Chapter 3263 - Ultimate Egg

Chapter 3263 Ultimate Egg Zhang Huan did not think that was a very fair price. He thought,
You take me for a fool. Is that what you call a fair price?

Zhang Huan did not dare say that out loud in front of Han Sen. He developed a wry smile and said,
Mister Han, you have overestimated me. The Zhang family runs a gene egg shop, but rare gene eggs are very uncommon to see. Our ancestors did once have one, and that was the greatest of glories. Ever since I was born, however, I have been unable to see a single, rare gene egg.
Zhang Huan gnashed his teeth and suggested,
How about this? In Treasure Garden, there are god-class gene eggs. You can select five of them. That is all I will be able to afford you. What do you think?

Rare singers require rare gene eggs,
Han Sen said with a laugh.
Miss Zhao is worth that price, don’t you think?

Han Sen was not crazy. He wanted to use a rare gene race to swap for a date with Zhao Ning’er, but now, many nobles were watching them. If Han Sen took the inferior deal, many people would come to stop him and annoy him with their own offers.
Zhang Huan looked disappointed. He looked ill as he said,
Teacher Han, if you keep suggesting prices like that, no one will be able to pay you.

Han Sen did not say anything in response. He suddenly heard another voice.
He is right. Rare singers require rare gene eggs. Teacher Han, I have one rare gene egg. I will give it to you if it means spending a night with Miss Zhao in Red Sleeve Building. Would you like to conduct this trade?

Zhang Huan froze. He turned his head. He did not believe someone would do such a trade, swapping a rare gene egg for seeing Zhao Ning’er. After all, they would not be meeting her one-on-one. They would only be accompanying Han Sen.
When Zhang Huan saw that man’s face, his expression changed. He lowered his head and left like a mouse seeing a fierce cat.
Han Sen looked at that person but did not recognize who it was. It was an old man with white hair wearing a flowery robe. His eyelids were heavy. When he opened his eyes, there were big gaps. It looked as if he was not awake.
Han Sen looked at the old man and said,
If you are truly going to offer me this, then I will take you up on the offer.

The old man’s body was crooked. He reached into his sleeves for a while. He eventually brought out a gene egg and put it down in front of Han Sen.
OK. This is the gene egg Take it if you dare use it.

Han Sen looked into the old man’s hand. The gene egg was the size of a quail egg. It looked like a crystal. It was half white and half black. It was a natural tai chi symbol.
Many strange carvings were on the gene egg’s shell. If it was put under a microscope, the words would still be too small to read. There were dozens of thousands of words on the quail-egg-sized gene egg’s shell.
The text was weird. It did not look to be written in the common tongue of the universe of kingdoms, so Han Sen did not know what it meant. It was obviously something written by hand. It could not have been something the egg was born with.

Old man, is this gene egg dead?
Han Sen wondered aloud. There were so many words carved into it. He wondered whether or not the gene egg could still produce a gene race.
Plus, Han Sen could not detect a life force within the gene egg. He did not know if it could really be a rare gene egg or not. The old man rolled his eyes.
How ignorant! This gene egg shocks the universe. This is the unique Ultimate Egg, but that is OK. I can show you my knowledge in case you later embarrass people out there.
The old man held the rare gene egg. With a cocky look, he said,
When the universe first began and before the God Spirits were born, there was an old man. That person was the Wu Wei Dao Alpha.

Old man, I am not interested in hearing stories.
Han Sen stopped the old man from proceeding. Han Sen had heard this story before. When Han Sen first came to the universe of kingdoms, he learned about the history of Wu Wei Dao Palace. The Wu Wei Dao Palace’s first leader was the Wu Wei Dao Alpha. Wu Wei Dao Palace students treated him like God. They obeyed him more than God Spirits.
One of Wu Wei Dao Alpha’s most famous sayings was,
Before God was born, I was already here.
That meant the Wu Wei Dao Alpha was born before God Spirits. He was greater than God Spirits. Of course, Han Sen had researched this quite a bit. The history of Wu Wei Dao Palace was far-reaching. Before humans, they were already so famous. Compared to God Spirits being born, there was still a distance between them.
A person who had been praised like so had to be so strong, and he made the universe’s biggest legion–Wu Wei Dao Palace. Still, the claims were a bit over-the-top.
The old man looked annoyed that Han Sen had interrupted him. He stared at Han Sen and said,
Young people are so impatient. They always cut things short. When the Wu Wei Dao Alpha was born, he was holding this gene egg. After he was born, until he broke space and left, this gene egg never left his hands. Everyone knows that in this universe. This is not a made-up fairytale.

You are not going to say the one in your hand is the gene egg Wu Wei Dao Alpha had, are you?
Han Sen did not believe it.
It was not as if Wu Wei Dao Alpha was actually holding a gene egg when he was born. Even if he was, Wu Wei Dao Palace would probably be holding onto such a treasure. Why would they let an old man like that carry it around?

Stupid people cannot be taught a thing! Yes, this is the Wei Wei Dao Alpha’s gene egg. Its name is Ultimate Egg. Everyone knows that Ultimate Egg is a rare gene egg. I will use this gene egg to trade for permission to join you. Is that OK?
The old man offered the gene egg to Han Sen.

How am I supposed to know if this is the real gene egg Wu Wei Dao Alpha had?
Han Sen asked without much care.
To be honest, even if that world had such a gene egg, Han Sen did not think it would have fallen into the hands of an old man like that.

This gene egg is real. If you do not believe me, ask that guy from the Zhang family,
the old man said while reaching his hand out. Zhang Huan, who had almost taken a turn and left, was grabbed by an invisible hand and pulled back. He was brought in front of the old man.

Zhang family child, tell this Mister Han if my Ultimate Egg is real or not,
the old man said while looking at Zhang Huan.
Zhang Huan quickly said.
It is more real than gold. It is certainly the real deal.

The old man looked at Zhang Huan and said,
Fine words.

Zhang Huan looked bitter and said,
Teacher Han, I can use the Zhang family as a promise. In this old man’s hands, the Ultimate Egg gene egg is real and there. The people of this universe know the gene egg is the one from Wu Wei Dao Palace way back when.

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