Chapter 362

Surely there is no problem now, Your Majesty? You should tell them and unburden yourself!

This is ridiculous. Have you gone mad, Fudora!? The world is still polluted, we are far from reaching stability. The time is not right…

Silence, you senile fool!! The only reason that I was forced to take action was that you had complete control of the Mobius System!! If I had that system, all the energy problems would have been solved. And yet you…!!

What are you saying!? I told you that it was not complete! It was just a dream, Fudora. It was something that exceeded our capabilities as humans!!


Fudora shrieked as if he had gone mad. But then he suddenly regained his calm.
And then he smiled evilly—

Your Majesty. It really is all your fault, you know?

This final part of the plan that had been secretly underway was now activated in front of Fudora’s eyes.
It happened at the same time.
Alvin was the first to move.
He stood up to apprehend Fudora, and took a step forward.
He was able to perfectly control the advanced features of the Machinery Four with Machinery Arts. He was even able to erase the shock waves as he moved like the wind.
However, that was the signal.
The first one to move is your target. That was the decision made between Fudora and the other party.
And that person was part of the Machinery Four, just like Alvin—Major General Amit.
Of course, his exposed back was completely unguarded, and so Amits attack caught Alvin right in the back of the head.
The energy turned into vibrations and reached Alvin’s brain.
A second later, Alvin’s head exploded like an egg that had been heated in a microwave.

I am glad that it was you who moved first. The thing is, I never did like you, Alvin.

Major General Amit was the Governor-General of North city and the younger brother of the emperor.
However, his heart was full of jealousy towards his brilliant older brother. And the sense of inferiority about being related to such a great emperor had eaten away at him.
He was the lowest of the Machinery Four, and that only made him more resentful.
Prime Minister Fudora had seen through him and seduced him with sweet words, leading him to the crime now committed.

Alvin!? Amit, you bastard!! What did you…

The emperor shouted.
Amit laughed unconcernedly.
His next target was the brother who was the root of his resentment. Emperor Almsbine himself.
Amit seemed to vanish as he rushed towards the emperor.
However, his murderous hand was stopped by a will of iron.
It was the hero, General Kristoph.
The strongest of the Machinery Four was standing in Amit’s way.

Why don’t you abandon that man and help me? I will raise you up if I become emperor!

I refuse. My loyalty is to my friend, Emperor Almsbine.

So you will get in my way, Kristoph? Well, you will regret that decision!

A vicious battle began.
It was a battle of the strongest cyborgs, the Machinery Four. And none could interfere.
Jegyll had to back away so that she did not get caught in it.
She tried to move to protect the emperor, but…

Stop, Jegyll!

Jegyll froze at those words.
(What!? I can’t move…!?)
She was horrified.

You can’t move? I am the one who modified you. And so I can take your freedom of movement with a word. Besides, what good would you be in such a fight? Be quiet and stay out of their way.

It was Fudora’s voice.

Fudora. What do you want?

Didn’t I tell you, Your Majesty? I want the Mobius System. It is unfortunate that Michelle is not present, but it has also raised the success rate of my plan. Only Kristoph and Michelle remain of the Machinery Four. If Kristoph is killed here, then that will only leave Michelle. In other words, I win.

You fool. You underestimate Kristoph. Even if they are equal in features, Kristoph’s brain is on a different level. Amit cannot win against the founder of Machinery Arts!!

Emperor Almsbine sounded quite confident.
The Machinery Four had been modified by the Emperor himself. And among them, Kristoph boasted a strength that made him the greatest of them all.
They could all see that Amit was being pushed back in the fight that played out before them.
It was clear that there was a difference in power.
In fact, Amit’s Ether Ring Barrier had been shut down, and the light was starting to grow dim.
It was only a matter of time before his defeat.
Unless you took them by surprise, it was impossible to take down the Machinery Four in one hit.
And so Kristoph calmly pushed Amit towards the point where he would no longer be able to fight.
However, Fudora continued to look confident.

I’ve gathered enough data. Now is the time. Kill him!

The Emperor and Jegyll, and even Kristoph himself—could not understand what had happened.
Everyone but Fudora and Amit could only watch the scene in silence.
A hand had burst out from the chest of Kristoph, the strongest hero.
And this hand, was the hand of none other than the one whose head had been destroyed; Alvin.
Amit sneered madly.

–Wh-what!? But your brain was destroyed…how…

Kristoph asked in shock. He had been dealt a lethal wound.
The person who replied was Alvin. His head had now completed regenerated.

It’s quite simple, General Kristoph. I am not Alvin. I am an artificial lifeform made by my father, Fudora–a Bionoid. However, I will absorb the genetic information in this human called Alvin, as well as the biocomputer equipped in this body. That includes his personal memories and skills. You might say that I am Alvin reborn.

Haaahahahahaha! That’s what it is. Alvin pretended to be dead so he could attack you, Kristoph. But if it had been you that moved first, I would have destroyed you with this hand!!

That’s impossible—!?

Ggg…Your Majesty, I am sorry…

Emperor Almsbine was shocked and confused.
And so, leaving his emperor alone, the hero Kristoph ceased to function as a lifeform.

How can it be…how can…

Fudora looked at the emperor and declared coldly:

Don’t worry, Your Majesty. Kristoph may have died, but he will not go to waste. He will be reborn as a stronger Bionoid.

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