. When Chu Yuan drew the knife, the god Yuan bai sema power and the power of the demon left hand strangely combined. They formed to become a weird, grey power. That power ripped the rules of the universe. It created a scary and destructive power that people had not previously been able to fathom.

Break World power!
Tian Jing screamed with shock.
For Chu Yuan to be able to break the world at that age meant he was just as smart as Zhuo Dong Lai, who used the purple mist holy clothes. Chu Yuan did not have something like that, but he could still break the world.
Han Sen’s face did not change. His heart felt weird. Chu Yuan’s Break World power did not look right, but he could not put his finger on the reason why.
Chu Yuan looked insane. His knife mind madly exploded. When the knife was out of its scabbard, it was like he had already hewn Han Sen’s head off. He roared.
Dong! Dong!
The knife was out of the scabbard. Chu Yuan’s left hand flew into the sky. Blood spilled.
Chu Yuan could not believe it. His eyes opened wide as he stared at Han Sen, who had barely moved.
Tian Jing, Zhen Xia, and the maid were in shock. It was like they were seeing a ghost.
No… Impossible… Chu Yuan already broke the world, but his hand was cut off.
Tian Jing looked at Han Sen. She was unable to believe that the man before her was the same man who sold her Bao’er. She could not believe this was that same evil land pulse master.
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