Chapter 3265 - Red Sleeve Building

Chapter 3265 Red Sleeve Building

Is the Ultimate Egg that evil?
Han Sen asked with shock.
Jia Shi Zhen quietly explained,
The Wu Wei Dao Alpha was a legendary figure. Legends claim that when he was born, a sky full of stars fell with a weird scene. Although he was a human, his talent was like those of a rare gene race. His body possessed an ultimate sort of power like a scary character of some wild era. Legends claim the Ultimate Egg was an egg born alongside him, and that it wields magical powers. For some reason, it has never sought to hatch.

Up until the time the alpha broke space, the Ultimate Egg had yet to hatch. So, the alpha handed it down to a student who would guard it. The Ultimate Egg kept being passed down through inheritance, all down the line of Wu Wei Dao Palace. Therefore, in this world, no matter if it was someone from the Wu Wei Dao Palace or an elite of the seven kingdoms, they have all wanted the Ultimate Egg. When some people ended up having it, a lot of misfortune befell them. Even their heirs were never safe from harm. They had to beg Wu Wei Dao Palace to take the egg back.

Up until the Qin Kingdom’s battle god White killed a student that protected the Ultimate Egg in a fight, none have ever lived to survive handing it over. Ever since the Ultimate Egg has been in the White family’s hands. Aside from the White family’s bloodline, whoever received the Ultimate Egg would be the recipient of a lot of bad luck. Even the White family still suffered quite a bit of bad luck. Most members of the White family have been unable to live past the age of 40. They also seem to age faster. This has happened to a dozen members of the White family, and they only had one child each. No matter how many wives and children there were, only one son is permitted to live.

You are not going to tell me that horny old man is only 40 years old, are you?
Han Sen looked at the old man.

The old man is likely 39 years old,
Jia Shi Zhen said with a wry smile.
He does not have a wife yet. The legends claim that at the age of 15 years old, he would never marry and produce babies. He wants the White family to end its run with the Ultimate Egg. Because of that, the old man has lived very casually. He always does things ordinary people could never imagine doing. I cannot believe the old man would use the Ultimate Egg as payment for a date, and you were the one who actually dared to accept the Ultimate Egg.

I see. Thank you for telling me all this, Teacher Jia.
Han Sen now knew all about the Ultimate Egg. Han Sen thought the old man had some sort of ulterior motive, but now he knew he was just an obscene person who dined on free meals.

Teacher Han, you are too polite. The king is merely worried about your well-being. Please, take care of yourself.
Jia Shi Zhen bowed and took her leave.
Han Sen went back out to the street. The old man smiled and looked at him.
The Jia family’s girl told you all about the Ultimate Egg, didn’t she? Do you still want it?

Whatever slips into Han Sen’s pocket never leaves it quite so easily,
Han Sen coldly said. He then went to the Red Sleeve Building.
The old man looked strange. He watched Han Sen for a bit before following him.

Han Sen knows the power of the Ultimate Egg, yet he has not returned it to the old man.
Qin Jing Zhen heard Jia Shi Zhen’s report and was surprised.

Yes, My King.
Jia Shi Zhen looked strange too.
Han Sen did not know the dangers of the Ultimate Egg. Now that he knew the Ultimate Egg could not be hatched, what was the point of holding on to the rare gene egg? Only bad things came with it, never anything good.
Even Wu Wei Dao Palace did not want to take the Ultimate Egg back. Did he not see how powerful the Ultimate Egg was? Given the legacy of the alpha, even if he had just left behind a sheet of paper, they would have done anything they could to get their hands on it. Wu Wei Dao Palace would not just leave it out for others, especially not the egg.
In Jade Wall City, many nobles waited for bad luck to befall Han Sen. The Ultimate Egg had been inherited for a very long time. Aside from the White family, no one came into its possession without dying.
It could take two to three days, 10 days, or half a month. Either way, something bad was going to happen.
Han Sen played with the Ultimate Egg. He did not feel anything sinister about it, but he did not dare be reckless. He continued to hold onto the Ultimate Egg, watching it intently.
Han Sen and the old men soon came before the Red Sleeve Building, where a bodyguard promptly stopped them.

Mister Han, my lady only wants to meet with you alone,
a guard politely said to Han Sen.

Go and tell Miss Zhao I took benefits from him, so I must bring this old man into the Red Sleeve Building,
Han Sen calmly said.
If she does not permit him inside, I will go home.

While the guard hesitated, a maid-like young woman came strolling outside. She said to Han Sen and the old man,
My Lady wants to let Han Sen and the old man into the Red Sleeve Building.

The old man said,
That’s right. I am here to see Miss Zhao. This is a great honor of the Zhao family to be visited by me.
He hurried upstairs.
Han Sen could tell he was only around 40 years old. Since he had the dubious title of
old man,
there was nothing he would really have to look out for. The man was dying, so nothing mattered to him.
They went to the second floor of the Red Sleeve Building. Han Sen looked in the window and saw a lady in white clothing. The window had moonlight coming through it, which was illuminating her body. He saw see a woman’s figure through the screen. She looked as if she was clutching an instrument. The silhouette alone was very pretty. A beautiful voice came from behind the screen.
I did not expect two misters to visit me so late. I do not even have my makeup on. I will not dare to ruin the eyes of you both. Please forgive me for this.

I, the old man, have spent a fortune to be here tonight,
the old man said.
I did not spend it all just to hear a voice come from behind a screen!
He lacked politeness, especially since he had gone the extra mile to palm the screen. He wanted to break it down and see Zhao Ning’er’s face.

Behind the screen, the sound of a plucked harp was heard. The old man’s palm strike was canceled by that acoustic power. Before he reached the screen, his power was gone.

A sonic attack will not block me!
The old man squinted his eyes. He was ready to strike.

Of course, a sonic attack will not stop you, old man. Back in the day, the Qin Kingdom’s battle god White Rise beat the seven kingdoms. He killed many in the Zhao Kingdom’s four systems. The sky and the ground changed color. Rivers became blood rivers. The four systems turned red. It looked like a blood sea. How cruel was that? You are the son of the battle god. Of course, I cannot stop someone like you.
Zhao Ning’er sounded calm.

If you know how powerful I am, hurry up and take down that screen. Let Grandpa White see how pretty you look. How can your pretty face turn the seven kingdoms upside down?
The old man looked cocky as he spoke.
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