Chapter 361

Bonus – Visit to the Unknown – 10 Manifestation of Evil and the Super Beast Raid
The Mechanized Empire of Almsbine: Barzephon.
Just as Veldora and Michelle encountered each other, a meeting of leaders was being held under the name of the emperor of Almsbine.
Six people had gathered.
Emperor Almsbine.
Prime Minister Fudora
Governor-General of East City, General Kristoph.
Governor-General of West City, Lieutenant General Alvin.
Governor-General of North City, Major General Amit.
Representative for the Governor-General of South City, Brigadier Jegyll.
—The most powerful in the empire.
Prime Minister Fudora stood up and scanned the room before declaring the meeting had begun.
And with that, Emperor Almsbine opened his mouth gravely.

…Where is Michelle?

It wasn’t the subject of discussion, just a show of concern for his daughter’s whereabouts.
It was Michelle’s adjutant, Jegyll, who answered him.

Unfortunately, Your Majesty, Michelle has gone out to purge the traitors.

Hmm. It is fine, I do not blame you.

Almsbine said.
His voice had no emotion, and it was difficult to know what he was thinking.
It was the same with Jegyll as well. She felt an immense pressure just being here as a representative.
One amongst these few generals.
They were all so different in rank from her.
The Emperor who ruled the empire.
And the one who supported him with his mind, Prime Minister Fudora.
The Governor-Generals of each city were the same rank as Michelle and known as the Machinery Four.
It was no wonder that she was nervous.

While it is a problem that one could not answer the summoning of the Emperor, perhaps there was a miscommunication? In that case, we cannot fault you.

Prime Minister Fudora said as he went to the main subject.

Leaving that matter aside, the reason that you have all gathered here today, was so I could tell you that the time has arrived.

The time? What do you mean?

Yes. I shall explain.

Kristoph remained silent, and so Alvin spoke up first.
Kristoph was a hero.
A true military man who led the army during the great war.
After that, he helped his friend Almsbine ascend to the seat of Emperor.
Alvin was Almsbine’s son and Michelle’s older brother.
He was carefree and brilliant.
He was always the first person to ask questions at meetings like this.
He was not afraid of anything and was the life of the party.

In fact, several plans have been underway in secret, and they have started to bear fruit. Especially the pollution removal process that we are experimenting with at the sacrificed Six. It is going very well. Most of the underground has been purified and we are thinking about moving to the surface.

Prime Minister Fudora explained with a thin smile.
Those who listened had no idea what he was talking about, and they bore expressions of confusion.

Wait, Fudora. What do you mean? Sacrificed Six…!?

Alvin must have sensed something sinister there because he frantically asked for an answer.
Kristoph remained silent, but his eyes gleamed sharply.
Amit continued to look at the table. His posture had not changed at all since the beginning. It was not even certain if he was interested.
As for Jegyll, she was most surprised by Fudora’s words.
Six—the only thing she could think of was that it must be about the sixth city.
That meant…

Hehehe. You are all very good at pretending to be oblivious. There is no need for that. Surely you all knew? Ten billion people were killed in order to create a foundation for the empire. How can you act so surprised over having to sacrifice fifty million residents?

There was a madness in Fudora’s smile, but no guilt at all.
And it was Alvin, not Jegyll, who stood up with furious rage.

Bastard! Do you understand what you are saying!?

He shouted with a look of hatred.
Alvin had been consulted by Michelle, and he was one of those was worked undercover for her.
They had not been able to find any evidence until now, and yet here the culprit was, boldly making a declaration. It was probably more than Alvin could have ever imagined, Jegyll thought.
It was none other than his father, Emperor Almsbine himself, that soothed Alvin.

Calm yourself, Alvin. It was I who ordered the experiment in Six. Do not blame Fudora…

He said as he ordered Alvin to sit down.
‘But…’ Alvin muttered, but ultimately obeyed his father and sat down.

Hehehe. Very good, Your Majesty. Your resolve is most admirable!

Fudora said to the emperor.
He had an obscene smile on his face, making it very clear that he was not speaking sincerely.
It was too casual an attitude to have towards an emperor.
Perhaps he had gone too far because it was not only Alvin now, but Kristoph also looked at Fudora with a sharp stare.
And just as he opened his mouth to warn him—

—However, Fudora. Is it not too early to disclose such information? Why did you do it? Is that why you had everyone gather together here in my name? What are you planning!!

The emperor questioned Fudora in a threatening voice.
No one could defy the emperor who had ruled this empire for over a hundred years.
Yes, until now…
Fudora smiled confidently and maintained his arrogant attitude.

Oh, nothing serious. I was just…

What? What is it, Fudora?

I wanted Your Majesty to be unburdened. That is what my unworthy self was thinking.

You lack respect, Fudora!!

Kristoph had been silent up until now, but he began to yell at Fudora.
Still, the fiery anger of a hero such as Kristoph was not enough to change Fudora’s expression.
He looked at Kristoph cooly and said:

Kristoph the hero. Surely you also knew of the emperor’s will? Cull the population from a world moving towards destruction, allowing only those who are brilliant to survive. Bring stability to the world while becoming a great criminal. Then have the new leaders judge you. Is it not such a commendable self-sacrifice…

The words that Fudora unleashed were enough to make the room grow cold.


It cannot be. Father, is this true!?

No, no…

Shock ran through the room.
As if expecting this reaction, Fudora stood up and began to talk with a rapturous expression.
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