Chapter 3275 - One Good Harp

Chapter 3275 One Good Harp Han Sen stroked the body of the phoenix head harp and complimented it.
It really is one good harp.
The phoenix head harp was able to use his power. It turned into asking heart power. With the phoenix head harp’s power, he was able to make Bury Path God spill blood.
Even if Han Sen did not know how to conduct music or play an instrument, a harp like that was still something he really loved.
Of course, Han Sen did not have much power now. He had only recovered a little. The power of the harp mostly came from the phoenix head harp. One could imagine how scary the power of the phoenix head harp was.
Han Sen really loved the phoenix head harp. After stroking it twice, he suddenly felt as if something was wrong. He immediately realized the phoenix head harp had become Zhao Ning’er. He was touching Zhao Ning’er’s waist.
Han Sen let Zhao Ning’er go and asked,
What is your situation right now? Are you a human or are you a Break World beast?

He was not a young man anymore. He looked as if he was around 20 years old, but he was already 30 to 40 years old. He did not feel shame quite as easily the older he became.
Zhao Ning’er looked at Han Sen. Her phoenix wings spread. They became feathered clothing. They covered her white, flawless body.

I do not know what I am now, but at least I look like a person again,
Zhao Ning’er coldly said.

Big Sis, it is great that you’re OK.
Zhao Qiu Yi ran forward to hug Zhao Ning’er.
Zhao Ning’er stroked Zhao Qiu Yi’s hair as she said,
Qiu Yi, you do not have to worry about anything anymore. I have the power needed to keep you protected. No one will ever be able to bully you again.

Han Sen was not as chirpy as Zhao Ning’er. She was strong and the best a solid Break World creature could be. If she was saying she could protect herself, it might have been too soon to make that judgment. If other people had Zhao Ning’er’s power, they would be safe. Zhao Ning’er was different. She was Qin Xiu’s test subject. It was unlikely Qin Xiu would leave her alone.
Putting aside Qin Xiu, who was very scary, even if Bury Path God challenged her to another one-on-one fight, there was no guarantee she could win.
Bury Path God’s blood spilled because of the harp, but he had the power to leave. Zhao Ning’er would certainly be beaten if she was to underestimate him.
Han Sen did not tell her all of that. He knew it was pointless for him to say it. He needed Zhao Ning’er to understand it herself. If it was said by someone else, she would not listen.

That is good. If there is nothing else left for me here, then I will be leaving.
Han Sen understood what a Break World beast was, so there was no further point in him staying.

Hang on, Mister Han,
Zhao Ning’er said.
If you do not mind, we would like to travel with

Travel with me? Are you guys going to the Qin Kingdom?
Han Sen looked at Zhao Ning’er with surprise. Zhao Qiu Yi looked at Zhao Ning’er with confusion. She did not know what she was intending to do.

It does not matter where you are going,
Zhao Ning’er said. She looked at Han Sen and smiled.
Wherever you go, we would like to follow you.

Zhao Ning’er had a pure, innocent look on her face, but her presence was deadly. She had white hair with a pure presence. It was extremely attractive. And after she said that, even Han Sen was surprised.
Fortunately, Han Sen was a faithful man. He only looked at Zhao Ning’er with admiration.
Miss Zhao, you must be joking. I cannot afford you both.

Zhao Ning’er blinked and said,
If you are willing to take us with you, we have savings of our own. We can take care of you.

Han Sen almost choked on his own saliva. Seeing Han Sen like that, Zhao Ning’er laughed.
Please do not misunderstand my intent. I am an enemy of the God Chaos Party. You are an enemy of the God Chaos Party too. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I just want to work with you. I am not super powerful, but I can be of service. Please, do not abandon me so simply.

Upon hearing Zhao Ning’er’s suggestion that they co-operate, Han Sen did not look very happy. He frowned.
He and Zhao Ning’er were enemies of the God Chaos Party, but there was a big difference between them.
Zhao Ning’er was owned by the God Chaos Party. In the future, the God Chaos Party would try its best to take Zhao Ning’er back. They might even try to kill her.
Han Sen and the God Chaos Party’s feud was born differently. They had conflict every now and again, but he was never pursued. He just had to fight them sometimes.
If they worked together, the God Chaos Party might have an even greater desire to see them both eliminated.
After a lengthy pause, in which he thought about it all, he told Zhao Ning’er,
You can choose to co-operate with me, but there is one thing I must explain to you first.

Please, do tell me,
Zhao Ning’er said with a smile.

If you and I co-operate, I will be the leader of this little party,
Han Sen said with absolute certainty.
You adhere to my command. If you can’t do that, then I do not think we should work together.

Zhao Ning’er seemed hesitant, but she seriously bowed and replied,
I will listen to everything you tell me.

If things are indeed like that, you two should go and pack. You can follow me back to the Qin Kingdom.
Han Sen knew the God Chaos Party would not stop. He planned to go back to the Qin Kingdom, pick up Bao’er, and decide what to do next.
His situation was no better than Zhao Ning’er’s current situation. The God Chaos Party was bound to strike again soon.
Zhao Ning’er took Zhao Qiu Yi with her to pack their bags. Zhao Qiu Yi did not understand what was going.
Big Sis, you are so powerful. Why must you co-operate with Han Sen?

Zhao Ning’er shook her head and said,
You are too young. There are plenty of things you are not able to understand. I am powerful, but Bury Path God is not afraid of me. When it comes to Han Sen, even when he was really exhausted, Bury Path God avoided being reckless. He treats him like a massive enemy.

In that case, that’s his fault,
Zhao Qiu Yi said. She did not agree.
Zhao Ning’er displayed a wry smile. She was not naive like Zhao Qiu Yi.
Anyway, the God Chaos Party will not let me go so simply. It will be safer for us to stay near Han Sen. He understands the God Chaos Party more than we do.

One thing Zhao Ning’er did not mention was the fact that if this was all about her, she would just go into hiding or fight them. More than anything, she was just worried about the God Chaos Party doing something awful to Zhao Qiu Yi. That was her greatest fear.
Han Sen went into the garden. He drank tea while waiting for the Zhao family to pack.
He suddenly saw a shadow fall from the sky. It fell into Han Sen’s arms.
Han Sen quickly reacted. He grabbed the shadow and had a closer look. It was big sky demon, who had been gone for so long. Big sky demon looked terrible. Her face was paler than snow. She was terribly wounded. Han Sen had never touched her before. This was the first time he had been able to touch her curvy and demonic body. He could feel her warmth.
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