Chapter 3264 - Bad Egg

Chapter 3264 Bad Egg
What do you mean?
Han Sen looked at Zhang Huan with interest.
Zhang Huan looked at the old man and carefully said,
Back in the day, when the Wu Wei Dao Alpha broke space, the leader gave the Ultimate Egg to one of his students. That Wu Wei Dao Palace student could not hatch it, so he decided on passing it down generation by generation. It is unknown how many generations there have been since, but no one has been able to hatch it. Eventually, a Wu Wei Dao Palace student was murdered by a supreme elite who took the egg for themselves and carried it around. The Ultimate Egg was robbed of its proper owner. Then, this old man came into possession of it.

Does that mean this white old man killed a student of Wu Wei Dao Palace?
Han Sen looked at the old man as he spoke.
With a cocky look, the old man said,
It wasn’t me. It was an ancestor of mine. Everyone knows that. There is only one Ultimate Egg. There are no fake ones like it. Do you want it or not?

Han Sen looked at the old man. He then looked at Zhang Huan. He knew that even if the Ultimate Egg were real, something bad must have lurked inside it. It was not about something that couldn’t be hatched.
Having that mysterious gene egg in front of him made Han Sen interested. After hearing what they had to say, he said,
If you are willing to give it to me, I will take it.

The old man said,
Great. If things are like that, then you can keep it.
He then tossed the Ultimate Egg to Han Sen.
Seeing his talent for doing that, it was like he was lobbing an entire mountain. Han Sen tried to catch it, but he noticed the Ultimate Egg was actually really light. It was like an ordinary quail egg, which surprised him quite a bit.
The old man looked at Han Sen and said,
I have now given you the Ultimate Egg. The deal we have struck is that you take me to the Red Sleeve Building so that I might meet Zhao Ning’er. One thing I must tell you, however, is that the Ultimate Egg has swapped hands with quite a few owners in the past. Aside from Wu Wei Dao Palace inheritors, basically, everyone who has come into possession of the Ultimate Egg has ended up dead. If you are afraid of this item, you can still hand the Ultimate Egg back.

If the Ultimate Egg is that unlucky, how has your family been okay all this time?
Han Sen asked while playing with the Ultimate Egg. He really wasn’t concerned about what the old man had said.
The old man laughed.
Our family is not like ordinary people. The Ultimate Egg is fine in our family. If this was in the hands of someone else, no matter how strong they are, they will still suffer bad luck. I already paid for this. It does not matter if you want it or not, but you will take me to the Red Sleeve Building.

Of course, we are on our way there now,
Han Sen said. He walked forward. He was not going to return the Ultimate Egg to the old man.
He had seen many things that were the result of bad luck. It did not matter to him if something else came about as a result of bad luck. Plus, Han Sen was curious about the identity of the Wu Wei Dao Alpha. That guy was more legendary than Qin Xiu in the universe of kingdoms.
People knew Qin Xiu was the king of the Qin Kingdom, but they did not know about the scary things Qin Xiu had managed to accomplish. The things the Wu Wei Dao Alpha did were things the seven kingdoms fully knew about. Even though the Qin Kingdom exiled the Wu Wei Dao Palace, people still knew about the history of the Wu Wei Dao Alpha. Although the saying,
Before God was here, I was here,
was a little over the top, one could still imagine so many kingdoms fighting until now while the Wu Wei Dao Alpha turned the Wu Wei Dao Palace into a big religion. It was not just one simple thing.
The old man laughed. He did not say anything as he followed Han Sen to the Red Sleeve Building
It was strange. Ever since the old man started following him, no one showed up to stop Han Sen’s way.
Han Sen had no idea that after he collected the Ultimate Egg, Jade Wall City erupted into chaos.

Han Sen, that kid, got his hands on the Ultimate Egg. How dare he!
Sky King looked at this with interest.

What? Teacher Han took White No Life’s Ultimate Egg?
Thousand Mile Reach’s face changed upon hearing this news. He stood up from his chair.
In the palace, Qin Jing Zhen looked weird when he heard this news. He sighed.
I am afraid, in this world, only Teacher Han would be so bold to take that Ultimate Egg.

My King, I think Teacher Han might not know the history of the Ultimate Egg. Should I inform him?
Jia Shi Zhen seemed to understand Han Sen. She knew he must not have known much about the Wu Wei Dao Palace.
Qin Jing Zhen was shocked.
No way! The Ultimate Egg is so famous. How would Teacher Han not know about it?

Jia Shi Zhen, with a wry smile, said,
Mister, Teacher Han is an outsider elite. Per my knowledge of him, he never did seem to know much about this place. Perhaps he really does not know anything about the Ultimate Egg.

If things truly are like that, you should go and inform Teacher Han,
Qin Jing Zhen quickly said.
We cannot allow anything to happen to him.

Jia Shi Zhen agreed and took her to leave. She planned on stopping him before he went to the Red Sleeve Building.
When the nobles and officers—who thought Han Sen was the evilest person in the Qin Kingdom-heard that he took the Ultimate Egg, they were delighted.

Very good, Han Sen. He took the Ultimate Egg. If he has a death wish that comes true, he cannot take it out on us.

Aside from the White family, I do not think a sky full of God Spirits would dare take this egg. Does Han Sen truly believe he is invincible?

I do not think he knows how scary the Ultimate Egg is. That is why he probably took it. This is because he is ignorant. He deserves to die.

Aside from the freaks of the White family, I do not think anyone can endure the bad luck brought on by the Ultimate Egg. If Han Sen knew about this sooner, he might have been enabled to live.

Han Sen knew the Ultimate Egg was nothing ordinary, but he did not care for the tales. He kept walking, playing with the Ultimate Egg. He felt the Ultimate Egg contain some sort of hidden power. Han Sen put power into the Ultimate Egg to explore what was inside. He noticed that the egg was endless. No matter how much power he put inside, it seemed to get lost. Not even Han Sen could figure out what was inside it.
Han Sen thought,
This Ultimate Egg is so weird. It does not seem like a fake item.

Teacher Han, might I speak with you?
Jia Shi Zhen appeared down the street. She bowed to Han Sen.
Han Sen saw Jia Shi Zhen and nodded. The two of them retreated into an alley. Jia Shi Zhen spoke first.
Teacher Han, do you know about the Ultimate Egg?

I only know it is a gene egg from Wu Wei Dao Alpha,
Han Sen said.
It was just as Jia Shi Zhen thought. She quickly said,
Teacher Han, you should think about returning the Ultimate Egg to the old man immediately. This egg is so weird. Aside from the White family, if other people take the Ultimate Egg, they will suffer terrible luck. Not only a sky full of God Spirits…

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