Chapter 3254 - Life Soul

Chapter 3254 Life Soul
Who are you?
Both of Chu Yuan’s hands were gone. His eyes were blood-red as they peered at Han Sen.

I am just the father of a child,
Han Sen coldly said.

I will exact vengeance for this transgression.
Chu Yuan hissed these seven words through a small gap in his teeth. His legs had an explosive power that enabled him to break space and leave.
But Han Sen’s finger moved. It resulted in Chu Yuan’s body suddenly falling from the sky like a bird that had lost its wings. He was like a plane that had run out of fuel.
Chu Yuan fell onto the ice. His body was suppressed. He could not move. He just laid on the ice field, writhing in pain.

Did I say you were allowed to leave?
Han Sen walked up to Chu Yuan. He coldly looked at Chu Yuan, who was on the ground and unable to move.
I hate killing people, but I despise people that bully my daughter even more.

It was at this point that the two maids started to do something. They looked at each other. One of them drove the nine Holy Wen White Deer to run toward Han Sen. The other took out a knife. She was like a bolt of lightning heading straight for him.
Han Sen’s eye froze. The Dongxuan Sutra’s Break World power shocked the universe. The two maids and the nine Holy Wen White Deer were on the ground. They struggled but were unable to get up.
Zhen Xia was shocked and hopeless. He turned around and wanted to leave. All he managed to do was move his body before he felt as if a super crazy magnet was yanking him back. His entire body was wide open and spread out upon the ice.
Tian Jing looked at Han Sen, Chu Yuan, and all the others in shock. She still could not believe the scene that lay before her eyes.
Bao’er looked at Chu Yuan and said,
Father, this man is so horrible.
The man of her ire was struggling on the ice. Han Sen wished to say something, but he saw a little cat jump out from Bao’er’s chest. It fell in front of Chu Yuan. Its red cat eyes were staring at the man.
Get lost…
Chu Yuan had just said those two words when he suddenly saw Small Cat open its mouth. Its body was only the size of a fist. When its mouth opened, it was able to swallow Chu Yuan in a single gulp. Katcha! Katcha! It bit the man twice before gulping him down in one swallow. The cat then put out its pink tongue like it was still hungry for more. It licked its lips.
Upon witnessing that, Zhen Xia and the two maids were shocked. Han Sen could not help but look at the little cat in shock too.
The little cat was just a newborn. Even though Chu Yuan had been suppressed by Han Sen, Chu Yuan’s body still had Break World power active. For the little cat to be able to consume such a body did not seem normal.
After Small Cat consumed Chu Yuan, its little belly looked bloated. It let out a big burp, enabling its body to produce some blood lines. They were like silk wrapping up his body. They quickly worked to form a fist-sized blood cocoon.
Is he going to evolve?
Han Sen looked at the blood cocoon and started to think that was the case.
The little cat was only interested in Chu Yuan. It did not care for Zhen Xia and the two maids. Even the nine Holy Wen White Deer were ignored by the creature. They weren’t spared a glance. That was fairly abnormal behavior.
Ever since Chu Yuan started to break the world, Han Sen felt that his power was a bit weird.
Break World powers required the learning of another world’s reverse power and combining it with the main power. That was how Break World powers came to be.
Chu Yuan’s body’s reverse power seemed to be a bit weird. The power that combined on his left hand was like a demon. From what Han Sen had been able to see, it was more like a beast soul than a gene race.
Beast soul.
Han Sen thought about those words. His heart skipped a beat.
Beast souls. Yes! That power was more like the power of a beast soul. It was not quite the same though.
Bao’er picked up the little cat in the cocoon and walked up to Tian Jing. She pointed at Zhen Xia, who was restrained and down on the ice, and asked,
Big Sister, how are you going to deal with his asshole?

Tian Jing looked at Zhen Xia. She bowed to Han Sen and said,
Thank you for saving me. I have yet to learn your name.

Han Sen.
He did not think there was any need to lie about his identity.
The Qin Kingdom’s No. 1 swordsman?
Tian Jing thought about Han Sen’s real identity. After all, Han Sen had used one sword strike to break the formation of the black dragon. He had sundered Jade Wall City with his might. It was a news article that had reached every corner of the seven kingdoms.
The No. 1 swordsman of the Qin Kingdom was someone everyone in the seven kingdoms knew about. It was just that Tian Jing did not really know what he looked like.

I might not be the No. 1 swordsman, but I am definitely the No. 1 evil officer.
Han Sen pointed at Zhen Xia and said,
You can deal with this person.

After that, Han Sen went over to the two maids from the Chu Kingdom.
Han Sen looked at the two maids as he asked,
Do you guys want to live or die?

The two maids looked conflicted and confused. They were not sure what their answer should be.

Chu Yuan is dead,
Han Sen said.
Even if I let you go, you will still probably be killed. Fortunately for you, I require a driver and a maid. If you want to live, I can permit you to live.

The two maids looked at each other. They gnashed their teeth and said,
Thank you, Master. I want to live.

If you guys really want to live, then go and prepare the carriage,
Han Sen coldly said. He then turned around to stop looking at the girls. The two maids felt the pressure on their bodies was relieved. They were free again. They looked at each other and walked over to the nine Holy Wen White Deer and jade carriage.
Han Sen looked at Tian Jing with interest. He wanted to know how Tian Jing was going to deal with Zhen Xia.
Han Sen thought Tian Jing would have trouble. After all, they used to be in love. Who would have expected Tian Jing to instantly decapitate Zhen Xia in a flash without a single glimmer of hesitation?

This woman looked weak. I did not expect her to be so decisive.
Han Sen was a little bit shocked.

Thanks, Mister Han, for giving me a chance to slay a traitor.
Tian Jing walked back to Han Sen. She bowed and went on to say,
I bet you are also here for the ice jade evil lady.

Han Sen nodded.

I can take you with me to find the ice jade evil lady,
Tian Jing said.
With my Xuan Mi Zong’s old leader’s sacrificial item, I will not require the ice jade evil lady. But I must take the sacrifice back to Xuan Mi Zong.

Han Sen said.
I only need the ice jade evil lady. You can have everything else we find.

Tian Jing fixed her hair, bowed, and said,
In that case, I thank you, Mister.

In the 33 skies, Bury Path God walked before an old tower. He bowed to the tower and said,
Mister Leader, a 17 life soul has been put out.

From the old tower, Qin Xiu’s voice sounded.
Oh? How long was that life soul out there for it to be put out? Chu Yuan was an elite of the Chu Kingdom, and he had a life soul power of 17. That would have been more than enough to break the world. In this universe, not many people can stop people like that. Go and find out who that was.

Bury Path God answered before departing the old tower.
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