Chapter 366

Oh, Zaza. You must calm down. There is no need to escape. Especially since you’d have to wear those pesky suits once you leave my barrier. Besides, don’t you agree that it would be faster to just get rid of these rude monsters who are disturbing our meal? In the first place, I doubt such small fry could even get into my barrier…

What are you talking about!? Things are never that easy! Stop this nonsense about barriers. We need to make sure everyone gets changed while the monsters are watching from the outside…

I told you to calm down. There is no reason to be alarmed over such weak creatures. I wouldn’t even need to do it myself. Beretta could do it.

Mister Beretta!?

It would be a simple thing if I were ordered…


Veldora realized that Beretta would get all of the credit again, but he didn’t mind this one time.
After all, he had already become quite popular through cooking the meat.
And it wasn’t just the children, even the adults were singing his praise a moment ago.
They had exhausted so much of their energy during the past few days of tiresome travel, and then he had served the best barbecue meat imaginable.
So it was no wonder they adored him now.
And while he was annoyed that these Super Beasts had interrupted things, in Veldora’s mind, they were too weak to pay much mind.
Of course, this was only by Veldora’s standards.
When judged as a monster, they were about A-Rank, and an especially strong Super Beast might be the equivalent of the Psuedo-Demon Lord Class.
The Super Beasts came with such dangerous special abilities including ultrasonic waves, poison, and degrading enzymes. Even if there were some who considered them weak, they were still a dangerous opponent.
However, this world did not have magic essence.
The Super Beast was restricted to the laws of this world. That made them a joke to Veldora.
While Karman and his men had weapons of science that had posed as an unknown threat, these Super Beasts did not.
This was all clear through Veldora’s ‘Seeker of Truth.’
Veldora was not interested in bullying the weak, in other words, he did not care about the spotlight in this particular instance.
Besides, the Super Beasts may have just understood his strength by instinct, because they had not moved in to attack ever since their arrival.
From Veldora’s point of view, he did not want to attack any who feared him so much.

To be honest, they are no different than birds, dogs, cats, rats, or snakes who have had a little genetic modification. Beasts with a little extra power and abilities, I suppose?

Even Ramiris agreed with him.
Beretta understood it too, but he was not enthusiastic.
He would move if ordered, that was all.

Damn it, it’s no use! The Plasma Gatling is too weak! They are able to regenerate so quickly that we are dealing no damage!!

Karman shouted as he approached them.
They had known it would be a tough fight, but now they were out of ammunition.
Without ammunition, they could not attack. And so he had returned.

Karman. Fear has affected your ability to make decisions. You should stop such futile attacks once you suspect it will not be effective. You could have raised your chances of survival by hitting the ground or boulders instead, causing a dust cloud. However, it is all unnecessary now. After all, I am right here!

Yes, that’s true…what? What are you…?

Karman readily agreed with the first point.
He regretted his mistake deeply.
But at the same time, understanding of the rest of Veldora’s words came, and he was confused.

Look. I do not know why, but there is a mysterious barrier surrounding us.

Mysterious? But you did it, Master…

Shut up! This safety zone was created against unimaginable odds, and now the Super Beasts are unable to enter.

Veldora ignored Ramiris and started creating his own story.
He was acting as if his earlier explanation had not happened, which of course, was completely futile.

No, no. That’s not what you’ve been saying. You said that the barrier was made by you…

Zaza. You really should stop interrupting me. Who cares about what was said earlier? The problem is these beasts. Look, one is trying to come after Karman!

Zaza was quick to point it out to him, but Veldora was hardly bothered.
Not only that, but he tried to direct everyone’s attention to a monster that was trying to invade the barrier.
Veldora was pointing at a particular monster that had been chasing Karman.
Perhaps it was so enraged that it forgot itself, because it charged forward, ignoring the warning that its instincts were raising.
A most dramatic change occurred the moment the Super Beast touched the barrier.


It let out a horrible shriek as if it were experiencing unimaginable agony.
Upon closer inspection, the tiger-like stripes were falling away and the tentacles on its back began to crumble like dust.

What!? What is happening?

Mister Veldora. Did you do something!?

Zaza asked in shock, but Veldora did not answer.
He just inspected the Super Beast quietly and muttered to himself.
The tiger-like Super Beast frantically jumped away from the barrier.
It no longer tried to enter. It just paced in front of it as if it were angry.
The stripes and tentacles had already started to regenerate.
It hadn’t gotten through the barrier, but it did not take much damage in the end.
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