Chapter 3266 - Flipping a Hand to Suppress

Chapter 3266 Flipping a Hand to Suppress Zhao Ning’er was not in a rush. She was not freaking out either. She calmly said,
So, this old man wants to see my natural face. Of course, I will allow that. But you are such a famous person, so are you really going to trouble a little girl?

The old man laughed.
Throughout my whole life, all I have ever enjoyed is making little girls squirm through trouble. Stop talking crap! Let me see what you really look like.

If the old man must see me, then I will comply,
Zhao Ning’er coldly said.
If I do not want to reveal myself, even a god’s face would show displeasure. I am just an ordinary girl. I am afraid it will affect the old man’s perception and thoughts of me. My image will be ruined.

When the old man heard that, he was shocked. He was only there to see and spend time with a beautiful woman. If he could not see the prettiest face from Zhao Ning’er, it would have been a shame.

In that case, what would make you want to see me, an old man?
the old man asked with hesitation.
It is simple,
Zhao Ning’er said.
I, a simple little girl, will ask a question. If you, Old Man, can answer it, then I will come out to meet you. I will also sing a song as an apology.
The old man curled his lips.
If you were to ask me, an old man, what you want to eat or what you want to drink, how could I possibly know?

The question I ask will not be something private that no one else would possibly be able to know,
Zhao Ning’er said.
I will not ask anything that is minor. It will be reasonable and harbor logic.

Fine. If there is something you do not understand, feel free to ask me. I can answer your issues.
The old man looked very cocky. He displayed an expression that looked like he could understand everything.

Might I ask, out of the seven kingdoms, which mountain is the tallest?
Zhao Ning’er asked after a pause.
The old man laughed and said,
You cannot test me with that question. In the seven kingdoms, the highest mountain is the Qin Kingdom’s Sky Mountain. Even the sky looks at the mountain there. With its height, none of the other mountains found on other planets in the Qin Kingdom can compare.

Zhao Ning’er smiled.
Sky Mountain is on Rock Planet, and Rock Planet’s orbit is the same as Sky Crane Planet. Sky Mountain’s peak faces Sky Crane Planet. Does that mean Sky Crane Planet’s random mountains are taller than Sky Mountain?

The old man was shocked. He suddenly looked very angry and said,
You are just trying to play word games with me. Going by what you said, the seven kingdoms would not have the highest mountain. Every mountain is taller when it is higher.

Please, do not be mad, Old Man.
Zhao Ning’er honestly said,
I know there is a mountain that wherever it is viewed from, it is the tallest of them all.

Is such a thing possible?
the old man madly asked.
I do not believe it. What kind of place could have such a mountain? You better tell me. It is fine if there is, but if there isn’t, then that means you are playing me. If you are, I will punish you and force you to sing and drink with me.

Old Man, do you really require some answers?
Zhao Ning’er quietly asked.

Of course, I would like them,
the old man directly said.

In that case, listen up,
Zhao Ning’er seriously said.
In the seven kingdoms, the tallest mountain is called Sky Mountain.

The old man was shocked.
Earlier, I said Sky Mountain, then you said it wasn’t. Now, you are saying Sky Mountain is the tallest mountain. What is that supposed to mean?

The reasons for that are simple,
Zhao Ning’er said with a smile.
That is because Sky Mountain’s height is the highest of all mountains. That makes it the tallest mountain. Don’t you think so, Old Man?

The old man was furious.
Sure, but how dare you trick me, an old man?

So, what if I tricked you?
Zhao Ning’er’s voice was cold.

It looks like you are a little kid who does not go out much. You have no idea how strong I am.
The old man was so angry that his body glowed with a god light. He threw a slap toward the screen.
The screen was blown away with the presence of a scary power. It headed for Zhao Ning’er.
Zhao Ning’er was sitting close to the window. She was holding a harp. She did not look as if she was going to block a thing. Suddenly, she waved her sleeve. The old man was sucked into her sleeve. He became smaller and smaller until he landed on Zhao Ning’er’s hand.
Zhao Ning’er made the old man small enough to fit into the palm of someone’s hand. She put him down next to her instrument. It did not seem difficult.
Han Sen was shocked. The old man had been turned into a miniature man.
Han Sen frowned. The old man was not a weak person. Han Sen sensed that his gene races were very strong Yet, a person like that was instantly suppressed by Zhao Ning’er with one of her hands. She was able to turn him into a miniature man. It was shocking.

Mister Han, no one will be able to disturb our alone time now. I have admired you for a long time. I will drink this in your honor.
Zhao Ning’er stood up. She held a teapot before Han Sen and poured out a cup of the stuff. She put her hand in front of Han Sen and flashed her eyes in a way that reeked of flirtation.
If Han Sen had not known she was here to kill him, he would have firmly believed she was in love with him.
Zhao Ning’er was beautiful, but her face was not as pretty as someone like Gu Qingcheng. She made the entire kingdom go crazy. Zhao Ning’er had a youthful feeling that made people feel as if they were back in the throes of first love. First love was never the nicest, but it was always the one a person remembered.
Han Sen was the sort of person who had seen many pretty women. He had to admit that Zhao Ning’er was the type of girl who touched someone’s heart with ease. Women like that were more tempting than women who were only just pretty, and that was it. Women like that could tempt people to commit crimes more than women who were only pretty, and that was it.

I am going to drink from this cup.
Han Sen accepted the cup and brought it up to his lips. He wanted to see what Qin Xiu’s test subject had and what was so special about her.

Mister Han, do you not wonder why I admire you?
Zhao Ning’er asked with a blink of her eyes.

Han Sen asked with a smile.

Do you really want to know why?
Zhao Ning’er looked very flirtatious. She looked shy. It was as if she did not dare look at Han Sen.

I really want to know.
When Han Sen looked at Zhao Ning’er’s face, his heart jumped.

It is because I really want to kill you.
Zhao Ning’er’s face went cold as she waved her sleeve at Han Sen.
Han Sen suddenly felt a strange power penetrate his body. He lost control and ended up flying toward Zhao Ning’er’s sleeves.
His body was shrunk. He turned into a miniature man that could fit into the palm of someone’s hand. Zhao Ning’er then held him.

The Qin Kingdom’s No. 1 swordsman is just a horny and filthy man,
Zhao Ning’er said with a grunt. She put the miniaturized Han Sen down on the table.
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