Chapter 1391 - Yuan

Chapter 1391: Yuan

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The entire human camp was astounded. The willpower shock that spread indiscriminately from Milky Way Horde Leader knocked 37 out of 39 universe masters unconscious, and only Void Gold Master and Bu Huan Master were still awake.

The entire Hong Alliance was dumbfounded! And the shock had been outspread. If it were to be concentrated, it would be horrific!

“Does that mean the willpower shock from Milky Way Horde Leader could finish off almost all universe masters?”

“Even universe supreme masters might suffer losses if they’re not careful enough.”

The seniors of Hong Alliance were all thrilled.

Primal Chaos City Leader gave a strict order: “Nobody in the Hong Alliance is allowed to leak this news. Only universe masters in the Hong Alliance can know about it, and if anyone dares to leak the news, he’ll be treated as a traitor!”

Milky Way Holy Land and the primal secret region were heavily guarded. Everything was concealed. Although many sector lords and undying fighters had lost consciousness, they didn’t know how terrific the willpower shock of Luo Feng was.

Primal Chaos City Leader stood on endless Remote Ocean, looked to afar and thought, Luo Feng, come back safely no matter what.

He understood that it was not easy to become so incredibly skilled. It could be inferred that Luo Feng might be in grave danger, as he was totally cut off from the outer world.

On the eighth floor of Wu Qi Tower in the World of Jin, purple light shone on Luo Feng’s godly body. Giant purple images were ingrained in each trace of his godly power.


The willpower shock was spread everywhere.

“Phase three!”

“He has entered phase three! Only one creature in the World of Jin entered level eight, yet he failed instantly after the first try… I never expected such a miracle to happen in World of Jin. A law master entered phase three! He’s only one step away from the final success.”

“If he succeeds…”

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for an infinite amount of time.”

The being in the black couldn’t help but be excited. However, he was also anxious.

“Don’t fail.”

“It’s the last phase. Don’t fail! A miracle has already happened. Will there be a second?”

He understood that the possibility of a creature in the World of Jin succeeding was almost zero! The so-called “sealing task” was only a dream. He was just there waiting for a miracle. But now, the miracle was happening.

Many talents had tried and failed. This was indeed a miracle!

Inside the picture world, the purple-horned strange beast looked at Luo Feng. It could tell that this law master was going through a nightmare.

“This is the bottom line. My master created this technique, and it’s very demanding on souls. If you can’t reach the bottom line, you’ll die. Brat…” The purple-horned strange beast grew anxious. “Please, keep it up! Keep it up! If you can go through this, you’ll be led to a new world.”

Time flew, and during Luo Feng’s practice of “Na Yin Technique”—especially at the third phase—he felt that his soul was being crushed. It was nearly annihilated. However, when he couldn’t hold it anymore, his soul morphed a bit. During the third phase, his soul could quickly adapt every time it hit the limit.

Luo Feng couldn’t help but wonder every time when he reached a limit, Am I naturally fit for this technique?

Maybe it was like Star Tower recognizing him as a master and resisting the willpower shock from the godly eye. However, learning Na Yin Technique didn’t have much to do with willpower. After all, there were many supreme talents in the ancient civilization. Some of them had managed to attain the willpower level of eternal true gods, yet they had still failed. Willpower was only a part of Na Yin Technique; the soul itself was more important!

Luo Feng’s soul was being crushed. Under Na Yin Technique, he quickly adapted and felt much more relaxed against the agony he had felt at the start.

Comfortable, thought Luo Feng. He started to enjoy practicing the third phase.

After 90 years of practice, everything was finished.


Luo Feng opened his eyes with a smile. He felt incredibly comfortable.

The purple-horned strange beast lay directly in front of Luo Feng. Its giant face startled Luo Feng when he opened his eyes.

“Spirit of techniques, what are you…?” Luo Feng took two steps back.

The purple-horned strange beast stared at Luo Feng and whispered, “I’m just looking at where you come from. How did you succeed…? For what it’s worth, congratulations that you’re qualified to practice the technique created by my master.” The purple-horned strange beast smirked.

“Who’s your master?” Luo Feng couldn’t help asking. Was it His Majesty the Godly King in the World of Jin? It didn’t feel like it.

“Humph! Listen carefully,” said the purple-horned strange beast. “Even though my master doesn’t know who you are, he gave you the technique. Remember the name of my master! My master was called ‘Yuan.’ He was a real supreme being who wasn’t bound by any powers.”

“Yuan?” Luo Feng remembered the name.

“Okay. You finished Na Yin Technique, and you fit all the requirements. You’re qualified to get the mighty technique created by my master.” The purple-horned strange beast sighed. “I’ve lived for such a long time, and now, I can finally go back to the technique itself.”


The entire purple-horned strange beast disintegrated into light, flooding Luo Feng’s mind. Mountains of information were injected into Luo Feng’s brain.

In the space of the eighth floor of Wu Qi Tower, the being in black looked around anxiously. It had been almost 90 years, but he was finally relieved when the light around Luo Feng withered away and the star characters in the space rushed toward Luo Feng. He smiled in peace.

“I’m worth it now,” said the being in black. Then he smiled and disappeared.

Luo Feng was the only one left on the floating island. He stood there, still.

After a long time, he opened his eyes. “The floor on the eighth level.”

Luo Feng looked around. The characters had already disappeared from the space around him. After learning the information, Luo Feng now understood that those characters were scripted into his body.

“Yuan?” Luo Feng recalled the information about the technique he had just gotten, and he couldn’t help but admire that being.

The technique was called “Lie Yuan Technique.” It was an unremarkable name, yet it belonged to a supreme being in the ancient civilization. Lie Yuan Technique was also a willpower technique, but it was totally different from the Godly Eye Technique.

Godly Eye Technique required willpower at the level of a true god of void space, so Luo Feng was able to practice it now. Lie Yuan Technique required willpower at a consecrated level.

Godly Eye Technique was relatively inferior, and it was useful to true gods, true gods of void space, and eternal true gods. As for Lie Yuan Technique, it could drive even godly kings crazy. It was an exceptional technique. If His Majesty the Godly King in the World of Jin could practice Lie Yuan Technique and achieve something, his power would surge, while Jin would suppress other powers. It was a technique that could change the power dynamic.

However, it had been created by Yuan, who was removed from power struggles. The technique had led to countless battles in the ancient civilization.

Even though Godly King of Jin couldn’t practice it by himself, he had tried to let the talents under him practice it. They had all failed—until Luo Feng showed up.


A pillar shot down and covered Luo Feng. Then he disappeared from the eighth floor of Wu Qi Tower.

Luo Feng arrived at the ninth level. This meant he had succeeded. He would gain Wu Qi God and be sealed.


Luo Feng stood in a square palace. There were ancient sculptures on the wall, which were of a special style unique to the World of Jin.

“This is the ninth floor of Wu Qi Tower?” Luo Feng’s eyes gleamed. Other than being sealed and gaining Wu Qi God, Luo Feng’s other goal was to learn the secret hidden behind all this.

Suddenly, a voice came from the silent area in front of him.

“Come in.”

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