Chapter 1390 - No Way Back

Chapter 1390: No Way Back
Nyoi-Bo Studio 
Nyoi-Bo Studio
Luo Feng concentrated all his attention, reading the picture of
Na Yin Technique.
There were countless characters on the picture, but fortunately, Luo Feng had an incredible memory, so he was able to memorize all the characters instantly with only one look.

Na Yin…

Luo Feng pondered the material of that technique in silence. He wanted to get a deeper understanding of it, and he needed to train on the basis of the material later.
There was a saying that sharpening one’s axe wouldn’t delay the cutting of firewood. This was definitely a crucial moment for Luo Feng, so he needed to be patient. He couldn’t rush it.

This Na Yin Technique is very demanding,
the purple-horned strange beast said.
Since the time when I was created by my master, countless peerless talents have tried to get it, but nobody has ever succeeded.

Luo Feng glanced at the purple-horned strange beast and was shocked. Countless peerless talents? He didn’t think
peerless talents had made their way to the eighth floor.

As for you, you might fail.
The purple-horned strange beast took a look at Luo Feng.
Luo Feng concentrated all his attention on the picture and kept analyzing and pondering it. He soon knew the detailed steps for practice, and as soon as he understood all the procedures, he immediately started to practice.
The purple-horned strange beast was a bit surprised.
He started just like that, without any signs… But I bet he might fail in the end.

The beast bent its hoofs and lay in the palace. It had its head lowered, and it was waiting beside Luo Feng—waiting for him to fail so he could send him out.

Once Luo Feng started the training, his entire body and all of the bodies he had couldn’t help being immersed in the techniques he read before. The earthling original body, Golden Horned Beast body, Mosha body, and Remote Ocean body all started to practice.
In the primal universe, in the primal secret region of the human territory, the enormous Remote Ocean suddenly became tranquil, and there was a trace of white light glinting across the entire ocean. They were fires, each emitting white light indiscriminately. At the same time, the white light gave off mental shocks that were being enhanced gradually, waves of which permeated Remote Ocean.
Some of the undying fighters and sector lords in spaceships flying above Remote Ocean felt a horrendous willpower shock sweeping through them.
They all passed out instantly.

Remote Ocean was vast, and it was the most important place in the primal secret region. Many universe masters from the Hong Alliance gathered here, and with the willpower shock permeating from the tumbling, endless Remote Ocean, many sector lords, undying fighters, and even universe knights passed out. This shocked many great beings in the primal secret region.

What happened to the Remote Ocean body of Milky Way Horde Leader?

Why is there white light everywhere? The willpower shock is terrific. Even universe knights couldn’t withstand it.

Such a strong willpower shock… Even I feel pressured.

Universe masters from the Hong Alliance stood on the edge of Remote Ocean, staring across the vast waters. Some human universe masters also appeared.

Where does that willpower shock come from?
Ice Mountain Master asked with a frown.

I don’t know. It just now happened,
said a universe master of another race who was clearly inferior.
Ice Mountain Master had obtained some guidance of the ancient civilization from Luo Feng, so he had reached level five quickly. With the first level of godly power burning technique, his power was greatly improved.

There was shining white light everywhere in Remote Ocean, and the willpower shock pervaded. Even universe knights can’t resist it.

Everyone was astounded, but nobody was sure what had happened. They could only speculate. Many universe masters from the Hong Alliance transmitted their voices.

Milky Way Horde Leader is in the World of Jin. Did he get some powerful technique there, so he’s practicing it at the moment?

A being showed up, giving out endless power. It was Primal Chaos City Leader. He was a universe supreme master, so everyone showed him great respect.

Relay my orders!
Primal Chaos City Leader yelled.
Take away all those who are unconscious, and stop any great being from entering Remote Ocean.



Eight universe masters answered the order from Primal Chaos Primal Chaos City Leader, and they immediately went to make arrangements.
Primal Chaos City Leader was gazing at endless Remote Ocean. He looked worried, but he immediately hid it,
What happened to you, Luo Feng? I tried to transmit my voice to you, but you didn’t reply at all… Where does that willpower shock come from?

Primal Chaos City Leader was concerned.

The primal secret region wasn’t the only place affected. Milky Way Holy Land was also trapped in waves of indiscriminate mind shocks.
On the eighth floor of Wu Qi Tower in the World of Jin, Luo Feng stood still on that floating island without moving a single muscle. His body was bathed in white light. Waves of mind shocks emanated from his body, and each trace of godly power in his body was covered by a white engraving picture. The pictures penetrated the life imprint on each slice of godly power. It was the ultimate test for souls, yet also the most fundamental.
During the test, Luo Feng’s mind naturally merged with his godly body. Normally, a great being’s willpower was attached to nothing. Once the great being died, his godly body wouldn’t produce any willpower shock. However, Luo Feng’s willpower was gradually being combined with each trace of his godly body. His willpower had a foundation now, and only after that could he perform the willpower technique, as it was the prerequisite for all willpower techniques such as Godly Eye Technique.
After that, even if a great being died, a drop of blood, a hair, a tooth—each part of his body would contain incredible willpower!

It took a long time. After more than 900 years, the white light shining on Luo Feng’s body turned blue.
The willpower shock in Remote Ocean surged! Some of the universe masters waiting in the distance were irritated. Only those with strong willpower could withstand it easily, yet the mediocre ones had a hard time bearing it.

What happened?

Why does the willpower shock grow stronger?

In the space on the eighth floor of Wu Qi Tower, the being surrounded by black light and clothed in a luxurious royal cape looked at Luo Feng standing in the distance.

He’s already entered phase two.
The being in black light shook his body. His eyes glinted with excitement.
A talent was born in the World of JIn? Even I didn’t expect this! That picture was widely spread. Many peerless talents entered the picture, yet few of could make it to phase two. Can he succeed? He must… He must…

The being in black looked anxious and worried.

Inside the picture world, the purple-horned strange beast had its head lowered originally, but it now looked at Luo Feng, who was practicing, in awe.

He’s entered the second phase,
it said.
There are three phases in Na Yin Technique, and he’s entered phase two. Since I was born, many talents from all powers came in before. Some had invaluable inheritances, and some received incredible training from birth. However, the number of those who could make it through phase one to phase two was less than 50! Who is this kid? Where does he come from? Is he a supreme talent cultivated by Jin’s Godly King?

Days went by.
Luo Feng had no idea what he had caused.
Pain! Torture! Agony!
Those words described how Luo Feng felt. He knew that Na Yin Technique had three phases after he started training. The first phase was easy for him, but after he started the second phase, each inch of his life imprint started to go through the worst torture in the world. It was like a needle piercing each inch of his life imprint, or it was like being dropped into the middle of a wildfire. It was just as painful as the time Star Tower had recognized him as its master.
Fortunately, Luo Feng was much stronger than he had been when Star Tower recognized him as its master, so he could bear the pain on his life imprint. Even though he was able to bear the pain, his life imprint itself might not be able to bear it, as that was a totally different scenario.
Luo Feng could easily bear the pain on his life imprint. However, if the life imprint itself couldn’t bear the pain, and it broke, Luo Feng would die.

Is it dangerous to practice Na Yin Technique?

Regardless, he was already practicing, so there was no turning back.

It’s phase two already.
The purple-horned strange beast was watching.
If only he can enter phase three. Since it was seized by Jin Godly King, nobody under him is able to enter phase two. You brat. Just try to enter phase three. If you can… Well, you’ll die if you fail at that stage. However, if you succeed, you’ll be second only to the Godly King in the World of JIn.

The purple-horned strange beast was looking forward to it. Its destiny was to find the suitable inheritor. Once the inheritor was found, the spirit of technique would disappear. However, it didn’t care about what happened after the face. From birth, its sole purpose had been to find the inheritor.

The being in the black light stared at Luo Feng in the space on the eighth floor.

Enter phase three! Enter phase three! Only about ten peerless talents have ever entered phase three from all the powers combined. Only three of them survived, while all the others died.

The first and second phases were safe. However, when someone entered phase three, they would either succeed or die!
Of course, there were many ways to survive in the ancient civilization. Even though all the peerless talents failed at phase three, three had managed to save their lives.

However, my original body is already dead, so I can do nothing to save your life. If you can survive phase three, be grateful for me. If you can’t…
The black light being just shook his head.

300 years after the blue light appeared in the primal secret region of the human territory.
The blue light became purple, and the purple light connected to form a giant, mysterious ancient engraving picture.
The shock of willpower from Remote Ocean surged.


Most of the universe masters in the Hong Alliance fainted and fell down. Only two universe masters remained conscious.
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