Chapter 365

Super Beast.
They were a disaster that had suddenly appeared in this world.
It was said that they were creatures who had mutated after the war due to contamination, but the truth was shrouded in secrets.
The one thing that was known about them was that they lived and bred in the deep world of the underground and never came to the surface.
While the underground passages were said to be safe, there were still places that were contaminated.
That was why it was important to wear protective suits.
So even there, there was a possibility of being attacked by a Super Beast.
And since they were escorting nearly one thousand residents, it was decided that the tunnels were too dangerous.
This led to the alternate option, putting on the protective suits and going to the surface…
Zaza and the others of the defense team spread out frantically and looked up at the giant beast that loomed over them.
It wasn’t alone.
There were multiple Super Beasts that surrounded them in a semi-circle.

Tsk. I would be able to fight them just fine if I had a Powered Suit…

Karman said angrily.
It was true.
With the firepower of the Powered Suits, such a fight would be easy.
However, the only weapon that Karman and his men had now were the cyborg Plasma Gatling.
This was because Beretta had destroyed all five suits.
The Plasma Gatling was a frightful weapon that sprayed superheated energy bullets, but it was still an anti-human weapon.
It was not enough against a giant like a Super Beast.
After all, the most notable feature of the Super Beast was its ridiculous ability to regenerate.
Even if you severed their limbs or tentacles, they would grow back.
And so the only way to defeat them was by destroying more than two-thirds of their body at once.
This would require burning them or some other method to annihilate them.
It was more than possible with the Powered Suits, but impossible with any small weapon.
Those who were enjoying the barbecue now froze. It had all happened so suddenly that they did not know what to do.

Damn it! We’ll lure them away. Run when you get the chance!!

Zaza shouted at the adults.

We can’t, Mister Zaza! There are Super Beasts behind us!!

It was Rindo who answered.
As he stated, Super Beasts had appeared behind them out of nowhere.
They were now completely surrounded.
On the other hand, the children did not understand the situation and remained calm.
They were surprised to be sure, but not enough to let go of their plates.
There were even some who were bold enough to snatch meat off of the plates of the stunned adults.
After all, Veldora was their hero, and Veldora continued to cook the meat as if nothing of note was happening.
This was enough to assure them that nothing was wrong.
In fact, when Karma had come, and when Michelle had come, Veldora had always been cooking something. And every time, things had ended without much trouble at all.
The grill may have seemed cursed to someone like Zaza, but to the children, it was a symbol of safety.
As for what Veldora and Ramiris were doing…
They glanced at the Super Beasts with carefree expressions as the meat sizzled.

Hey, Ramiris. Those things are apparently called Super Beasts.

I see. But, Master… Don’t you think…they look pretty unimpressive?

Yes. As you can see, they don’t attack us because they are so afraid.

Lord Veldora, it cannot be helped. Unlike humans, beasts have an instinct that allows them to see an opponent’s strength.

It seems to be the case. But I don’t like this. How will I be able to show how amazing I am…

Uh, Master. I want more meat!

Are you listening, Ramiris? This is the most important part, alright?

I think you should just give up on that.

Besides, the children already trust you Lord Veldora. You can make people understand your greatness without rushing to do things.

Hoho. I see. That is very true. They might respect me after using my skills, but that doesn’t seem quite right. I won’t say who, but someone from Rimuru’s homeland did the same thing and suffered for it.

That’s right, Master. I was just thinking the same thing.

Yes, yes. I don’t think it is right at all. There is no need to rush. That is very true.

Then that’s settled then, Master. Now, I’ll have another!

Veldora clicked his tongue at Ramiris’s lack of concern in the matter, but he still gave her another slice of meat.
He was also cooking more for the children.
Veldora was a surprisingly kind and caring person.
Ramiris ate it with a delighted expression. She stuffed the food into her mouth at such a pace that one would wonder how it all fit into such a small frame.
The children also seemed oblivious to the panic of the adults. They continued to enjoy the barbecue.
Unlike Zaza and the others who were incredibly tense, their world was peace itself.
However, this was soon interrupted by Zaza’s shouting.

Hey, HEEEEEY!! How can you all be so calm!? Stop your reckless meat-eating and prepare to allow the others to escape!!

Zaza could no longer ignore it. Blue veins popped on his forehead as he complained.
Veldora looked at him with an exasperated sigh and answered.
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