Chapter 3274 - Harp Sound to Repel Enemies

Chapter 3274 Harp Sound to Repel Enemies Han Sen had spent far too much of his power. He could no longer feel Zhao Ning’er’s situation. He could only see her body get wrapped up by black and red fires. It was like a demonic cocoon that came from hell.
Han Sen, are you okay? What happened to my sister?
Zhao Qiu Yi moved to pick up Han Sen. She was speaking with a strange tone of voice.

I am fine. As for your sister, I guess it is all down to fate.
Han Sen did not know what was going to happen to Zhao Ning’er. This situation was beyond his control.
Han Sen made the secret decision he would not modify life and objects that were not his. It was way too dangerous for him.
He knew that what he said would make Zhao Qiu Yi more worried, but Han Sen did not want to give her too much hope.
At best, even Han Sen thought the results were unpredictable. Things might go awry. To have hope and then see it stripped away was awful. It was far better to expect the worst. Han Sen was powerless. Zhao Qiu Yi had to assist him in sitting down. In case something else happened, he cast the Xuan Yellow Sutra on himself.
Zhao Qiu Yi looked at the light cocoon. Han Sen noticed the cocoon was becoming smaller. It was 30 feet wide at one point. Not long later, it was 21 feet wide. Although the cocoon was smaller, he had yet to see any sign of Zhao Ning’er’s body. When Zhao Ning’er became a god bird, she looked bigger. If she still had her bird body, he would have been able to see it by now. When the cocoon was 12 feet wide, there were still no feathers. It helped inflate Zhao Qiu Yi with more hope. Suddenly, a shadow arrived. It came one step near the coast. It was Bury Path God, who had just run away a moment before.
Are humans always that stupid?
Bury Path God raised his hand. His hands were burning with a scary, gray flame. He used his palm like a knife and threw a slash toward Han Sen.
Han Sen saw the scary presence rise. It was like he had a powerful, twisted space. The Demon God Sword Spirit appeared in front of Han Sen to block Bury Path God’s knife. A transparent and gray light exploded. Everything was destroyed.

Ah, so you have come here with the intent of killing me all because you believe I am stupid,
Han Sen coldly said.
I am stupid because I am a human, who, according to you, are stupid by default? Well, killing me doesn’t seem so easy now, does it?


The Demon God Sword Spirit was Qin Yuan’s Annihilation God Spirit gene race, but Han Sen modified it with the Dongxuan Sutra and Xuan Yellow Sutra. It was now Han Sen’s gene race. Han Sen planned on making the Demon God Sword Spirit a sub-god in his God of Wealth Temple, but he had yet to get his hands on a god base. So he kept carrying it around with him.
After modifying it, the Demon God Sword Spirit was very strong. It had a Break World-class sword air. Although it was not solid, it was still stronger than most Break World creatures.
Creatures and items that were modified by the Xuan Yellow Sutra and the Dongxuan Sutra would have increased powers. The more powerful a creature or item was, the harder they were to modify.

Do you think a Demon God Sword Spirit that cannot break a Break World solidified power can truly defeat me?
Bury Path God was cold as ice. He waved his hand with a gray power.
The Demon God Sword Spirit unleashed a scary and invisible sword air. It combined with Bury Path God’s gray power. An invisible sword air destroyed the gray power. The sword air was disappearing. Even the Demon God Sword Spirit’s body had a crack. There were small cracks along the sword.
Han Sen frowned. After he modified the Demon God Sword Spirit, it was phenomenally strong. Bury Path God’s wave almost broke the sword. This power was similar to that of Zhao Ning’er.
Plus, Han Sen did not see any wounds manifest on Bury Path God. He shot Bury Path God’s heart. Now, that place was broken, but the skin was whole. There were no marks.

Well, I have to confess. The God Chaos Party’s vice-president really is a powerful dude,
Han Sen said to compliment him.
Bury Path God was not in the mood to talk to his opponent. It was not as if he could not fight Han Sen. Bury Path God just didn’t want to take a risk. After he was shot, he ran. In fact, it did not hurt him much.
Now, Han Sen had spent all his power. Bury Path God was not going to pass up on this chance. He returned with the plan to finish off Han Sen once and for all. In the process, he would take Zhao Ning’er, who had turned into a Break World beast, back with him. He would still be the winner.
Bury Path God stepped forward. The sky and the ground were collapsing. Bury Path God looked cold. He swung a punch. Wherever his punch reached, things turned into dust.
Han Sen felt that scary power. He knew the Demon Sword God Spirit would be ineffective in repelling that attack. He looked cold. Han Sen was trying to find an item that might save his life when he suddenly heard a phoenix scream. Suddenly, a snowy white light was blinding him.
The cocoon he had made was broken. A white light came pouring out of the cocoon. A lady was emerging from it. She had white hair that reached her toes. She looked very refreshing. She was like a fairy. She looked extremely holy. It was as if not a speck of dirt could mar her image.
Behind her were the white wings of a phoenix. She had a holy light around her. They were like musical notes. It was like they were there, but they were not there. It all flowed around her. When the notes came out, the sky and the ground heeded her loudly.
The phoenix’s cry came from the lady. It was pure sonic power. It made the gray power’s shockwave tilt and move away. It shattered amidst a sonic explosion. Before the gray power reached Han Sen, it vanished amidst the sonic force.

Big Sister!
Zhao Qiu Yi screamed with shock.
Han Sen and Bury Path God saw Zhao Ning’er. She looked weird. To say she was a human did not seem quite right, but she looked different from her prior phoenix mode.

Is this the real shape of a Break World beast? Her power will be better than mine!
Bury Path God looked at Zhao Ning’er. He seemed very excited.
Zhao Ning’er’s jade feet were naked as she emerged. Her body was like a phoenix, flying in the sky. She flew toward Han Sen. Her body emitted a scary light and music.
As Zhao Ning’er flew to Han Sen, her body became a phoenix head harp. She landed near Han Sen.
Han Sen could not play the harp. When he held the phoenix head harp, he felt a scary and mysterious power swirl around it.
Han Sen’s fingers touched the string. He gathered up power and tried to flick it. He instantly heard a very loud sound echo through space.
After the harp’s sound, Bury Path God spat out blood. His body ripped space. He fell into the rip in space and was gone. The space around them collapsed. Han Sen was unable to chase after him, so he gave up the thought of doing so.
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